Bucket List Update

                                               Mindy's Bucket List
 *Write at least one letter and send it or a package by snail mail each week for 2015
**Write at least one letter and send it or a package by snail mail each week for 2016
*Zip Line
*Make a T Shirt quilt
*Go to Disney
*Buy a car  Happening today!  1/4/14
*Pay off that car EARLY--I am about 3 payments ahead
*See the wienermobile.
*Have my photo made with the wienermobile.
*Get a passport. 2013 got it!
*Learn how to sew.
*Go to Amy's Ice Cream  Freaking impressed.  If you are ever in Austin...GO.
*Ride on a ferry  Done!!  From Seattle to Canada and back June 2015
*Go to Trader Joe's 2013
*Take a cruise to Alaska
*Go to a foreign country (not Mexico) June 2015 Canada!!  Loved it and would totally go again!
*Get my concealed handgun license 2013
*Be a voice over in a show or a commercial
*MORE foot selfies!
*Go to a PostSecret Event
*Own art that speaks to me I have 2 pieces of art now that mean the world to me.
*Go to Ikea 2013
*Buy a scooter  She is a beautiful pink Schwinn!
*Buy my own home.
*Pay off my house EARLY--I am ahead!
*Get breast reduction. Done!  September 2015  I honestly thought that this was something that I would not get done
*Bring the blog back to life---I say this EVERY year but fail.  2016 I am going to blog once a week
*Deliver a baby
*Start a map showing where all I have been in the US--I have 2 up in the boy's room.  One is a Texas map and the other is a US map!
*Go to Washington DC to see the White House
*Own a Corgi or does she own me??? Now up to #3! Gingerbean, Chappy (RIP sweet old boy), Prince Harry 
*Meet blogger and facebook friends
*Meet MORE bloggers and facebook friends!!!  I got to meet Cheryl, Patti and Beth in 2015!  
*Be a good mother in law...A work in progress #bonusdaughter!
*Grow asparagus  
*Travel the US...starting working on this in 2013 and I continue to work on it!  
*Learn how to belly dance
*See the Atlantic
*Go to Vegas Now it's time to go back.  LOL Went back 10/2014
*See an ocean Pacific 2013 baby! I will never forget the feeling of my feet in that water! Thank you Kim!

*Eat where Adam and Guy have been!  So far have been to Cattleman's Steak House (OKC 2012), The Tin Shed (Portland 2013), Pine State Biscuits(Portland 2103) and Coyote Cafe (Amarillo, TX 2013)!
*Own a pair of Tom's shoes 2013, 2014, 2015
*Have pretty white teeth
*Be in a movie or on tv.  1/11/14 I got to be an extra and was on the set of Revelation Road!--The movie is out on DVD and I have not seen it yet.
*Send in a secret to PostSecrets 
*Serve on a jury
*Eat from a food truck
*Go to Mardi Gras
*Go to Ben and Jerry's Sadly, I was not impressed.  Give me good ole Blue Bell any day.
*Learn how to blow glass  2013
*Get another piercing...so far there is 5...lol all above my neck.  Update--12/15 now there are 6!
*Get grandbabies  Up to 4 now!
*Get a tattoo  
*Get another tattoo
*Ride on the subway
*Go to Voodoo Doughnut June 2014
*Have my photo taken in black and white
*Ride on a train
*Go to the Albuquerque balloon festival
*Learn how to tile
*Meet someone famous
*Find a heart rock   Thank you Lori 2012! Found my own at the Pacific 2013!
*Do a Color Run   AND DID NOT DIE   3/2013
*Swaps:  Have a swap every other month in 2016
*Find a float at the ocean

Just updating the list makes me want to go out and do something.   What should I add? What is on your bucket list?  
I am totally up for topic suggestions to blog about!  


  1. That's a lot of items. Your bucket must be huge. I don't have a list. Bucket List: Get a bucket. Put in a list. 😳

  2. That's a big ol' list!!! Here's an idea: Add to the travel part AND cross of the DC and Atlantic Ocean ones by COMING TO VIRGINIA. You can stay with us, and DC is a two hour drive (or TRAIN RIDE!!!!) north. The Atlantic is two hours east. Two hours west and you can climb a mountain. Plus maybe get another piercing while you're here, I'll take your photo in B&W and you can also eat from a Food Truck (I know JUST where to take you!!!)

    Seriously....if you need to park here and accomplish all of those things, you are more than welcome...any time.... <3

  3. This is a great list, Mindy!


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