Thursday Ramblings

  I never got around to telling you about my 
trip to Dallas did I?
It was a disaster.
I could not get excited about it.
My mom even commented on it.
But my mom comments on lots of things and
I just let those go in one ear and out the other.
Speaking of ears,
One of mine hurt for about 10 seconds on the way to Dallas.
I thought it was odd but
then I realized I did not put on deodorant 
that morning and did not pack any for the trip.
It is flippin' 112 degrees and I did not remember
Please!  That should have been a sign.
So M2 graciously whipped into a Wal Mart
and I got deodorized.
And then we were off on the road again.
I had all the numbers to the peeps in the 
Dallas area that I wanted to meet up with.
And I was sssoooo excited.
I missed seeing the camels
outside of Wichita Falls.
Got to the to sleep.
Woke up feeling bad.
And then there was a big thick gray sock and someone's
phone charger in my room.
Only ONE sock.
And it was not mine.
We stopped at CVS so I could
dope myself up
and to school we went.
Got out of school
and went to Wal Mart to 
dope me up some more.
Went to my room and the gray sock was gone.
But the phone charger was not.
I get to wondering how in the world did they know
For reals?  
Realized I could not swallow.  
Crying made it worse.
Spent the night up and down feeling like I was 
Advil and hot baths are my friends.
Got up the next morning 
and went to school.
Left school to go to the CVS Minute Clinic in
Richardson Texas.
OMG...that physician's assistant
is actually an angel in a Dr. coat.
For reals.  And I tried to tell her so.
But at that point I could not speak
I think they kinda liked that at school.
I still wonder why they took the sock.
I could barely open my mouth.
She told me I had a bad sinus infection,
an ear infection
and strep throat.
She did not touch me after she realized I had strep throat.
Gave me meds and I went back to school.
Then I realized that *mother nature*
had come a calling for the second time in August.
Cause obviously I am such a LUCKY girl.
I sat there trying not to cry and asked God when he was going to send the locusts
to round out the plagues.
I realized that not packing deodorant 
was the least of my worries.
A grasshopper did ride in the elevator
with me.
Up to the second floor.
I did mention that I was on lots of drugs right?
I wrote a lot of notes.
Cause I could not talk.
I don't think M2 appreciated that while
she was trying to drive.
We drove by In and Out Burger.
I got to see it but that was all.
I did not get to see anyone that I wanted to see.
But I saved a lot of money since I did not eat anything.
But I used that money for meds.
And I still did not get to go to Ikea.
I really wish I had taken a picture of
the big metal chicken right outside of 
especially after reading about Beyonce the Chicken
who is really a Rooster.
WHAT??  You don't know what I am talking about?
Go read it now.
You are welcome.
I am so getting a giant metal chicken.
I am so glad that August is over.
The End.


  1. That was hilarious.

    And pathetic.

    Which seems rather apropos. :)

    Glad you're better now.

  2. Yuck. And I grumble beside you at the horrible sense of timing. Ptooooey on Mother Nature. She's finally left my building so that I can sweat in peace.

    love you Mindy!

  3. You know if you would have called me I would have made you homemade chicken soup and brought it to you.

  4. Too Funny. You stuck it out though!! Hummmm "YOU" a Mute.....LOL.

  5. I HATE that you were sick. Especially when you were on the road. There is nothing worse than being sick and being away from home. It isn't me, is it? I want my own bed! Yuck, yuck, and yuck. But now you are all better, right? yay.
    xo, Cheryl

  6. If you substitute homeless people for the chicken and subtract the sock, that sounds like my one and only work-paid, Hilton-stayed trip to Manhattan. I didn't even know Keith then. I didn't have a friend with to make it safe to carouse. It sucked. And the ear infection, when it blew in the airplane, made My mouth smell lIke rotten cabbage and ass. Your telling was funnier.

  7. Well.... I could just c,c&p what Rachel said.... damn that sad girlie....... holy smokes.... no wonder you've been laying low... probably detoxing off all those wonder drugs.
    And wasn't your class about drugs?

    Witicha Falls....the mall.... forget the camels.

    You poor dollie. I'm glad your happy box was there when you got home.

  8. I'm sorry you were sick, but you still made me giggle. And I read that article about the chicken before...too funny.
    Feel better soon.

  9. oh i love that story and since then I have seen chickens everywhere!!!!!

    sorry to laugh at your story but it ws funny. thanks for posting it made me smile today.

  10. This means you get a re-do vacation. :)

  11. I apologize for finding your misfortune so hilarious!! I have gotten strep on vacation before and if just about killed me so I know what you are talking about!!

  12. You make me laugh. Sorry it had to do with you being sick ... you share it so well ;-)

    The chicken story is hysterical.

    Hope you are on the mend now!

  13. You make me smile, friend. Even in the hard times and rough spots your humor reins supreme


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