Happy HAPPY 17th Birthday my taller than his mom baby boy. You crack me up and amaze me each and every day. You eat my lunch and then make me laugh when I am chiding you about it with your "I think someone needs a HUG!"
Because of you I have logged over a million and three hours watching Pawn Stars, ESPN, Texas Tech, ESPN 2, Myth Busters, ESPN 100, Modern Marvels, ESPN 1640, Family Guy, ESPN Golden Oldies, Shark Tank, ESPN get the picture. My DRV and NETFLIX queue will be empty when you eventually move out. This is the first year that your moving out has seemed real. I know it will be awhile but who is going to take out the trash or fix the cable when you are gone? I know you explain the buttons to me all the time but it will just be easier to call you at college and have you walk me through it. Okay, we cannot talk about your leaving anymore of your sister will cry...again.
Not a week goes by that someone does not say something nice to me about you. That means so very much to me.
Happy Birthday my baby. I hope this is a great day for you.
I love you. You rock. Don't let the zombies get you.


  1. This? THIS is how you spend your lunch hour?

    Sheesh. You always did love him more than us. Dangit.

    Happy Birthday ya big lug! Mow my yard!!

  2. Oh how I love bdays. What a fine young man you have raised!

    I ~promise~ once he has moved out you will certainly find there is more than ESPN to watch ;-)We are still at the cartoon channel stage here = he he

  3. I love my baby brother. And I did not cry...ok maybe a little. But you can't prove it. You are not here at work with me, so you don't know.

    I can't believe MY little brother is 17. Geez, the only thing that worries me is there is going to come a day that it is not cool to hang out with his big sister. But oh wait, I house his 4-wheeler. Can't get too cool for that.

  4. I can only hope that my l'il son turns out half as nice as you Bebo!!! Happy Happy B'day to you!

  5. Happy birthday, Bebo!!!

  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    HB Bebo!! (((Mindy))

  7. It's all about the sports here too.

    Happy Birthday to the Baby!

  8. What a fine young man you've raised! Such a cute one too! Happy Birthday Bebo! Keep on making your mama proud!

  9. What a great couple of pics! I was waiting to see the current version however! I hope his day was happy.

  10. Happy Birthday, Mommy's Baby! Stop growing up so fast!

  11. Happy B-Day Bebo. ~sigh~ It goes by so quickly, but it's all good.

  12. Happy Belated Bebo. Princess you said everything I'm going to want to say exactly 2 months later when Manboy turns 17 - well except the ESPN part - we don't have cable. Still thanks for putting it all into words.


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