Tried a new recipe with bacon, brown sugar and pepper. It turned out sssoooo good!! But then again, with those ingredients how could it have turned out bad?
Cooking comes easy to me. I love to cook and have always cooked. I come from a long line of women who cook.

I remember being tiny and my paternal grandmother making sugar cookies. She would line the grandbabies up and let us put our hands on the dough. Then, she would gently cut around our hands and fingers so that each of us had out own hand sugar cookie. Her cookie jar was always full.

I can remember my mom and my aunts all getting together at my maternal grandmothers house and making up pie crust dough to put into the freezer. We are talking about cans of Crisco, bags of flour and big red dishpans. I still make my own pie crust. I wish that I had her stand mixer.

My mom is THE worlds best doubt about that. She is an awesome baker. One of the pharmacists in town is in love with her gingersnaps. EVERY TIME they get a prescription filled, he talks about her gingersnaps. She sends batches to his store every once in awhile and his girls hide them but leave the plate out and tell him they ate them all just to see him go nuts! There is nothing my mom cannot bake.

I am totally blessed to have grown up cooking. It is not difficult to me and I get joy out of cooking.

And eating...

I have decided I need some new things for the kitchen so I am having a Pampered Chef party and YOU ARE ALL INVITED!! You can even come in your p.j.'s cause it is virtual!! If you want to come to my can come right here!!! At the bottom left there is a pick of a martini glass that says shop online. Click there. It will ask about your host and you type in Mindy. Order what ever you wish and it will come straight to your door! This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. My friend Nancy sells Pampered Chef (which I LOVE...I have a pizza stone that is over 15 years old!). The party will close next Wednesday!!! Think Christmas gifts. Think gift for yourself!! Let the party begin!!!

This is what I want!!!!

Remember you can go right here to shop!


  1. ~drools~

    I'm a pig zombie:

    Baaaaacon, baaaaacon, baaaaacon...

  2. My husband is writing a cookbook - Pork by the Jew. True Story. Imagine Bubba is to shrimp, like Mason is pork.

    WE LOVE BACON! But I never knew you needed a recipe.

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    that bacon looks fab!! i need creative help over at my place -

  4. OMG MG, that bacon looks awesome!

  5. Oh how fun! I'll have to go check out your link! Shopping for cooking stuff is just as much fun as shopping for crafty stuff!

    ...oh and that bacon looks guuuud.

  6. Why, we had bacon ourselves just this morning!! It is considered it's own major food group at our house.

    And I will be checking out your Pampered Chef party later!

    Word verification: "exodishe". Use in a sentence: The dishe was so delish that I ate enough to show on my exo.....skeleton!!!

  7. That bacon looks SOOOOO good. When we were up in northern Michigan last week we visited a grocery store, Dennings Market in Empire (next to the Sleeping Bear Dunes), that makes/smokes its own bacon and sausage. We bought apple-smoked, maple-glazed bacon...awesome! But yours looks awesomer!

  8. I LOVE bacon! Seriously good stuff!

  9. Hey stranger! That bacon looks soooo good - YUMMY. I'm a bacon lover for sure.

    Love the banner and background. Hope all is well with you.

  10. Mmm, does that bacon look good!

    I'll check online & see if there's something that we need...seems like there's something, but it's not coming to me.

  11. Anonymous12:43 PM

    The bacon looks too good to be true. How do you fix it?
    Love Pampered Chef!!
    Word verification is: imesses. As in imesses up me some pampered chef cooken me some of Mindy's bacon!!
    BTW I posted a new blog!!

  12. Ooh, me too, I love to cook and eat, and I love bacon. Coincidentally (or is it?) I needed to buy a bunch of citrus peelers because the Scientist keeps losing them or accidentally throwing them away with his lunch trash...and the ones at the Pampered Chef were just what I needed! Thanks for hosting!

    WV: ocian
    Sending ocians of love to you and Gingerbean...

  13. dug says he likes to smell bacon as much as he likes to eat it. we don't eat it often...but when we out! OINK!
    hugs to you and the bean,
    Cheryl in IN

  14. Vosges chocolate in Chicago has bacon and chocolate chocolate bars. How can you miss with two perfect foods????

  15. Don't eat no pig meat! I'll never forget Abner, my grandma's pig, who died of old age. The chickens and cows were eaten, but not Abner.

    And I lurve pampered chef....

  16. I am totally DROOLING

  17. I just had a pampered chef party a couple of weeks ago, for that same reason. I've already made a cake and the baked potato soup in my baker. I got the white and think I'm going to LOVE it.


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