Now how can you say no to that face???

Gingerbean would like you all to go and vote for her picture. It is a contest being held in our local newspaper. Well, I guess you already knew that. She won't be ready to enter any international contest until she gets better at her baton twirling. We are sort of worried about her fire twirling...you know...her being so low to the ground and all.

You can go and vote here. You will have to register. I have not gotten any sort of spam with my registration.

Gingerbean says thank you so very much and that she will be running right over to visit you just as soon as she learns how to get over this baby gate. I give her about 3 more minute to figure it out.

....who told her dog that she could not take tap. Tap shoes for a corgi are just way too expensive!


  1. *wooof!* i can teach ya ginger how to leap that gate... heh heh heh. i mastered it early on... and getting out of fences too... i don't like fire. i'm thinking you need a dancing partner... surely we could get onto dancing with the stars. but i am not, i repeat... am not dancing to country. that's sooo doggie trailer park it just ain't happening babe.

    and just cuz you're ginger, don't think it'll be cute to call me fred either. how about some salsa dancing? or let's just stay home, tear into a bag of chips and lap up some salsa? now we're onto something...

  2. ooooh. i want some salsa. I have not voted yet. Mindy has not given in to my demands for a dollar. My vote may come cheap, but it's not free.

  3. Mindy. She's TOTALLY laffin at you. Babygate, schmabygate. It's toast.

    I voted. Of COURSE she will win because she's so cute she doesn't need to tap dance.


  4. I voted, and I put it on my myspace for all my friends to vote! Love you and Ginger!

  5. Mindy, you are absolutely hilarious. You make me laugh.
    I'll say to Doug, "Mindy, my friend in Texas," and he says "your internet friend..." AS IF that makes a difference!:-)
    I gave said Doug a heart attack last night...we always say that the "next time" we get a Corgi, we'll get a red & white. well, one of my collegues told me that the mall pet shop (boo on mall pet shops) had a brother & sister...so I went to see them, took them out & cuddled them...and then snapped their pic w/my phone & sent to dug. Immediately, my phone rang...he thought I'd bought one!
    then last night & this a.m. I kept saying "did you hear what Chelsea said? She said 'I want a baby sister!" ha.
    (did I tell you she chewed TWO holes in doug's loveseat?)(yeah, he wants another puppy)...
    off to vote...Cheryl in IN

  6. I voted, but jeez - it took like forever and I had to give up my first born with registration. Gingerbean is worth it. When she wins, do I get to hold the trophy for a few days? I mean I did give up my first born and everything.

    He! He! He!

    I know, I'm not as funny as I think I am.

    Word Verification
    : womedins

  7. Dr. Phil called and he wants you to appear on his next show, "Mommy Dearest...mothers who pimp their pups." Are you going to tease her hair, I mean, fur...'80's style?

    OK, we'll all vote, but the lasting psychological effects on GB, when she wins, will certainly affect her future relationships...

  8. Done. I suppose this is the cyberspace equivalent of stuffing the ballot box--but she really is the cutest one!

  9. Anonymous5:44 AM

    I voted!! Go Gingerbean!!

  10. When I want to annoy my Sweet Baboo I just have to say "I think the puppy needs braces!"
    He falls for it every time!
    Gingerbean is truely the fairest of them all! She has my vote!

  11. Gingerbean is just too cute! I love looking at her puppy pictures and seeing her cute fat Corgi paws!


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