I have the most funny...unbelievable....split your sides story to tell y'all!

Only...I can't. About once a year I wish that I had an anonymous blog and could just write away but, I don't. And no, it is not one of you my loyal readers and bloggers. If I have any readers left after my unintentional absence.

So you missed out. Sorry

Instead I will give you randomness....lots of randomness. Randomness with spider dot goodness.

*This is one of the reasons that I have not been reading blogs or blogging. This is my desk as of 8am this morning. I am working on getting it cleared off. You can see we do not adhere to any green principles in the criminal justice system.

*The other reason is the Vampire game on Myspace. Yep, totally addicted. I am a level 25 with 141 Vampires in my clan. Aren't you so impressed?!?!?!?

*I have lost my good granola recipe. I have tried several but I just cannot find one that I really really like. Anyone wanna push me in the right direction?

*We are waiting to see who the finalists are for the Corgi calendar. I will let you know something as soon as I know something. I went with baby face.

*Gas is $1.74 here as of today. YEA!!! ~does the TEXAS dance of joy~

*Gingerbean will hardly stand still to get her photo taken. Who am I kidding? She is rarely still! I have had to clean off my camera lens NUMEROUS times. She has learned to jump up onto the couch. She loves peanut butter. She loves to eat small pieces of ice. She has learned to bark at the heater when it comes on. It may be a long winter if she continues to do that. Still not totally there with potty training. I will be glad when we are.
*I had to go to Court on one of my girls a few months ago. She is a bit...how shall I say it?...wacky? That is painting it in a positive light. She also has a wandering eye. So we are waiting for Court to begin. I am there along with the female District Attorney. My defendant is there along with her female attorney. The jailer is also there and she is also female. She is lamenting how BAD it is out at the jail. They do not let you have lotion for your feet or nail files or NOTHING! And all of the girls hate her JUST HATE HER. She then said, *They told me that they were going to poke me in the eye with a stick and steal my moon pie!!*

There was silence for about 3 seconds and then all of us in the Court room just burst out laughing. That has become my new favorite sentence.

*We are having brisket for Thanksgiving. Yes, we really are. What are you having?

*I also have most of my Christmas shopping done. I have done tons online. I have been able to get some awesome deals and most was with free shipping. I also use www.slickdeals.net to see if there are any coupon codes out there.

*I am working on my and babygator some shirts for Black Friday shopping.

*I saw my first Salvation Army bell ringer the other day. That is what makes it start feeling like Christmas to me.

*If you could Santa for one thing for yourself for Christmas, what would it be?

*I have to go get started back on my paperwork. I leave you one final pic of Gingerbean.

Entitled: PPPBBbbbbbbtttthhhhhh...your mouth says no but my brain hears YES!

and a partridge in a pear tree


  1. Chelsea likes ice, too. We found that out when we dropped a piece of ice & she scooped it up in her mouth & crunched away. Last night was her first snow experience. There was just a slight covering, but she was slip sliding away and sniffing like crazy.
    "We" aren't quite there with potty training yet, either. She went for over a week w/o an accident and then backslid like it was her job. She can't quite get up on the couch - which is a good thing, I think. There is nothing like Corgi love. xo, C.

  2. MINDY!!!! Get off that game and come back to us!! What, are we not cool enough, are we too old for you to hang with? Just kidding. Oh my, Christmas is going to be lean here. I think I will be making most gifts this year. Can't wait to see the faces of the recipients FALL when they open their gift. What?! A lousy homemade gift? Wha....?!

  3. I am not cooking this year. We will have whatever my sister-in-law wants to cook (she hates turkey), and call it Thanksgiving.

  4. I SEE that Peanut butter on your desk. Yes, I do.

    We are going to West by God Virginia and eat some Turkey the kinfolk shot last week. They will roast it on an open fire in the front yard, on a spit.

    I swear to God. I may even take pictures.

  5. How about random comments.

    *Thank goodness you are back. I've missed you so.
    *Vampires rock, but only in movies or TV so you can actually SEE their hotness.
    *Turkey, dressing, green been casserole. The works.
    *My cat has made friends with a squirrel.
    *I noticed the peanut butter on your desk too, but reverend mommy beat me to it in the comments.
    *Gingerbean looks heathy, and I'm still planning the dog-

  6. Lol, ging is such a nerd! Just like her Mom. Haha, I called you a nerd! But your my nerd, and I love you.
    I was wondering if you were ever going to blog again! I have even blogged since you blogged, that is CRAZY!!!

  7. We are having:
    Hot spinach and artichoke dip with crackers and veggies.
    Turkey and Gravy
    Yum Yum Sweet Potatoes
    Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts with cheese sauce (really good cheese sauce and these were requested by my daughter so don't dis the sprouts)
    Homemade rolls
    Two kinds of Cranberry stuff (none from the can, yuk)
    Jack Daniels Tennessee Pecan Pie
    Falling in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie
    Pumpkin Pie with birthday candles

    I will be 49 on Thanksgiving.

  8. Doing a fried turkey or two... again. Maybe even 3. I hate turkey, but like some of the things I make with leftover. And I do an extra one for the grandboys and mom because she thinks grandma's fried turkey is AWESOME. And she readily admits she can't cook worth beans. Not even beans unless they're already cooked in a can. The rest of the dinner.. meh. Whatever I feel like messing with.

  9. I just thought up a new one. Maybe we need to anonymously post on other people's blog when we need to vent or tell a story with no names.

    What an idea!

  10. still reading

    Keep her OFF that sofa!

    We don't have thanksgiving here in Finland. But I'm off for a date with Bond tonight. For that I'mthankful:)

  11. Anonymous6:01 AM

    *Turkey and all the trimmings at my sisters.

    *Vampire game? Really?

    *M is housebroken and loves ice as well, we haven't given her peanut butter yet.

    *Glad you're back!

    *Potato Soup and coney dogs Friday.

  12. I'm still laughing at Reverend Mommy's comment. On a spit!!

    Here's hoping we survive the next day and a half. And here's to hoping for meet ups so you can tell those stories that can't be written.

  13. Dang, I wish I could hear that story you can't tell! I'm always glad to see you have posted again.

    I thought you could not feed dogs peanut butter because it would get stuck to the roof of their mouth and drive thme nuts!

  14. Beautiful !

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