1. I don't really care for chocolate unless it is white or REALLY good milk chocolate.  If it is really good chocolate, it has to have caramel or nuts in it. 
  2. I love youtube.  Love watching abscess and ear cleaning videos.  LOL now you think know I am even weirder than you first thought.
  3. The oddest thing I have ever purchased at a garage sale was teeth.  REAL TEETH.  I did not know I was buying them at the time.
  4. I like ketchup on my scrambled eggs.
  5. One of the best gifts my ex ever gave me was a Black and Decker cordless glue gun.  It is over 21 years old and it works perfectly.  
  6. I love movie previews.  I do not fast forward through them if I am watching DVDs.  Because of that, I have put a whole lot of weird movies onto my netflix.
  7. I always wear my seat belt.  I also always wear my helmet when I ride the scooter.
  8. I wish I had spent more time with my grandmother and she had taught me to sew.
  9. I do not buy things at a garage sale if there are no price tags.  If you want me to buy your stuff, put a stinking price on it.
  10. I am addicted to meat.
  11. My tail is over 20 years old.
  12. I just started watching Sons of Anarchy this month and am totally addicted.
  13. I want an Iphone but do not know why.
  14. I love attention.  ~grins~  but you already knew that.
  15. I cannot...just CANNOT get into twitter.  Tried but just don't like it.
  16. When people take paint chips to craft with, I think it is stealing.
  17. I cannot stand bathroom scenes in a movie or tv if you can see the toilet.  Makes me want to urp.  Seriously, I have to look away.
  18. I love now is your chance to ask me anything.
  19. I love the Weinermobile.
  20. I will listen to people or even myself talk  and then *I bet no one else in the world said that today* pops into my head.  Yesterday it was *Oh wow, Jesus seems cranky.*
  21. I am a prepper.  Don't judge me and come to my house during the apocalypse if you have judged me.  Well...I might let you in if you have Sonic ice.

...who really had nothing of importance to say but said it anyway.


  1. 1, 4, 7, & 17: Total agreement. (And 14, too, but I'm not admitting it.)

    Still coming to your house for the apocalypse. I might bring marshmallows or something.

  2. You must bring more than marshmallows. How about a couple of cases of smoked almonds? You can bring the kid too cause I don't thing that she would eat much.

  3. Holy crap I love you.

  4. SHARE my almonds??? This is a novel concept. I shall ponder. (Yeah, the kid eats embarrassingly little. Sheesh.)

  5. Wrap your head around it or stand on the porch. I'm just saying.

  6. 4,7,and 16. I'm trying to think of something I could bring to your house so I don't have to stand on the porch feeling silly and left out. No wait, I might go to my woods and hide.

  7. The woods would make for great hiding. Just make sure you have enough food and water! I am glad you are with me on #16.

    And You would not looking silly cause Rach will be out there too.

  8. So I was trying to figure out something to bring to you during the apocalypse. Something you might not have already in your storage. Of course the requisite Sonic ice, but maybe also a jar of mod podge. I imagine crafting will still be important to us. I will teach you how to make coasters from broken pieces of tile and paper.

  9. Sara....Mod Podge will totally get you in. Your crafting skills will make you very valuable...well if we have cups to put on our coasters.

  10. Seriously, people taking paint chips for crafting drives me CRAZY. And if I ever say anything I always get a "tsk, tsk, you're too uptight" response. It's STEALING!!!

    You can be sure if there is a paint chip in one of my projects there is a matching wall or piece of furniture somewhere in my house.

    Great post. You're adorable!

  11. Oh Nicole thank you so much for saying that! I was afraid people would be all up in arms about it. I always get *they are FREE.* Well, yeah if you are trying to decide on a paint color they are!!


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