Hey, Have You Met My Friend......


You may not know Shelby but, if you and I are friends on facebook, you know that I love taking pics of her dog, Kutter.  
He loves me.  He really really does.  She claims that he does not like to dress up. ppppssshhhh  Look at that face!!   That dog is totally metrosexual and will do anything for a treat.

I have only really known Shelby for a year.  It basically started over cobbler.  My tribe grows for the oddest reasons sometimes.  

Here is some thing you need to know about Shelby.

FIRST MEMORY OF YOU : guess I would have to say the day you brought your dog's in the shop to be groomed. However I remember seeing you on your pink scooter but did not know you.

Me:  I had heard your name for years.  First through Marty because you trimmed her dogs nails.  Then through a client that you sponsored.  You *signed* her forms for her.  Now that I know you and how you write, I know that was not your signature.  lol

MY JOB: Owner of Bow Wow Boutique/groomer. Love the animals,  don't hate much about it however it's becoming harder for me. Pretty physical work.

Me:  You express anal glands.  ~gags~  You always won't let Kutter have a mohawk.  I think that is narrow minded of you.  

MY HERO: Was my dad, however Bill W. has been at the top of that list since 1989.

FAVORITE TAT :The first tat I got was a heart,feather and wing all in one. Have it on the inside of leg. FREEDOM....(now u should get a sunflower I think).

AT MT DINNER TABLE WOULD BE: that's hard to just name 5. Ann Richards, Maya Angelou, Bette Midler, Rosa Parks, and Katharine Hepburn. And I could name so many more, Cher, Mother Teresa, Audrey Hepburn, the list could go on and there are some special women in my tribe that I just love sitting down with.

Me:  I call shotgun with Ann Richards.  

WORST HABIT: oh several nicotine, I know it's a bad one. But I've had worse, lol
Things I collect: I guess it would have to be signs for my fence and chips.

Me:  Nicotine makes it sound pretty.  LOL  you dip.  I love the signs on your fence.  I also like your chips and what they mean to you.  

FAVORITE SAYING: Have a lot of them, all the recovery sayings like One Day at a Time, Let Go Let God, First Things First, ect.....

Me:  And my favorite....*when did you last get your tires rotated?*   you are very handy Shelby.  Thank goodness.

YOUR TAT: well already answered that, a sunflower because your father loved sunflowers and so do you. They are bright, happy, colorful just like you.

Me:  I like your sunflower tat.  It is totally you.  
Shelby is quirky but different from me quirky.  She doesn't like soggy food.  She eats biscuits and gravy really fast.  She eats deconstructed strawberry short cake.  She likes quiet....like in no tv or radio quiet. You will always see her with her breakfast peanuts and Copenhagen.  I don't think that she really knows many people's lives that she has touched.  I love the bits and pieces of her story that I have heard so far. She doesn't like to text but she does anyway.  She went and bought me a sports bra when I was still loopy from surgery.  She is tough and gruff at times but, underneath it all, she wants people to succeed.  She knows someone EVERY SINGLE PLACE THAT SHE GOES.  For reals. She does not eat left overs.  She doesn't really trust the internet.  She has clown pictures on her kitchen walls.  I don't make that kind of stuff up people.  She doesn't mind being around me when I am wearing my turkey hat.   She is the one that cared enough about me to get me to start working out...and has never made fun of me or my white legs.  She makes the best fried okra, potatoes and onions.  My life is better with Shelby in it.

She is taking me to the airport on Thursday.  I guess you could call her my getaway driver.

...and yet there is STILL no cobbler!


  1. Have you seen that quote about how someone could be in your life for a long time, they leave and you never miss them? Then, someone comes along recently and they make all the difference to you and your life? Seems like your get away driver is the latter. 😊. I'm glad she came along. And Kutter looks adorns in bows. Totes.

  2. I am glad to hear all the bits and pieces of Shelby.

  3. I feel like I know you better because I know a little bit about Shelby. She sounds like a steady friend, one that is really worth having. You are a fortunate woman. <3


  4. I have really enjoyed getting to know Shelby the last couple of months. My favorite bit about her so far is how she will give you the side eye to check out your reaction when she throws a little bit of something snarky into the mix. She's good at testing the waters. And she's funny. I'm really glad she is part of your life! And both those tattoos are really cool.

  5. I ❤️ Ann Richards. I got a letter from the parole board that my step father was up for review because of a technicality during the court proceedings for the murder of my mother. Evidently the DA didn't say that it was THE gun used in the murder so technically there wasn't a gun found ... Um ok ... He had a 16 year sentence and had only served 7 months. I ran to Teel Bivins and he called Ann Richards and put her on speaker... As soon as I was done with my sentence she said "Don't worry honey... This isn't happening in my state". And it didn't. I've loved her ever since... I want to sit at that table with Shelby. I love everyone she named. I'll be vewy quiet ��

  6. I call dibs on other side of Ann richards!!!!

  7. Cobbler, hum wish I baked I would make a cherry cobbler with alot of crust and extra crust to make some cinnamon and sugar strips, and invite all my guest over to sit around the table. Stella u may sit with Ann, what a grand time it would be. Thanks for being a part of my life this year Mindy.

  8. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Sounds like you are both blessed with this friendship. Kutter is so cut and lovin that dress up! CT

  9. Kutter would look good with a mohawk :)


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