First off, I have gotten several emails from bloggers that would like to join in on the swap but are puzzled as to what they would put into their envelopes to send. Let me try to explain. When it is time to pair people up, I will put a list of questions either in your email or on my blog. These are suggestion questions to see what your partner likes or is into. You could even then go to that persons blog and get a feel for who they are and what they like. Then it is time to fill up your envelope. The tricky part is you CANNOT SPEND over $10 in actual cash money. I want you to be creative and use what you have. Reuse, recycle, craft, or thrift. Trust me, this really will be an easy simple swap. It would be nice to actually not even spend the $10 in cash.

Example: Lets say that I live in California and I am paired with Rachel from Texas. She and I email our answers from the list of questions that the hostess had on her blog. (like: what is your favorite color? Do you craft? Is you craft, what are you into? What do you enjoy reading? Do you like Halloween? What candy do you like) I also take the time to read her blog and see what she is about. (AT that point I have come to realize what a Weird Rachel is!! *snickers*)

Things I would put in Rachel's envelope: I find 2 Wonder Woman comic books at Good Will for 99 cents a piece so those go in! She likes chocolate with nuts so I buy her a move sized candy bar (at the Dollar Store), I make her a spooky bookmark because I know she loves to read. I know she has long hair so I might make her a headband from some really cool scrap fabric that I have that has skulls on it. I might have read a really interesting article on the Day of the Dead festival out of Mexico and I know she would like that so in it goes! If I stopped there, I have only spent MAYBE $4 to fill the envelope but have filled it up nicely!! If I had more room, I might throw in some almonds that my neighbor has gathered and shared with me cause I know Rachel loves almonds.

Does that answer Yall's questions? If not, just email me at:


I have been tagged by MaryBeth and DogBlogger for my four things so here it goes! Ya'll are going to think that I am just totally boring!

4 Jobs I’ve Held

Assistant at the Tax Assessor Collectors Office


Insurance Secretary

Probation Officer

4Films I Could Watch Over and Over

It's A Wonderful Life

Breakfast Club

LOST (Seasons 1-3 on DVD)

Second Hand Lions

4 TV Shows I Watch

LOST! (OMG...this is the ONLY show that I could tell you what day it is on and what time. I will rearrange me schedule for this show)

The Office


The 4400 (Bebo and I usually watch this in disk sets at the end of each season)

4 Places I’ve Lived

Plainview, Texas

Clarendon, Texas

Post, Texas

Krum, Texas (sense a TX theme going on here?)

4 Favorite Foods

Peanut Butter


Chips and Hot Sauce


4 Favorite Colors




Browns paired with other colors

4 Places I Would Love to Be Right Now

Mountains in New Mexico

Austin, Texas

Rudioso New Mexico


4 Names I Love But Would/Could Not Use for my Children





I tag Flutterby, Gerry, BunnyBunster and BabyGator


  1. I LOVE Second Hand Lions. Such a great movie. I keep lookin' for it in DVD for our library.

    LOl at "MEAT".

    You're the last person I would think of as "boring".

  2. Oh PG, I LOVE meat. For Reals. Could never do a strict veggie diet. Love veggies but MUST HAVE MEAT.

  3. cool! I got tagged!! Um, now what do I do?? I'm so lame!!

  4. You are NOT lame! Just cut and paste to your blog and fill in your own answers sweetie.

  5. sigh... ok.. I need time to work on this though.

  6. Mindy, you could send Rachel a tombstone, but I am afraid the postage would cost over 10 dollars.

  7. What a fun blog to find! Looks like a lot of love and joy is shared here.

    Yvonne Perry

  8. Thank you so much Yvonne...that was so sweet of you to say!

    After I posted this Cathy, Rachel asked me to be her swap partner *snickers*

  9. Good play - I had to put another location besides TX on mine to break the monotony of it!!

  10. You call your children Bebo and Babygator, but you can't handle Riley????

  11. OOOH! Cathy can be my partner, too! She could send the tombstone C.O.D. Ha ha!

    I like your answers. "Meat" is a hoot!

    (Did y'all know Mindy and I attended the same Junior High? See our answers to places we've lived. Unfortunately it was DECADES apart.)

  12. *gives Rach a HARD look*

    It was NOT decades you you you.....prissy pants!

  13. Ok, DECADE, then. Singular.

    You are so old.

    Only old people say "prissy". Seriously.

    Let me know when you need to cross the street. I'll be glad to help you. I'll be going to Wally World later, do I need to pick up some blue hair dye for you? If I'm your swap partner, I'm giving you an AARP membership packet. And a coupon for support hose.

  14. Ah, the sickly sweet stench of a meme!

  15. and only weak kitties hate the word DOLLOP Rachel.


    Want a saucer of milk little kitty?

    Or a DOLLOP of cream?

  16. That is an EGREGIOUS word. The sound of it makes my ears bleed. And once again, it is a word used only by the elderly, the infirm and the mentally questionable. Shall I check the thrift store for Depends in your size?

  17. Almost 45 is the new almost 25.

    Be sure and check to see if they have a training bra in your size when you get there.

  18. Yeah, but only if you almost double the 25.

  19. Oh no, Mindy, I got tagged and I am the most boring person!

  20. Did you ever say what kind of envelope? What size, color, paper thickness? Does it have to be a self lick envelope or one of those with the sticky tape?

    I cannot sleep until I participate in this swap and use an appropriate envelope....

  21. Breakfast Club is one of my faves! Our library carries it so I have seen it a couple of times lately. I love the character played by Phillip Micheal Hall (I hope I have his name right!)

  22. I love love love second hand lions too! Can't wait for the swap!

  23. So Rachel graduated jr. high 10 years AFTER you? (she asked shaking her blond curls). That's a dollop worth of surprise!!

    *ducks from Rachel's stapler thrown at my head*

    I'm already an Aarp member so I can give you both a recommendation!!

  24. I may have missed with the stapler, but you're not fast enough to avoid the Paperclips Of Tingling Irony which I lob in your general direction, PG.

    (I think this might be where you make some sort of crotchety comment about how you would've "gotten away with it, too. If not for those meddling kids!")

  25. Ohhhhhh the tingling!!!!

    Ohhhhhhhh the irony!!!

    Dadgummit Rach, And I just hairsprayed my beehive hairdo!!


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