We talked a little about OCD a few days ago on my Facebook.  I do not have full blown OCD and I cannot begin to imagine how difficult that might be. 
I just have little touches of the disorder.  Not even enough to diagnose....but I know.

 I have a horrible problem with making sure that things are turned off and that doors are locked.

That does not mean that those things have been on or that those doors have been open or even unlocked.
I honestly did not realize how much I did it or how big it was in my life until Cade was around 3 years old.
We got ready to go somewhere and he ran into the kitchen and stood in front of the stove and said *off off off off off*  An off for each and every knob.

Now I wonder where he had heard that before?!?!?!?!
Since that time, I have worked harder at keeping it in check.

I very rarely actually burn a candle.  Candles got to where they really scared me. I will burn one every once in awhile but only if I am going to be in that room. They also have to have a lid I can put on them once I blow them out. 

Thank GOODNESS for wax warmers!  For some reason those do not freak me out.

Then along came camera phones.                   
Camera phones have made my life SO.MUCH.EASIER!!!! Now when I am leaving the house and begin to obsess about leaving something on, I take a picture of it.

 I was cleaning out my phone today and was about to delete all of my *off* pics when I realized just how much I depended on the pics.  I got to wondering what someone would think if they found my phone and went through it.  Would they think I had a really bizarre appliance fetish?!?!
At least I do not obsess as much as I used too. Well, I do....but not about leaving things on.  ~grins~
Why could I not have gotten just a teeny tiny dose of OCD with my house cleaning?!?!?!

....and here you thought I could not be any weirder.  *surprise*!!


  1. That's a use for a camera phone that I hadn't thought of!

    1. And these were just some of the pics Jo(e)!

  2. I have very weird OCD stuff too - mostly around how I leave my house not too disorganized - just in case I die while I'm out. Very odd, I know. Makes me grin to see the oven dress.

    1. Amy I have gotten oodles of compliments on that oven dress! Everyone wants one! Just makes my kitchen so happy.

  3. This is reason I have an iron, a curling iron and a coffee pot that goes off by itself.

    1. Me too. My iron also shuts itself off. Does not help me.

  4. Funny - my sister and a friend claim the same thing about me because my house is clean - most of the time. But I just chalk it up to being Type A about some things...anyhoo...I love my OCD ways. They get crap done! (:

  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Found the time to catch up on some blog reading today - something I have not done in a really long time and I couldn't believe it when I read this post. I do the off,off,off,off,off,off stove thing too...before bed and before I leave the house. I am trying to be better about it too.


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