If I Was To Write a Christmas Letter.....

but late, really late, like in January and with feet.  It might go something like this.....

The word for 2015 was shine.  I think I managed to do that fairly well. Shine is a great word to get!    I think we can mark 2015 in the books as a very successful year.  It was not one of those years that I was thinking JUST BE OVER ALREADY but it was time for it to go.
 I went to Vancouver, Seattle, Canada, San Antonio, Dallas and San Marcos.  I stood on beaches in two countries.  I have been at the Mercado,  the Space Needle, Butchart Gardens,  Pike Place Market AND Wal Mart in Texas AND Canada!   I know I know...you are so jealous.  I liked the Canada one better.   I have been in cars, pick-ups, vans, planes, monorails and ferrys. I loved every minute of it.
                                         I'm on the space needle and I did not die or throw up! 
I had one of the best meals of my life sitting by the water in Victoria.  It was fish and chips and I can still imagine how it tasted and crunched.
                                 This is where I ate!  The place was called Red Fish Blue Fish.
Border Patrol is so much nicer going into Canada than it is coming out.  Then I realized it was 'Mericans manning the borders on the return.  Neither side will stamp your passport unless you are REALLY foreign or want it stamped.  We did not find that out until it was too late.

I fell in love with bubble tea and had more kombucha.  

The only negatives with traveling were my passport did not get stamped, I did not travel enough and I did not get to go to Alaska.

I have found pennies....lots of pennies in 2015

I did manage to knock some things off the bucket list.  I'll update that soon.
                        This was just about the time I decided to go home but then they gave me       anesthesia  and I couldn't.  Then I began to obsess about the lady across the way who was about to have surgery and had not brought her emergency inhaler.  OBSESS I tell you. Seems I am a busy body awake and drugged.  Go Figure!  Who knew? Also, I cannot post before and after pics of the actual bossoms.  Sorry you have to pay for that.  ;)

I FINALLY had that breast reduction!  I feel so much better.  Camille tells a hysterical story of my in recovery after surgery that involves high fives and crackers.  Maybe she will tell you about it sometime. 

 Who would have ever thought that something on my bucket list would save my life??  Life is funny that way isn't?

Tamoxifen is great if you are good with no cancer, interrupted sleep and hot flashes day and night.



 Still shining.

Our family mourned through a divorce and rejoiced with a wedding.  I got a bonus daughter.
The boys are doing great and raising pigs.  Wilbur and Pigzilla.  We have come a far way with naming pigs.  RIP Scott.  Your bacon is tasty.  Paisley is growing like a weed.

I sent out a package, postcard or letter each and every week in 2015.  My post office loves me.

I met with most of my sister tribe and told a secret.  In return, I was affirmed,  held close and loved.

I had ketchup chips.  OMG GOOD.  I could move to Canada for the junk food alone.

As the year was winding down, I begin to start being open to see what my new word was going to be.  Thrive?  Grow?  Renew?  I was really excited because I just KNEW that the Universe was going to give me some AMAZING word so that I could show off and get everyone's attention  learn and grow.

Know what the Universe gave me?   DO.  I got piddly old DO.  I kept thinking no....I need a bigger brighter word surely!!  Nothing clunky and little as do. *spits*

But no....that's my word.  I wrestled with it.  There is just no way to pretty it up.  I'm realized I was stuck with it for 2016.

So flash forward and you will find the heroine in her pink house shoes scooping out the litter box.  ~I lead a glamorous life when y'all are not watching ya know. ~ I happen to look down at my left wrist and there is my tat.  So She Did.  So She.....Did.  DID.

Did....the past tense of do.  I get it.  I GET IT!  I understand my word.

I know most of y'all see me as someone that gets lots of things done.  In real life, I am, by far, the laziest person you could probably ever meet.  I talk about getting a lot of things done.  I am a great talker.  But, I lack lots of follow through. I am a Pinterest/Netflix/Binge watch a series kinda gal!   So 2016 is actually ~cues the trumpets~


THE YEAR THAT MINDY GETS OFF HER ASS!!   ~wild cheers and lots of confetti raining down~

This is the year that things get done.  I am going to try to focus on a major thing a month.  I'll get that and smaller things done.  I started by taking better care of myself.  This month I am doing Whole 30 and have started working out.

LMAO never have those words been uttered before.....Mindy working out.  You might want to buy a lottery ticket....or a life insurance policy on me.

I look like a bright pink baby elephant who has NO coordination but I keep moving.  I have things to do.

I plan to get my medical bills paid off, save some money, do some home repairs, work on me,  take lots more foot selfies, get my studio in order, blog, re-do some furniture, get a new tat and travel.  

Making a list and checking it twice so to speak.

Do might not be quiet so clunky after all.

...2016:  The year of the bedazzled DO.


  1. I love you so very much.

    Go. Do! And tell us all about it!!!

  2. Also, what a year you've had!

  3. Do is a great word, just remember (I tell myself I don't have to get it all done in 30 days). You will accomplish. 360 days to go. JUST DO IT....

    1. You may have to remind me of that....when I am laying on the floor....crying...in a puddle....lol

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  5. Brava lady! Way to knock 2015 out of the park. You are my hero. Always have been. 2016, look out. Doooooo it!

    1. I love you so very much! 2016 is going to be good.

  6. Anonymous11:43 AM

    You are already "DOing" a great job, keep it up!


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