A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps....

......the medicine go down.  Today I am thankful for.....

  1. Rain--Even though a lot of Texas has gotten more rain that they even care about, we are close to falling back into drought conditions.  We get down right excited when we get rain here.
  2. A physician's assistant that cares about me and takes good care of me.
  3. People who texted or messaged me to tell me I could run away to their home.  Even people I have never ever met.
  4. Amaaazing hand creme from Posh that smells like mint and honey.
  5. Found pennies
  6. Money from stuff sold on facebook as a result of de-cluttering
  7. A full coin jar.....more money to go into my travel fund.
  8. Plane tickets...just a little over 2 weeks.  #1, yes I bought a round trip ticket.  #2, Marty made me get tickets where I did not have to change planes a lot because I am so crazy off right  now.
  9. Photos that I finally printed out...hello camp from over 2 years ago!
  10. More space.  I really am trying to get rid of things and not bring other things back in.
  11. New thyroid meds
  12. Being Momdy.  5 years ago today, the boy's cases were moved to the adoption unit.  Every once in a while, I think about the bio mom.  I don't know who or where she is.  I don't know if she hurt when the termination happened.  I do know that these 3 boys are loved deeply and are a perfect fit.  No matter what, I am grateful that they came to us through her.  I hope that her life is better.    
  13. Working out with women who make me laugh and do not make fun of me.
  14. Tribe Love
  15. Clean panties
  16. Portuguese Water Buffalos...lol.....just seeing if you are still reading.
  17. Porch lights
  18. Handy dandy friends who can change tires and paint a wall.
  19. Samples
  20. Friends who have loved me and looked out for me while I have been so off.  They have been gentle and kind with me.  Kind of like those bumpers that little kids get to use when they bowl.  You know, they bowling ball bumps them but not too hard and the bumper  keeps the ball from falling into the gutter.  It keeps rolling on down the lane.   OMG That metaphor fit better than I ever dreamed it would at the start of #20.  People have honestly kept me moving forward and not giving up and laying down.  Let me tell you, there are days that I would have put on my pajamas and gladly of laid in the gutter.  Thank you.
  21. You...always you.
Your turn!  Tell me 2 or 3 things that you are thankful for in comments. 

.....is feeling a tiny bit better.  Still pretty crazy but better. 


  1. Rain. Definitely, always, for ever rain.

    Texts/messages/posts from friends. Especially those unexpected ones that make you just marvel at the fantastic people we manage to incorporate into our lives. Aren't people pretty damn cool?!


    1. Always potatoes. We did good didn't we...gathering up and/or being picked by people. I wonder how my life would be without text messaging and the net. The world because so much smaller and bigger for me with those 2 things.

    2. That is absolutely true. I told someone recently that my social life right now consists almost entirely of on-line stuff, just given my geographical stuff and work situation. If it weren't for all this stuff, I'd be...unhealthy. ;)

    3. My social life is y'all. I lucked the hell out.

  2. Cats who like to sit and lay on me, because all cats don't enjoy that.

    Husband who mows now that I can't.

    That we didn't get hail damage.

    Little children.

    The Spurs.

    1. That is a great list. You also have great cats.

  3. Good medical care, my tribe, Nick the Stick, big girl panties.

  4. 😊
    I am so happy those boys found their way to your life. They look like they fill your cup with love.

    1. They do. They were the missing pieces we did not know we even needed.

  5. Spring (signs of it at last)
    Our four legged friends esp your namesake, our matriarch
    Plane tickets :)

  6. Thankful for you, hot showers,clean sheets, family,summers,AA.oh I could go on and on

    1. You go on and on as much as you want. Great list! I know you are happy for summer.

  7. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Stormy nights, family, great co-workers/friends CT


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