.... but I totally want to post something. I am just now getting back into the garage sale swing of things. I went *shopping* when I was there with babygator and that helped get me back into the mood. Last Saturday I was up early so I headed out in search of treasures. The pickins were not terribly wonderful but they were not bad either. I purchased the following:

1) 1 Brighten tin 10 all know I love any sort of containers!!

2) 2 brand new spatulas for 10 cents apiece

3) Iron on letters for 25 cents. I am thinking about making me a sports shirt to wear to all of Bebo's sporting events next year. I will write BEBO'S MOM across the front. Won't that just PLEASE him?!?!? *snorts*
4) 2 paisley queen sized pillow cases for 25 cents for the pair. I just love that print. Not sure what I am going to do with that yet.

5) 4 baby receiving blankets for $1. Took them to work for the new baby.

6) 3 hardback children's book for 25 cents a piece that are in perfect condition. Those went to Ester for reading time for her and her grand babies.

7) A Mickey Mouse frame for Rose for 50 cents. Her niece collects all things Mickey Mouse. I will make her buy me a coke or something for that.

8) 2 sets of embroidery transfer for my mom for 20 cents .

9) a sunflower head band for 50 cents. It is all glittery and I felt the NNNNEEEEDDDD to buy it.

10) a cool little bottle for 10 cents. Loving its shape.

11) 1 Goose Berry Patch cookbook for 50 cents. It has never even been opened! My mom loves Gooseberry and that will be one of her birthday gifts. This book is normally around $14.

12) 1 Susan Branch book for 75 cents. It has also never been opened and will be my mom's gift. This book is currently on the website for $23.95!!!!! Just so y'all do not think I am being totally cheap about my mom's birthday, she asked that we NOT give her gifts. Instead she requested that we make donations to the foodbank where she lives. I really like that but think that everyone should have a gift to unwrap.

Well....I guess I am cheap but...that is how I roll! I am trying hard to be thriftier this year and my family totally understands.

This was my BESTEST find! A coffee/tea press! The girl told me that she had used it once or twice and I got it for $1!! I have wanted one and the cheapest I could find was around $20.

I have already used it more than it's first owner did!

Last but not least...see these 3 little old jars? I got them for 25 cents a piece. I was really happy with this find!!! Why? is a SECRET!
I promise you are going to see them again real soon!

And yes I totally understand...this is an incredibly boring post. You just need to bear with me for a bit. I am going to totally make over some of the cheap things that I find and you will be clamoring for more!!
THEN Martha is going to be calling me and begging me to be on her show.
After some persuasion...I will happily go on. If she gives me lots of her glitter.
Her glitter ROCKS!
Who wants to be the president of my crafty fan club?!?!?!


  1. Great finds! Maybe if I go garage sale shopping with you I'd find neat stuff too!

    We received one of those coffee pressers as a wedding gift. Dave uses it alot, and will tell you to be careful with it. More than once coffee has ended up all over the kitchen counter when he's doen the "press" part!

  2. I never find such neat stuff at garage sales because obviously I don't know how to garage sale! I always looked for stuff I needed, not stuff that would make other folks happy or stuff that could be used in ways other than they were originally intended. Sooooo thanks for the lesson that is about a lot more than garage sale stuff.

  3. Lol, you know I love to garage sale!!! I am even getting Biker into the spirit. His family loves that ~snorts~.

    And I think I should be in charge of all this Presidential. I am just saying.

  4. I don't think it's a boring post at all. You got some really cool stuff.

    I love my Susan Branch cookbooks. And occasionally I even cook something out of them.

  5. I would not at all say you are cheap. I would say that you are a bargain magnet!!!

    Further, it is extremely cool that you remember all your friends and their kids when a magical bargain appears before you. There will be extra stars in your heavenly crown for this, I am sure, that will far surpass any Martha Steward kind of glitter.

    I LOVE that headband!

  6. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I didn't find this post boring at all.
    Great finds! There is nothing wrong with being thrifty.
    Martha will call you, I'm sure.

  7. What great finds! So many things under $1. I love it, especially the coffee press.

  8. Mindy, purses from the pillowcase finds. Fairy-in-a-bottle...Kaluah and coffee from the coffee press...I want a Gooseberry cookbook! This was a very interesting post...pick me up this Saturday, we'll go off together. I stink at garage sales!

  9. I love garage sales! You never know what you are going to walk away with. I also wanted to say hi and thanks for following my blog, it always amazes me that people find what I have to say interesting and worth their time. :)

  10. Wow - I think you found some great things!!! And those old jars are cool!


    PS - If I am president of your fan club, can I meet Martha too??

  11. I'll so be the totally scored!

    I can't wait to see your transformations!

  12. Not boring at all... I love watching what happens when Mindy, bargains and craftiness get together. :)


  13. Hey, cute blog you have! I love all your sweet finds. I too am a huge fan of garage sale land. I just wanted to say "thanks" for all your ultra sweet comments on my blog. If I was Martha I would totally be begging you to be on my show! Cheers!
    Andy@poppies at play

  14. Mindy--what a great treasure hunting day you had! There are several GSs in our area this morning, so I need to get a "move on". I hope to be even half as lucky as you were!
    I love reading your posts! Keep up the good work!

  15. I like the bottles best. What's the little one on the left? It looks like a really strange shape.

  16. It's certainly not boring with jar cliffhanger! That's my kind of shopping girl!

  17. don't go on martha... she's so,well martha. ick...

    totally excited about the coffee press... drooling excited... ok not drooling really... but eyeballin' it that's for sure.

    way to go!

  18. Awesome finds!!! Not a boring post at all!! I haven't been out garage sale shopping yet this year, but I am determined to get out soon! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for the glass bottles!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  19. I'm a little worried about that sunflower headband...


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