We were up several times last night. Gingerbean only ate about a tablespoon of food. All she wanted to do was lay against me and sleep...and throw up. She threw up a few times during the night. This morning I was able to get her meds in her. Warmed up her special food and SHE WAS A HUNGRY GIRL!! It has been about 2 hours and she has kept it down. She is getting her little trot back so maybe we are on our way to recovery. I do so hope so.

Today, even with a sick pup and what happened to her hanging overhead, I am so very very thankful for so many many things

1. My parents who love me so very very much. They are my safety net. The people who take care of my needs before I know that there is a need. My safety net. I have no doubt that I could call and ask for something and they would happily take care of it. It is a blessing KNOWING that they are there to catch me. Many people do not have that net and I do not know how they handle things.

2. My baby baby gator. The baby that helped me grow up. The child that cries over her brother growing up. The girl that is the first one there at any hint of trouble. This is the child that wants to protect shelter me. The child with the fierce spirit. The child who will chase down the Weinermobile for me. My child with the beautiful smile.

3. My baby bebo. The child that helped me hang on when he was born. This man child who has a wicked sense of humor and makes me laugh. The child that thinks I can do anything. The child with the gentle spirit. The child who eats my lunch and then wants to give me a hug. The child with the sweet smile.

4. My almost son in law...biker. You have added to our family and we are so thankful. You treat bebo as a brother. You love babygator deeply. You want to fight our battles. You love all of us. You are a keeper.

5. My brother...we are so different but so alike. The person that has formed a connection with my in our later years. You Sir are my text hero.

6. My job. My pain in my side and my happy place. Not many people can say that they love their and, usually ~grins~, look forward to going there. I love my work and the people that I work with. We are spoiled and we know it. How can so many women work in one place and get along as well as we do? Beats the heck out of me but we do and I KNOW that is a special thing. The job I was not supposed to have. The job that brought about the best friends in the world.

6. My friends here with me....the call goes out and you rally around no questions asked. How lucky AM I? Very yes VERY. Some were friends from the first day. Others came later. You are all so flipping DIFFERENT and it works. How many people can say that?

7. My friends scattered around the world. From hours away in Texas to as far away as Finland. To the place in New Mexico that I can run to and escape if I need to. What in the world did I do to deserve you? An example: I sent out a call for prayers, thoughts, good karma, smoke signals and boy did I get them!! Again without hesitation. What might be a meer dog to some people became important to you because she is important to me! How wonderful is that? People love me and have never seen me in person or have heard my voice but love me deeply. The tweets, text, dm's, facebook postings and emails have helped me more than you know.

8. My animals. Oh how I missed the years without you in my life. First Molly followed by Gingerbean. Diesel was the surprise baby that we did not know we were expecting until he showed up. All of you love me unconditionally. All want to cuddle. All keep me sane.

9. My home

10. My vehicle

11. Money in the back

12. My washer and dryer

13. My sewing machine

14. Two bathrooms

15. Cell Phones

16. Text messages

17. Mail

18. Books

19. Clean panties

20. Cool damp weather

21. Cows

22. Carne Asada Tacos

23. Internet

24. My grandmothers quilt

25. Laughing

26. Sandals

27. The Sonic and Sonic Ice

28. Crafts

29. Minature Baby Ruths and Butterfingers ~mustn't forget the IMPORTANT things!!

30. You

So today....what is it that you are thankful for?

...who is VERY aware that she is living a flippin' sweet life....


  1. What a great post. I am happy for you.

    Somebody sure oughta have all those great things! Better it's a lovely person like you.

    Makes my job as "gravity" worthwhile (as in, I am providing the gravity lately as my life sucks).

    Seriously, I am SO glad Gingerbean is OK.

  2. You had me at Weinermobile...

  3. I always love your lists, and especially this one. And I'm so very glad that Gingerbean is recovering.

    Happy birthday, sweetie!

  4. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Thankful for your loving and generous spirit to let us share in your life!!

  5. Love this list. Especially after our Thanksgiving weekend. I'm thankful for you!

  6. I too love your lists, and you. <3

  7. Clean panties. Mindy, you never fail to crack me up. But really, clean panties are important - aren't they?
    I am SO happy that Gingerbean is feeling better!
    You are a bright spot in my life, my friend I've never met...but I tell people stories (mostly dug) and I say "My friend, Mindy..." Happy Birthday, it is tough, turning thirty, isn't it? HUGS to you and the Bean, Cheryl in IN

  8. Amen, amen, what a great list as always. I am still praying for Gingerbean.

  9. Wow. I can relate. Mudge was in the hospital a couple of years ago. We were so relieved when he came home. My son was in the hospital last spring (for 6 weeks!) and I have not stopped being thankful since we got home.

  10. Butterfingers, why did you wait so long to mention the Butterfingers?

  11. You. And also, for breath. And also did I mention you?

  12. Loved the list! Thinking joyfullness as I read it.

    I used to have a daily affirmation calendar, and the one that sticks with me is "I am grateful for my appliances", as I am otherwise the housework would never ever happen.

  13. I am so thankful to have a Mom that is so awesome. I can call and tell you anything, and you do not judge me. We may not see eye to eye, but you have never judged me. I love you so much, and I feel so sad for all of the people out there that do not have a relationship like ours with their parents. I will see you today. I am so glad that the Beaner Baby is doing better. I am glad that you posted about it, cause it is easier than fending off calls about here.

  14. NO!!! Baby Ruths and Butterfingers are my favorites!

    I am thankful that Gingerbean is back with her mommy. I cannot imagine my life without my sweet canine BB. I get teary just thinking about the inevitable day when she will no longer be with us. So I know how frantic you must have been feeling.

    And that we are twin sisters and friends. Next year, TEXAS! Look out, people! Mindy and Patti on the loose...dynamite!

    It's your birthday? Why was I not informed?! Happy Birthday!

  15. Poor Gingerbean...I've been so up to my ears in busyness that I'd missed the whole awfulness, so am popping up a retrospective prayer at the same time as one for belated birthday blessings to you.
    Sorry to be so hopeless!
    But according to the verification, I'm a werelap, which at least sounds interesting...


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