Life is hectic right now. Busy crazy mostly great hectic. Miss you all bunches and I promise I will make it back to the blog world. Here is a peek in to some things.

SWEET new shoes found at Goodwill for $3.00.

Bebo won a medal in district golf and is going to State in Houston!

My new stove hood finally came in!! Isn't she sweet. Isn't it odd to get all goofy over a hood?!!?
As of this week, I have lost 15lbs on good ole WW! I am doing it online.

Papa Roach.........


AND I GET TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT TONIGHT!!!!! And I am going to let them sign.......*blink blink* my shirt or something....yeah that's right....~grins~ or something. Oh come on...let's face it, I have LOTS of space! ~snickers~

If you do not hear back from me in the next few days, please check the tour schedule. Who knows, I might end up in a town near you!

The only way this week could get any better is if I got to ride on the Weinermobile.

Oh stop that! You KNOW I mean the Oscar Myer Weinermobile!


  1. Back away from the weinermobile!!
    Have fun girlie!!!

  2. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA You are wicked funny!

    Hugs and Congratulations to Bebo! That is AWESOME!

    Have a good time! (get the shirt signed. It doesn't smell as bad when it never gets washed again.
    :-P )

  3. Love the shoes.

    CONGRATS ON THE 15LBS. Awesome! You Rock! Send your good luck my way - I'm trying hard.

  4. Mindy, what purty lil' toes you have, my dear!
    FIFTEEN pounds? I am SO PROUD of you!
    Duggles is doing WW @ work & has lost 22.

    I haven't been on the scales but I joke that I am on WW by default.

    in '01 I was @ goal and had lost 47 lbs in a year...I was a leader. but then I let it start inching back up...SIGH.

    I've now taken three ticks off of Chelsea & tonight dug took one off of ME! YIKES! We treated Chelsea, Milo & Tree w/frontline. April...It is APRIL & we are fighting ticks already. YUCK.

    I was thinking the other night...out of all of the blogs I read, I like yours the BEST!
    xo, Cheryl in IN

  5. FIFTEEN!! That's fantastic!

    So are you coming to Houston with Bebo???

  6. Cute shoes! I don't think I could pull those off with my funky-looking toes! ;)

    Have fun! Just don't get too crazy, OK? :)

  7. My, what pretty toes you have! So much happening in your life! Congrats on the golf award, Bebo! Fifteen pounds...your toes DO look like they've lost weight! Nice hood and Mindy...don't bend over next to that weinermobile!

  8. We're giggling at the Weinermobile comment. Because we're 14.

  9. Lol, you did not mean the Oscar Myer told me so!!!

  10. Wow. Lots of good things happening!

  11. You should get them to sign your wiener. *snicker* I think that stuffed one be great for autographs, lol.

  12. big Dog of Foster planet11:01 PM

    congrats on losing the 15,crazy hectic is good cause time sure flies when yer havin' fun......
    Great toes even better heart!

  13. You're hilarious!

    Congrats on the awesome weight loss!

    I hope you have a blast at the concert!

    Behave yourself!


  14. hahahahahahahaha... that totally made me laugh!

    I love the new hood...

    and CONGRATS on the 15 pounds! WOOOOOO HOOOOT!

  15. well done onthe WW
    I have lost almost 9kg (about the same as you!) since Dec 30th. Just realised I couldn't go on the way I was .... feel better for it!

  16. Missing you and glad so many things are good! Happy Easter.

  17. LOLOL... I needed a giggle after the Easter morning exhaustion!
    Love the shoes, love the medal, love you!

  18. Great shoes and congrats on the 15lbs! That's wonderful.

    Happy Easter :)

  19. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Congrats on all!!
    Hope you had a great time at the concert!

  20. You are too funny, Mindy! If you're coming to Houston, I might could drive over to see you. I've never had a bloggy meetup yet!

    Congrats to Bebo on his accomplishment.

    And high five to you on the weight loss.

    Get your shirt signed, but please don't run off with those people. We would miss you too much...


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