For someone who got sick and tired off all of the election stuff....I am sure stuck on voting aren't I??

The deal is, I am entering Gingerbean's pic to a Corgi calendar contest. I can only send in 1 picture so I need your help deciding what pic to send in.

Just leave me a comment on which on you would pick please!

#1: Babyface

#2: Napping with a friend

#3) Peek a boo
#4) MMMMMMM Good!

#5) Hypnotize
#6) Tyra Banks pose

.................who is not handing out voting stickers


  1. Oh really, Mindy! How is one ever to decide on just one picture? The baby pics are so cute. And I love her belly while she's napping (why does no one say the same about mine?), but maybe the pic of her licking her chops is best. There, did that help you? Now, what other issues may I help you with?

  2. MMMMMMM Good, Your Highness. The tongue curl is just wonderful. Hard for anyone else to get that shot, I bet.

  3. I just love the one of her under the sofa but the one of her licking her chops is probably a better one for a photo calendar.

  4. I like Babyface. It's so very very sweet.

  5. Yep. Mmmm Good. Definitely that one.

  6. I pick in this order:
    #1 for the most adorable puppy picture
    #6 for the perkiest pup picture
    and #4 for the adult calendar, just sayin.

  7. Too hard to choose! I tend to think that Babyface or Mmmm! are the best calendar candidates, but I love them all. Especially napping with a buddy! How precious!

  8. Well to hell with this I am not voting if I don't get a sticker.

    But, if I were going to vote it would be for baby face or napping with friend.

  9. Dear Ginger Bean,
    Definitely your best look is Babyface. Tell your mom to send that one in.

    I wonder if there is a calendar contest for Dachshunds? Maybe if I won I could get out of the doghouse?

    Off to surf the 'net,

    Good luck! Your friend Beatrice

  10. Anonymous9:30 PM

    voting here for the napping with a friend - too cute!!

  11. How adorable!!!! I'm for napping or the mmm good. The napping one is really hitting me ... maybe it's b/c I've been up since 4:30 am ... this time change is killing me.

  12. Napping or MMMM Good. Those are my favorites.

  13. 1 and 2.
    But who can choose really? *sheesh*

  14. # Baby Face, definitely!

  15. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I vote for "Baby Face".
    Good luck!

  16. They're all so cute, but I like the first one best. :)

  17. Probably #3 (under sofa), but they are all scrumptious.

  18. OK, here's the scoop from Reedy Girl and me. We vote for two (sorry, we don't follow directions very well!)

    We like the "Baby Face" and the "Mmm Mmm Good" pictures.

    But... since you want us to play by the rules, "Baby Face" wins.

    BTW - a neighbors Corgi got into a Corgi calendar once, too. Corgies are so cute with their little kankles!


  19. They are all perfect of course, but if I had to choose one, it would be #1, Babyface.

  20. licking the lips ... it's the best by far :) and look at her eyes!!! and a sure winner - but then so are you.

  21. And ya know, if those ears get any bigger she could take flight....

  22. A few days late to the party, but I vote for #4. Gotta love the licky pups.

  23. BABYFACE! GAWD, she is SO CUTE!!!may I say I love babygator. her comment is hilarious.
    I been too bizy lately!!! no time to have fun w/the real stuff I wanna do!

  24. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Hello?? Update soon?

  25. knock knock--- it's time topost SOMETHING Mindy! Come on :)


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