Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

 “I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” -Alice

I started my bucket list several years ago.  For the life of me, I cannot even remember why I started it.  It's been here on it's own page on the blog for a long time now.  I picked at it every now and then.  More like a HEY I did that so let's mark it off.  Even though it was things I wanted to do, it had no importance.

I have spent most of my life waiting for something to happen.  Waiting for the right time, more money, someone else to make up their mind, for the other shoe to drop.  That cautious feeling has followed me for as long as I can remember. 

Then something changed about 2 years ago.  Maybe it was having another birthday.  Maybe it was finding myself on my own for the first time in my entire life.  Maybe it was finally becoming comfortable with Mindy.  I think I was my own worst enemy for the longest time.  Who knows.  I came to the realization that, while I was standing still, time was not.  I was missing out.  So, I had to do something about that.   I guess you could say that, in life.....I was a late bloomer.  Well, unless you count my boobs.  They came way too early for a girl who was too.damn.self.conscience.and.shy in a sea full of non-bloomers.  However...that's a whole other story.  Or maybe it's a counseling session.  ~grins~

So, I began to pay attention and actively work on my list.  The key to the whole thing was TO GET OFF MY ASS.  I had to stop saying *well someday....* and start making plans.  When that started happening, people and things began to appear to help me on my way.  I began to take CHANCES.

I began to pay attention. 
 The bucket list is still a work in progress.  There are some things that have been taken off because my wants and desires have changed.  Things are always added to my list.  So, let me show you my update list as it stands now......

Mindy's Bucket List
 *Write at least one letter and send it snail mail each week for 2014
*Zip Line
*Make a T Shirt quilt
*Go to Disney
*Buy a car  Happening today!  1/4/14
*Pay off that car EARLY
*See the wienermobile.
*Have my photo made with the wienermobile.
*Get a passport. 2013 got it!
*Learn how to sew.
*Go to Amy's Ice Cream  Freaking impressed.  If you are ever in Austin...GO.
*Ride on a ferry
*Go to Trader Joe's 2013
*Take a cruise to Alaska
*Go to a foreign country (not Mexico)
*Get my concealed handgun license 2013
*Be a voice over in a show or a commercial
*Go to a PostSecret Event
*Own art that speaks to me I have 2 pieces of art now that mean the world to me.
*Go to Ikea 2013
*Buy a scooter  She is a beautiful pink Schwinn!
*Buy my own home.
*Pay off my house EARLY
*Get breast reduction.
*Bring the blog back to life 
*Deliver a baby
*Start a map showing where all I have been in the US
*Go to Washington DC to see the White House
*Own a Corgi or does she own me??? Now up to #3! Gingerbean, Chappy (RIP sweet old boy), Prince Harry 
*Meet blogger and facebook friends
*Meet MORE bloggers and facebook friends!!!
*Be a good mother in law...A work in progress
*Grow asparagus  
*Travel the US...Began to do this and started making plans in 2013.
*Learn how to belly dance
*See the Atlantic
*Go to Vegas Now it's time to go back.
*See an ocean Pacific 2013 baby! I will never forget the feeling of my feet in that water! Thank you Kim!
*Stay in Austin for as long as I want
*Eat where Adam and Guy have been!  So far have been to Cattleman's Steak House (OKC 2012), The Tin Shed (Portland 2013), Pine State Biscuits(Portland 2103) and Coyote Cafe (Amarillo, TX 2013)!
*Own a pair of Tom's shoes 2013
*Have pretty white teeth
*Be in a movie or on tv.
*Send in a secret to PostSecrets
*Eat from a food truck
*Go to Mardi Gras
*Go to Ben and Jerry's Sadly, I was not impressed.  Give me good ole Blue Bell any day.
*Learn how to blow glass  2013
*Get another far there is all above my neck
*Get grandbabies  Up to 4 now!
*Get a tattoo  
*Get another tattoo
*Ride on the subway
*Go to Voodoo Doughnut
*Have my photo taken in black and white
*Ride on a train
*Go to the Albuquerque balloon festival
*Learn how to tile
*Meet someone famous
*Find a heart rock   Thank you Lori 2012! Found my own at the Pacific 2013!
*Do a Color Run   AND DID NOT DIE   3/2013

Some of these things are easy and I could get done like NOW!  Some will take time.  Other things will take money.  Some will take a lot of planning.  I could sit and just look at my list or I can choose to do it. I am tired of waiting.

 My list will never be completed.  I am fine with that.  At first that bothered me.  I have come to like the idea that is will never be totally finished.  If it could be totally completed, then that would mean that I was not evolving.  I want to change.  I want to grow.  I want to learn how to be Mindy more than than anything. 

What is it that YOU want to do?  What are you WAITING for?

....who wants it all and wants it right NOW dammit. 


  1. 5th up from the bottom. Just say when.

    1. You got it girl! LOL You know that one has always involved you. That's always been my plan. LOL

  2. And actually the one above that too.

  3. You are just so damned awesome! Love this!

  4. My mother grew asparagus. I hate asparagus and I used to cut it down before she could harvest & make us eat it.

  5. Cynde and I only live about three blocks apart. If you came here, she knows a tattoo/piercing place that does gorgeous work, then we could take the train to Ft Worth and eat at the Food Truck Alley - anytime!!

  6. How lucky are the two of you?!?! I mean...really? I love her tats. We would have such a great time!

  7. Atlantic.... anytime... I'm here.... I was glad to see that on the list... <3


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