I was supposed to answer these questions for you people way back in APRIL!! At this point, I could just make up questions and attached a person to them and you would not remember if you really asked it or not! HA!

Bunny Bunster:
How did your love of cows come to be?

Cows have always been cute to me but not an OMG kinda thing! That is, until the first fiberglass cows came here and then I was just smitten.

This is a pic Babygator took for me on one of her trips and it just cracks me up!


What was your most favoritist beloved toy when you were a young'n?

A fuzzy little stuffed kitty was my favorite little bitty girl toy I am told. My mom still has it and it is loved to bits but I do not actually remember it. I also had an easy bake oven that I LOVED! Remember the kind with the light bulbs! Oh the joy!!


If there were no longer probations officers and you chose any other job, what would you be?

Thats an easy one! I would be a doula or a life coach. (Doula: a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during and just after childbirth). I think each of those jobs would be so cool! You could really help people. Of course, being a life coach might not be as messy as being a doula.

Or I would open up a casserole shop! Y'all could all stop by on your way home from work and pick up a nice hot casserole, fresh bread and a salad for supper.


Question - what is "delurk" ??

Delurk is when a person always reads your blogs but does not comment...hence lurk. But then they leave a comment to DE-lurk.


How to you keep your rockin figure??

Well anon, I am so glad that you asked! Breakfast burritos from Rainmakers here in town.

And do NOT forget the luscious green sauce that makes your lips tingle !!


What is up with your love of trashy music??

*BLUSHES* Me? Trashy Music? I know not of which you speak!

I guess the secret is out...I like me some trashy music. I do not know why?!?!?! Rach all but gags when I start singing ANY Fergie songs *if you don't got no money take your broke a@@ home*.

I am also just about ADDICTED to Rehab. In fact, Sittin In A Bar* is currently my ringtone. *Bar tender I really did it this time. Broke my parole to have a good time. When I got home it was 6 the door was locked so I kicked it in. She was trippin on the bills. I think she was high on some pills. She threw my s**t out into the yard, then she called me a bum and slapped me real hard. And in my drunkin stooper, I did what I should of never done. Now I'm sittin here talking to you drunk and on the run.*

I also love the new Kid Rock c.d.

I also have a thing for dj's.

Maybe it is cause I wanna be one of the cool kids and, instead, I am one of the nerdy good girls??

Or maybe I am just bad to the bone *sneers at ya*



I have gotten over my fear of never being able to buy a house. That was good! I am much better about my fear of never finding a mate. Or at least I handle it much better.

I am still leery of clowns. Especially clowns that I do not see as clowns in the beginning. It was a regular flippin CIRCUS around here for a few days I am telling ya! I have found out that clowns are a wee bit like vampires. Shine the LIGHT on them and they leave. They squeal and squawk and gritch loudly on they way out. They rattle their plastic swords and call you names. No matter how loud they yell or how high they jump up and down...they are still just silly clowns. And clowns are just not worth the effort now are they?

I thought that my abandonment issues and my fear of being shut out were cured until some things have happened to make them jump up into my face. I am trying to work on them now after receiving some really good wise counsel (you know what all you are my wonderful bloggers who send me emails!)

My question for you readers is this.....

Why would any child want to ride on a pizza slice????

Any more questions? I promise I will not wait until December to answer them.


  1. Them are some purdy good answers.

    I think I really like the clowns v. vampires thing. Might be some truth to that.

    And how wrong is it that the pizza-mobile made me hungry?

  2. *snickersnort*... my current favorite slightly trashy music is from the Mamma Mia sound track. If you haven't seen it yet, ya GOTTA go, lol. The song: "Does Your Mother Know That You're Out?" And you can only fully appreciate it if you see Christine Baranski singing and dancing it in the movie...

  3. You asked about the pizza so I asked my children.

    My 7 year old said he would ride because its a ride and I ride all the rides.

    My 5 year olds said because he always wanted to sit on pizza.

    So there ya have it.

  4. FYI, I like trashy songs too. I'm a big fan of John Parr's Naughty Naughty & have a huge addiction to The Jim Carroll. Its Too Late starts out "Its too late to fall in love with Sharon Tate." or his People Who Died is really good too.

  5. Well I guess that solves that mystery dijea!

  6. *Its too late to fall in love with Sharon Tate.* That's just BAD ~she said as she runs to google the song....

  7. Kid riding a piece of pizza: Musta been created by someone with a hidden cannibal fetish.

    Here's my question: Have you hung up the quilt square yet?

  8. ROFL on the pizza slice... I just don't know about that one, either.

    Be sure to come visit because I met another one of your FRIENDS! :)

    Love you

  9. Excellent answers! My sister had the Easy Bake oven. She baked. I ate.

  10. I can just picture it......You could open your own little place and call it "Doula General".....:D Isn't what a "doula" does the same thing as being a good friend?

    I have a question about the pizza slice ride thingy......Why does it look like a Diet Coke next to it?

  11. I had an Easy Bake oven too and I loved it!! I baked in it all the time.
    We could open a casserole shop together.

  12. Ummm.... yes, do you KNOW how awesome you are?

  13. Biker says that you can be in there if we ever have babies. He will stand at my head and you can do whatever you want. I said that I want drugs...lots and lots of drugs!!!

  14. love that pic babygator gave you..

    love you :)

  15. fascinating... but for a sec i thought the you said the breakfast burritos made your hips tingle (not lips) oops!!! now that'd be a burrito.... just sayin'

  16. Where did babygator find that sign??? I am totally going to steal it for my blog. Or for a promo piece for church. I just need to know where so that people don't think it was made up. Giggling (inquiring) friends want to know! :)

    love you

    P.S. Did you know??? IN Beaufort, you can get SPLENDA Sweet TEA!

  17. that burrito looks dee-lish!! and i'm really singing out loud to "I kissed a girl and I liked it" - and feeling very naughty for singing along - but it's so catchy and fun!!

  18. Hey Elastigirl - did you know the singer of "kissed a girl" is a preacher's kid? 'splains a lot, maybe. ha ha!

  19. OK, I'm getting you. Now I was kind of cool in school, but now I'm getting nerdy. What happened? I'm a virtual hermit, recluse, madwoman. And riding a pizza slice would be totally rockin!


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