Day 1 Challenge--SECRETS

 I was doing some blog hopping and happened to come across this really neat idea for a blog challenge.  A lot of the different bloggers were using this to get back into the habit of blogging.  They chose to blog all 10 of the challenges in 10 days.  I am going to work on doing mine on Tuesdays.

The 1st challenge is to list 10 secrets.  I am not sure that I have that many secrets because I tend to tell y'all everything that I do or know.  So here goes.....

#1:  I got pregnant the night of my high school graduation.  WOW...there I said it.  That is just not something that we talk about.  Of course, anyone that can count has been able to figure that out. It is not something that I am uber proud of but it happened.  Yes, good girls do naughty things.

#2:  I am one of the laziest people that you will ever know.  I have good intentions but...well....yeah.  Sometimes I have to get right up to that deadline before my butt will catch fire and I will get what every it is done.  The internet is a big time suck for me.  You would think I would update my blog more often with as much time as I spend on the net. 

#3  I have checked someone else's email before.  Without their permission.

#4  I have prayed to die before.  I am so glad that prayer was not honored.

#5  I have been an welfare and food stamps before.  Remember that the next time you are judging that single mom in line in front of you.  You really do not know her story.

#6  I tend to cry when I am confronted.  Even when I am in the right.  It sucks because you automatically look guilty when crying.  It is not because I am guilty or wrong.  It is because I immediately feel like I am not good enough.  I have an excellent ego but my self esteem sometimes sucks.  I rarely let you see that on the outside.

#7  I have had a personal ad on a dating website before.  ~rolling my eyes~  Never again.  That was not one of my brightest ideas.  I am still friends with one least he was not an ax murder.  Or maybe he was and just took a liking to me and did not bury me in his mom's yard.  A whole lot of men do not have a drivers license and live with their parents.  Or are truck drivers.

#8  I know a lot more about people than they think that I do.  If you are sweet and nice, people mistake it for stupid and naive.  That is a big mistake on their parts.

#9  I have stolen milk crates before.

#10 I pretend that my life is a movie sometimes.  It is showing on the big screen at any given moment.   The earliest that I remember doing that was as a little girl.  I must have been around 4 or 5.  I was riding in the back of the pick up as my daddy and granddaddy was hunting rabbits.  The sun was shining and my hair was blowing and all was good and right in my world.  That means...if you have ever met have been in a movie.  You are famous.  Please be careful of the paparazzi because they hid really well and the BAM there they are.  And yes, there IS theme music.


  1. Food stamps for 6 months when Anthony was a baby. I hated every second of it but it was the difference between going hungry and eating. And ditto on #3. One time, didn't ever do it again.... because sometimes you find what you already know you will find. And proving something usually just makes things worse.

  2. hahaha, I love this post. and like you, I like to imagine my life is a movie...sometimes I wish I could yell cut and then re-take, ;p

  3. Love this. Love your honesty. Love you!

    xo, Cheryl

  4. I've done #3 and am completely with you on #2 - we should have a support group. I'd also like to know in the case of #8 if you've run background checks on all of us.

    I can't do secrets - I might be put under your care. Bwahahahaha!

  5. Mindy had sex. Mindy had sex. did I.

  6. Ditto me on #8. Except I am not always nice, but as I like to say, "never mistake my kindness for stupidity"
    Ditto the food stamp thing... with two college degrees. And third one didn't do much help either.
    And on that note, I need to go do mine... I was thinking about them when I was at the beach... I'm kind of like you though, I'm pretty up front about stuff.
    Especially the fact that I'm just a loon, but I wouldn't have it any other way.... someone has to make me laugh, might as well be me. I love you Minster.

  7. I went bowling the night of my high school graduation. I was, and remain, a late bloomer.

    I doubt you are really a lazy person! Sure you may procrastinate, but that does not make you lazy.

    I was talking the other day with a friend about that old thing church people used to (and some still do) insinuate, that a movie would be made of your life, and every wasted moment would be judged and every unkind word. You don't think that will mess a person up? Is the movie going to show me having sex or taking a shower? I would die of embarrassment if I wasn't already dead!

  8. Love this.

    Love this.

    Love this.

  9. That movie thing...I've done something similar, only I go back in time and recreate outcomes and scenes in my head.

    You're brave...I could never expose my secrets!

    Congratulations on your grandboys!

  10. i really like this post! it's so refreshing to hear some honesty. we get so tied up in trying to pretend our lives are perfect and they. are. not.

    thanks again for making me happy tonight. and making me like you more than i already did!

  11. I {heart} you. For reals. You are awesome.

    I agree - thank God for unanswered prayers. ;-)

  12. Wow that is a lot of secrets! I don't think i will be accepting the challenge on my blog :P

  13. oohhh first of all this looks like wicked fun... must try soon.

    second... we all knew you were born to be a star! *blink blink* can i get a ride in the limo?

    third... uhm... i got some milk crates if ya need 'em. (hee hee) i think i mighta stolen 'em a long, long time ago. i truly cannot remember... see the fame has gone to my head already!

  14. great posts and idea to keep blogging.

  15. I am going to do this one. Thanks! I needed just a smidge of motivation.


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