Many of you have asked me how I wrap packages. ~cough coughnotreallycough cough~ I thought I would take some time and show you how I do it.

Actually, I am really trying to use up things that I have and to economize on some things and I wanted to show you my take on how to do that.

To wrap a really cool package you need: your package *duh*, brown wrapping paper (I use grocery sacks for most packages. I have bought a large roll of brown wrapping paper for bigger packages. It last forever!!), paints, stamps (you could make your own or buy them. This was a set of 10 that was at Wally World for less than $2 and I have used them for years), paint brushes and netting (a roll of that at Wally World is less than $2 and it goes on for miles)

Wrap your package. Decide what stamps and colors that you want to use.

I use a brush to put my paint on. That way it is more even and does not cause big globs that can occur by dipping your sponge into the paint. Stamp your image onto your paper...all over. Go wild! You cannot make any mistakes!

I use the handle from the end of one of my paint brushes to make the middle of the flower. Makes great little circles. I have also just used the end and made polka dots all over a gift. Cute and easy! Please note the nails *grins* I am loving them.
Dob randomly. Again, you cannot make a mistake. Do not be afraid and try to do this all perfect.
Voila! A flower! I think the off centeredness of the flower gives it an artistic flair! Well, it really just means SEE YOU CANNOT MESS THIS UP!
Dob those stamps all over the package. Make sure you cover all sides. I usually do 5 sides and let it dry. In about 30 minutes, you should be able to flip it over and do the remaining sides.

Wrap a bow around your package with that million miles of netting you bought. It comes on a spool so it is really easy to keep up with. It also comes in a lot of different colors. I am partial to the white because them I could pair any color with it.
Now, let me tell you how I embellish it even more. I take a chipboard letter and cover it in paper. You could even just paint it if you wanted. I am also really into painting those clothespins right now. Talk about a craft you can do without thinking! This is a regular sized clothespin because I have a big package. You can buy teeny tiny clothespins that are adorable!! Even more so painted and dotted!

The finished package! It cost me very little to wrap....just time. And it is more personal.
You can do the same thing with 8 1/2 by 11 padded envelopes!!!


  1. Gosh. I'll never be able to do that. Wrapping presents is not my cup of tea :P I love using pretty, pretty gift bags though!!
    Love the nails, btw ;)

  2. Cute!!
    Your fingernails, too!

  3. Mindy, you are just the most talented friend.

    And... I have never seen nails like that. It's kind of French tips in reverse.

    You so make me want to go to WM and get me some stamps and paint and get artistic.

  4. I love the packages like that, I had no idea you were going to do a blog about wrapping paper, but hey...why should have I not thought that.

  5. That is so cute! We make our own Christmas wrap in a similar way, kids love that. Your cute package makes me wish I didn't wait till the last minute to wrap my daughter's birthday present. (She's 4 today.)

  6. Well, that beats using the color funny papers as wrapping. You are the gifted gift wrapper for sure!

    Love the fingernails.

    Thanks for the tutorial that I ASKED FOR **coughcoughnotreallycoughcough**

  7. What a cool wrap! And I am glad you mentioned that you could also do this on padded envelopes.

    The clothes pin and the chop board letter and the nails all look good too!

  8. Love the nails!!! Reverse, colored French. Way cool!!

  9. Holy Moly!! YOu are SO creative.

  10. Love the nails!

    I will never, ever wrap a package like that. I'm WAY too lazy...

    BTW: I have more cows up over at my place!


  11. I love that! I saw some adorable clothes pins at Michael's the other day and tried to justify buying I can!!! :)
    Are you in Denton? I'm in Frisco!
    Check me

  12. This is GORGEOUS! and I want those nails!


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