This is just a round up sort of post. Nothing fits as a whole entry. Kinda like cleaning out the fridge and having pot luck for supper.

1. YOUR ENVELOPES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MAILED OUT TOMORROW. I cannot be responsible if your partner does not mail out. I cannot MAKE anyone do anything. BUT, if you do not receive something, please let me know and I will take care of it. You are not being a tattle tale!

2. Flutterby is really in need of someone from Florida's help. Check it out.

3. I love my pink shirt and ya'll cannot SHAME me into not wearing it!

4. Did you know that is it entirely possible to eat an entire load of wheat berry bread toasted with real butter in 3 days time? Oh yes it is! I have got to get started back with Weight Watchers but am just not motivated.
5. Look what St. Cass sent to me!!!

Look at this sweet note card! Purple (the color of royalty I might add) with a beloved cow!!

And look at this! Oh my gosh...one of my new favorite things! If I were a cat, I would use it as my cat bowl. Since I am not lucky enough to be a cat (but I would be a darned good cat!) I have to find another use for it. It is now sitting on my desk and holds my important day to day things such as my watch and earrings. Thank you so much St. Casserole! Thank you for thinking of me! I was just hoping that Fish was going to be in the box.

6. I have 8 packages to mail out today. One to Australia. Anyone want to stand behind me to catch me when I feint from the postage amount?

7. Anyone wanna see how I made Carmel apples for the school?

8. Look what Bunnybunster sent to me!! Remember the jelly that she sent to me? Lawsy that girl spoils me good! She sent me Spider stickers! I bet she had a really hard time even picking those things up. She does not *do* spiders. She also know about my container addiction and sent me 2 Brighton tins. And my own SKULL RING WITH LIP GLOSS! I am stylin' for Halloween!

9. I have the bestest friends online and offline.

10. Hollywood Fashion Tape is a GREAT invention!!!

Anything you want to add to the list??


  1. I would write for number 10 about your awesome nails!! Are they real? Arcrylic? Do you have them professionally done? Did you do them yourself?

  2. They are arcrylic (solar). They are my one big splurge. Wish I could do them myself!

  3. Do I get extra credit for mailing my envelope last week? With mailing, you could of course, mail book rate. But then the envelope would take about 2 months to arrive.

    I got a nice gift from St. Cass too, along with my Calvin creamer and sugar server. I'll have to post those soon.

    You have the prettiest fingernails! I used to grow mine. But can't do it till Wonderboy has outgrown being tickled!

  4. Oh pg, bebo LLLLOOOOOVVVEEESSSSS his back scratched. He would vote for me keeping the fingernails.


    I will send my package out tomorrow I will I will I will!

    love, mb

  6. Wow. Skull lip gloss. Who knew??? I only WISH I had something that much fun for you in your package... but there is FUN stuff in there, to be sure!


  7. I got my package from Bunny Bunster and it ROCKED!!!!! A lot! (Had me some of that lip gloss in black. Yessirreebob.) I mailed hers out earlier this week.

  8. What fun - and cool - stuff!!!

    And I won't even tell you how fast I can go through a bag of Sweet Sixteen powdered sugar donuts. Let's just say that I've beat your record. I just wish I had Songbird's WW self-discipline!

  9. Anonymous6:16 PM

    i have a myspace but i'm in texas...


  10. So all this and everyone glossed over and ignored the fact that you like BOOB TAPE??!! You tape them up now?? LOLOLOL!!!!!

  11. And I have no problem believing you can go through a loaf of that kind of bread so fast especially when it's smeared in butter. I have been known to do it myself with the kind with the sunflower seeds on top and in it.

  12. Mindy, your cat keeps on hiding your text - bad cat.

    You do have you some gooooooood friends, but you are one too.

  13. In the post in the morning and full of suprises :)

  14. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    I sent out my swap envelope on the 27th not the 26th! But I sent it Priority so hope it gets there quickly.

    Just lettin' you know!

    The problem for shopping for $10 and under worth of goodies is, I kept finding things that would be perfect for her...but more than $10. Oh well, I can gift outside the swap, right?!

    And speaking of which, I found the most AWESOME present for YOU MINDY! :) When you least expect it, expect it!

    Mwa ha ha

  15. The national weather service is reporting an expected overnight snowfall of 6-125 inches in your town tonight. Tomorrow everything will be closed and you have a snow day! Enjoy!

  16. DANG, so how much snow did you have?!

    6 inches!?

    or 125 inches!?

  17. You like containers? boxes? Who knew! I DO TOOOOOOO


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