My BANG for the 4th

BeBo and I made a fire cracker cake for the 4th of July! It looks a little sad but we had such a fun time doing it and it tasted so good!! I swear it is shaped like a fire cracker even though it does not totally look like one.


  1. I found you thru St. Casserole. I love your blog! :) Where do you live? I'm in Denton (home of Phyllis George, though we no longer have the K-Mart).
    Happy Days!

  2. Hi Mary Beth!! Happy Day to you too! I live in Plainview....BUT BeBo was born in Denton and Baby Gator in Decatur. We were living in Krum when BeBo was born. Small world huh?

  3. Yummy! Looks pretty good!

  4. I see where you light it - what's that called? The main thing is that it tasted good, right?

  5. Hi Peg! You are tasted great and we had a great time.'s called a fuse.


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