Oh my sweet sweet babygator. Today is your birthday. By the time you read this, you will have already aged a year because you were born so early in the morning. I was glad that I got to be the first one to actually tell you this morning. ~grins~ Sorry I woke you up...you can nap later.My first child. I had no clue what in the world that I was doing. Despite that, you have turned out to be a wonderful person with a heart bigger than the state that you so love.

You are my child that brings home strays of all kinds. Thank goodness you are finally learning to temper that. lol

I never spanked you with a pink hairbrush. I think that this photo proves that. I do not believe that we owned a hairbrush....nope nope nope! You are my daughter, my cheerleader, my friend. Not many moms get to have all of that and I love it.

You have always had a truly beautiful smile that lights up a room. You have so many wonderful features but that is the first one that people notice about you. Your smile that you use so often because you are happy. So very happy.

You my child have already accomplished so many more goals in your life than I did at your age. You have always fit that first child definition and still do. Nothing holds you back and if you are told no then you set the record straight by proving your yes yes YES.

I have done a lot of good things in my life. I have managed to do a few great things. You, my dear child, are the first of the only two truly amazing stand back in awe things that I have accomplished. I wonder each and every day what I did to get to have you. You are mine. OMG you do not know what that feels like for me. How my heart swells when I think on that. You are MINE.
I love you this manies.
Happy birthday my Camille!
....who gets to stand in the awe today...I am such a lucky girl.


  1. Awe, you made me cry. I love you so much MG, and you have done so many wonderful things in your life. You really should realize them! I couldn't put up with all of the crap that you, which proves that you are so much stronger than me. And thank you so much my alarm clock Mom, you are the best friend I could ever ask for. I love you!

    P.S. My word verification was slim on u. How cool is that???

  2. I LOVE the pictures you post on the birthday blogs... and I am sure I have seen the Easter one before... I LOVE IT! I am somehow thinking that's one of the rare times that girl is ever frillied out in a dress, lol. Happy Birthday BabyG!!!

  3. What a gorgeous girl, with such a gorgeous mama. Happy Birthday Camille! I'll bet you consider your mom to be your best gift ever.



  4. What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday to Gator and I love this blog design!

  5. Being a parent is Priceless!!!
    You must be an amazing Mom to produce such an amazing daughter!

  6. Happy day to the birthday girl and her mama!

  7. Oh, that was beautiful. Happy Birthday to you both! God bless!

  8. OH oh OH!!!!! I bet your babygator is just as proud of you! What a sweet post and such adorable pics of your dgt.


  9. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Great post with awesome pictures. Happy Birthday to BG!!

  10. This is so stunningly beautiful. Happy Happy dear girl. Have a wonderful celebration, and I will say about a thousand prayers thanking God that such a relationship between and a mom and daughter exists in this world. You are so truly blessed, but I know you know this.

  11. awesome!

    Happy birthday Camille ...


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