I think people can get overwhelmed when they come inside my home because of the amount of things that I have.  I love things on the walls.  I love things on shelves.  I love photos displayed all over the place.  My boss has even said that being in my office is like shopping in Kirkland's.

I love things.

I am getting better about letting go of things.  I have learned to simply recycle creamer containers and tins.  Though it still hurts my heart sometimes.  In fact, I have to make myself not go through the recycling bins when I drop my stuff off.  I just KNOW that there are things in there that I NEED!  ~laffin~  Despite all of the things that are in my home, I know, without a doubt, what I would grab up if I had to evacuate my home within 5-10 minutes.  

Here is a glimpse and some explanations:
 I am a prepper so, I am sure it come as no surprise to you that I have a bug out bag (let me know if you want to see inside of it...that's a whole post in and of it's self).  I do not have to get any important papers out because extra copies of those are stored in a safe place away from the house.  Also in the pic is a blanket that I recently recovered from my parent's garage.  I remember laying under it when I was a little bitty girl.  The leashes represent all of the fur babies.  They will be the first things that I get out and get secured.  There are 2 of my favorites pics of my kids.  Mr. Bear ~waves at Cade~.  That tiny red sweater was my Daddy's and the pillow cases that were made and used by my great grandmother (mom's side).  Also included would be my cell phone (DUH!), car keys (that sat on the bed and did not make it into the photo) and my camera.  The cream and black box is SO IMPORTANT!  It is my treasure box.  It will totally make it out.

 Inside the treasure box:
 LOTS of goodies! I am just showing you a few things.  Mementos of my kid's childhoods, wedding rings, my first Bible that I can remember carrying, an apron that was given to me at my Mom's baby shower when she was still pregnant with my brother, tracings of the grands hands when they first got here , a tiny honey label of my daddy's, old photos of my parents and grandparents, my grandmother's doilies (Daddy's side)(that she made) and my grandfather's (Mom's side) western things that sat on a bookcase at his home and I always played with, my VERY FAVORITE birthday card, aaaahhhh baby teeth and hair...that can be really sweetly sentimental or very creepy, graduation and honor cords, shadow pictures of Camille and I when we were around the same age, people that I love's handwriting, flash drives with pics and my Daddy's Highway Patrol ring.
Deep in my heart I know that all that I have shared with you is just...things.  Things that you might pick up and study at a garage sale but would leave behind because they would have no value to you.  Things that will eventually break down and turn to dust. 

But if you told me that I could only leave the house with just one thing from my treasure box....this is what I would choose.  This is the one item that I could not leave behind.

This is a letter that my Daddy wrote to his Aunt and Uncle.   I was born on October 13, 1962.  The letter is postmarked October 19, 1962.  It's about me.  His Aunt saved the letter and gave it to my Grandmother.  She, thankfully, saved it.  She gave it to me about 20 years or so ago.   I am ever so grateful that she saved it.  

The first line says *Well I got me a little girl and she sure is beautiful.*
 And I know from the bottom of my heart...that every day of my life, he thought that.

 ....thinks that her next tattoo is somewhere in that letter.


  1. our "stuff" is only "stuff" to others...but to us, they are life. :0)
    (and what is in that bug out bag?)

    1. I will post about the BOB soon! They are my life! lol

  2. SWEET JESUS!!! Forknelius is not in there!!!

    1. LMAO of Camille that truly made me laugh out loud!

  3. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Oh, Mindy! I was blown away when I saw the letter with my Mom and Dad's address on it. And the hand-writing is so much like my Dad's! I'm so glad that my Mom (Emily) saved it and gave it to Wanda! Just precious.


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