How has your week gone? It is busy here but I wanted to check in on some things. I miss you when I am not around.

**The GIRL...she got a job. Oh Yea!

**Do not forget Pantipalooza please. I appreciate all of you who have posted something about it on your on blogs...Thank you! I also thank each and every one of you that has me listed on your sidebars for what ever reasons. You have increased the traffic to my blog and for that I am grateful. I love the fact that, because of people's links to me, others learn more about Pantipalooza and about me.

**I just signed up and paid for Weight Watchers online for the next three months. I start tomorrow. I love to eat. I hate to exercise. I refuse to buy new clothes.

**I have gotten the most wonderful things in the mail! I will post pictures next week.

**Some how...and I have no clue how....but I managed to delete each and every email in my gmail account. SO...if you emailed me and I have not answered, please send a new email!!

**Did I tell you that we got some rain??? No real moisture since September 2008 and we FINALLY got rain! I think it has helped every one's attitude.

**I am tired...what about you? I know a lot of my tiredness comes from all the negative news that tends to surround us each day. I am just trying to keep the positive flowing.

**I heart Kellogg's and the stand that they have taken. And NO..everyone is NOT doing it.

**We are having Mexican Stack for a Valentine's lunch here today. Now you know why I am starting Weight Watchers tomorrow.

**Mrs. Swizzle is ONE.TALENTED.PERSON.

**Have you bought your panties yet? *giggles* The number one search on site meter that brings people to my blog is *Show me your panties*. Don't you know that they are so disappointed when they get here.

**Has LOST not been awesome this season?!?!?! Even without Charlie?!?!?! It blew me away when I realized who Miles was!!!

**Anything you wanna know? The floor is open for questions.

....who is going to start out with 26 points


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Question: (And I was just thinking about this last night, also wondering when you'd 'open the floor' so to speak. Weird!!)
    Why do you and your daughter refer to yourselves as Gators? She's Baby Gator and referes to you as Mom Gator. Is there a story behind this?

  2. I to exercise too, but it seems diet is not working so I'm sitting here typing with arms that feel like they could fall off. Cross your fingers it works for me. Good luck on WW!

    We got rain too and the tornado sirens went off last night - twice. I'm tired from all the excitement.

    I think I have to stop watching the news - the economy is stressing me out.


  3. OK, now what did I miss on Lost? Who the heck IS Miles, besides the ghost whispering, drug searching l'il weird guy that came with Farraday?

    I have to find a shelter here for PantyPalooza. I'll get some nice undies at Target tomorrow and drag Wonderboy and my Mom with me on Friday. Do you wrap yours? Or just a nice gift bag?

    I need online WeightWatchers too. Is it easy? And do they accommodate people with thyroid disorders? Ahhh I kin ask 'em meself.

    XXXOOO to you.

  4. Bunny:

    Baby gator was like a junior in high school and was at my office. She got up to leave and I told her *see you later alligator!* and she said *see you later mom gator!* and it just went from there.

  5. Dijea: I think I will just get serious about walking Gingerbean. Then I have that DVD I bought for beginning bellydancing...I kid you not. I need to get that out and start doing it again. And then there are my yoga dvds. hhhmmmm...I hate exercise but like exercise dvds?!?!?!?

    Oh girl...you did not get much sleep last night did you?!!?

  6. OMG PG! Remember at the first of last weeks show. The baby cries and the woman tells the man it is his turn and he gets up with the baby. Then he goes into work and we realize that he is Dr. Crandle (candle?) and he is making that new Dharma film. I believe that baby is Miles. Maybe Miles was born on the island?? Faraday hinted that his group had been there before.

    At least that is my theory.

  7. Oh...and it looks like it is going to be easy online. I have thyroid problems and I have never had problems with WW.

  8. Wow! That never occurred to me about Miles. I think you are right!

    I'm still rackin' my brain to figure out what Charlotte is about. Maybe some kind of doppleganger for Farrady's comatose girlfriend?

    Gonna try WW online.

  9. I think I fell off your blog list. Not on purpose, I hope.

  10. And good luck with WW online. I am doing ok with my eating, but need to add exercise to the mix.

  11. Ok, first off. i know others are relieved that you joined WW because of prayer! HAHAHA.
    Second, Gator's are awesome! That is reason enough right there. What can I say?
    Third, I wish I could care about Lost but I just don't.
    Forth, I think the keys on my keyboard feel funny. IDK why. They just do.

  12. We got some rain too - nice to hear it hitting the roof last night.

    I hate to exercize too ... but once I'm done - I'm soooo happy (because I'm done - ah!)

    Don't know if you lost my email - here it is: someofaking at g mail dot come

    Happy counting!

  13. Mindy: you are the best!
    Really, what would we do without you?

  14. PG do you think that Charlotte is that little girl that Ben was in puppy love with when he was little? Remeber???

    I love how they snuck Faraday's mom in on us!

  15. Annie...several people did and I do not know why. I will get you added back on sweetie.

  16. Gator...your keys on the keyboard feel funny? That was after the concert right? Did you happen to see people smoking funny little cigs at that concert?

    And please tell me that you were not the one that threw her bra onstage.

  17. Adrienne...I do not remember ever feeling good about excerising. ~grins~ Not my thing sweetie.

  18. LOL St Cass....my guess would be you would save a lot of time because my blog that pertains to nothing would not be here ~laffin~


  19. I mailed your retro box of goodies three days ago. It might take awhile to get to you, though I hope not. And I REALLY hope you like it!!!!

  20. WOW Sue! You are a faster mailer than I am!! I know that I will just love it....

    and your address was lost in the great gmail debacle of 2009. Please send it again.

  21. Come back to see us at Chicken Fat! I am in IRL WW and it's doing okay...real slow. love ya!

  22. I think the age diff is too big for Ben and Charlotte, but it's so strange, you never know. I cannot believe she died. And Farraday's mom looks like the high priestess of a coven. Scary.

    And what is up with Jack's dad? Is he Jacob?

    Meanwhile, I've bought my panties and am looking for a local place. The only one I can find does not have an address.

  23. Yo!

    I always like to read the questions and your answers.

    So does WW mean that you are going to join the Y with me? You'll like it! And it's close to your house! You can come to water aerobics with me and I'll tell you all the boob jokes. Score!

  24. PG...remember time is different on the island. Look at Richard.

    And I think that Jacob has taken over Christian's body for now in order to be able to communicate with them.

    I liked Faraday's mom!

  25. Mary Beth...why did I not think of that?!?!?

  26. Rach...What if I became one of the scary boob stories???

    I would think about an afterwork class but there is no way in the am.

  27. Mindy, I took underpants, a blanket, and some V-day treats (lipgloss and heart shaped boxes of candy) to the local shelter. And I did it in honor of you.


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