Prom 2009

The baby went to prom.

He is so going to hate that sentence when he reads it. Let me start over. Bebo went to Prom last Saturday. My oh my...isn't that man/boy handsome?!?!?! And corsages? MAN why did no one tell me?!?!?! They have changed A LOT since I went to Prom!! Ours were always colored carnations with some baby's breath thrown in. The one that was purchased for Bebo's date was nothing at all like old school! Isn't this so pretty??

Here he is looking handsome.
You will notice that date pictures are absent from the blog. Bebo took a friend. She is a girl but still just a friend I am told. So there was no posing for boy/girls pictures.
Bebo's best bud, Bud, met up with him at our house so that they could leave to go and get their dates at the same time. They love haming it up for the camera.

This is them throwing their gangs signs. Actually, I think that are singing their special rendition of Deep and Wide complete with hand signs.
You may call me BOND...Bebo Bond.....
So much was spent on renting the tuxes that we decided to get our moneys worth. The next day we went downtown to get in some more shots of the boys even though they were so tired. They were good sports and had fun with me bossing them around.
Have you ever hear the song *Up Against The Wall Redneck Mothers*?
They always work in the Captain Morgan pose.

Biker was gracious enough to let us use his bike. It made for some really cool shots.

I LOVE this picture. They boys will hate it. They will think it looks like they went to Prom together. LOL, we did try to get Bud to put his hand on Bebo's shoulders but that was met with a big NO!
Years from now, when they are still best buds, they are going to love this picture too.

I am so glad I have another year to get ready for the next Prom.
......whose first Prom dress was a Gunne Sax


  1. AWE! He's so cute. Love the biker dude.

  2. They're so cute! I'm amazed that you were able to get them to pose the next day...what time were you able to get them out of bed, 5PM? Whew, we dodged that bullet this year! Tuxes sure look a lot different, too!

  3. Holy cow, he is a man/child isn't he?! And so handsome! These guys are great to give you the photo ops the day AFTER! That, or you are one more persuasive mom!

  4. PROM!!!! Holy cow batman! What a handsome dude. I went to prom (and ring dance and prom) with the same dude who was just a friend and we had a blast ... obviously ... we kept going again and again - ha!

    Love the bike pictures - I have a picture of myself and a few girlfriends like the wall one only we are up against a police car ... we just couldn't resist - no worries - we weren't in trouble ;-)

    sigh. youth. I wore a gunny sax dress too!

  5. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Very nice looking Man/boy!!

    Gunne Sax!! I'd forgotten all about Gunne Sax dresses!!! I always wanted one so bad, but never got one.

    And that corsage? Way cool!!

    No picture of Man/boy with Gingerbean?

  6. Great Pictures!

    Mine was Gunne Sax, too!

  7. It kills me that Baby Brother is so old. He is suppose to still be little...hence the name Baby Brother. He looked so handsome in his tux. All grown up and what not. Ok, I have to go cry a little. No big deal. They looked so awesome.

  8. OMG... and I am bringing my daughter out there in a few weeks??? Just make sure that tux is back at the store by then.... mmm k?

  9. Awww.... so much cuteness!! Bebo and Bud are the best names ever. It looks like he had a blast! How wonderful. And I love the day-after photo shoot!

  10. And there should STILL HAVE BEEN GIRL PICTURES TOOOOOOO!!! I got lots of pics of "all the friends together" when M and E went to the spring dance last year. Friends can be in pictures together!!! *pout pout pout*

  11. Anonymous8:43 PM

    i too had a gunne sax dress - then jessica mcclintock - they are tooooo cute - don't tell Bud that at first glance it looks as if his hand is on bevo's hip...

  12. He is SOOOOO HANDSOME!!! How did he get so grown up so fast?

    Very cool pics. And he will love them when he's older (he loves them now, but prolly just won't fess up to it)

    You know, I never ever went to a prom.

  13. You're so funny! Those were some great shots!

    Beautiful corsage too!

  14. We are prom dress shopping this weekend. Too bad we don't live closer. Bebo could have taken The Harpist. :)

    I LOVED the photos... and I promise pictures from her event (not until the end of May!)


  15. PG
    I didn't go to prom either. The guy who asked me was barely up to my chest and I did not want to be his pillow for the slow dances. And the guy I REALLY wanted to go with was 'madly in love' with a girl who dumped him after prom. I had fun with a friend that night and was glad I did not go!


  16. Great pics! They're so cute.

    Count me in the Gunne Sax club. Dave was telling me about this post and it got me remembering my first prom. I mentioned my Gunne Sax dress, and Dave said, "what's a Gunne Sax?" So I had to explain the Gunne Sax phenomenon. Then I looked at the post for myself and saw that you had one too!

  17. Aaawwww....bringing back memories of my boys.

  18. I was totally a Gunne Sax gal. Tubular. Totally.

  19. Sooo cool!

    The guys both look great! Loved that corsage - it was impressive. These two have a real future with the foreign service corps, I'm thinking. (I would have said the CIA, but I'm thinking those spooks got no sense of humor.)

  20. Cute, cute, cute! :-)

  21. How handsome! Glad you took so many pics of him!

  22. Great pictures! I loved them all.


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