Dammit...I bet if they had a Birchbox/Sample kit for salamanders, I would buy it. 

Y'all I know my wonderful obsession with Birch Box.  I even love the Birch Box for men. It is more expensive but WAY more better/high end items.  Well, I thought that I was in heaven with that and my world was complete.


While blog hopping, I ran across this...Love With Food.  For $10 a month, you get their sample box filled with tasty little goodies!  You get 8 or more sample or full size products a month.  An added bonus, when you buy a box...they donate a meal to a hungry child.   As of today, they have donated 13,440 meals.  I purchased the 6 month plan.  That is $10 a month AND only $1.00 a month shipping!
I wanted to tear right into my box and eat the samples but I FORCED myself to wait until I could take pictures for you.  You are welcome.
4 samples for Teeccino Herbal Coffee Samples. The Vanilla Nut sounds yummy!
Okay this was one of the hard ones not to eat right away.  Almond Butter by Barney Butter.  mmmm
Look at that cute little jelly jar!  It was the perfect size to hitch a ride with a flying pig.  The sample is Muscat Grape Jelly by Bonne Maman.
Okay....ate these at work and they are GOOD!!  These are full size containers.  There is a Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit and Roasted Edamame.  I will totally buy these again!
I LOVE a good balsamic vinegar.  These packets are only 14 calories a piece.  You can buy them like this to carry in your lunch.  GREAT IDEA!  They sent me Pomegranate, Regular Balsamic and Raspberry flavors.
Last but not least...granola!  I am a granola fiend and usually make my own.  THIS is good.  Well, except of the raisins ~spits~.  But I hear that lots of weird people LIKE raisins. *shudders*

Just thought you might like this little box as much as I did and want to order one for your own.  It also gives your postman something to do.

If you decide you want to give it a try, this is my personal link:   MINDY

Also, my friends that join can get $2.00 off if they join by 9/30/12.  Just use the code: 'JEANSVIP'

Views expressed are mine and mine alone.  I have not been asked by BirchBox or Love with Food to blog about their products.   I am not compensated by BirchBox or Love With Food in any way, shape, form or fashion.


  1. Get thee behind me, Mrs. Butterworth.

  2. ~snorts~ THAT made me laugh Rach! You would really like this!

  3. This looks like such fun!! I share your aversion to raisins... no one else in my family understands, although my mother-in-law had the same theory: if a fly was loose in the raisin factory who would ver know the difference? That's the sum total of why I dont eat raisins cooked in anything.

  4. Yes Ma'am! Tiny dead flies! Everyone in my family eats dead flies too! eeerrmmm raisins!

  5. You ate raisins with Vinny. I want this blog UPDATED. Doot doot doot doot. That the update emergency noise.

  6. Oh no no no Camille....I ate the oatmeal portion of the cookie. No raisins were consumed by me with that cookie.

  7. what? no chocolate? and I feel about rice the way you feel about raisens. yuck

  8. Oh my...must at least check it out.

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