A to Z....A Lot About Me....

Like you don't already KNOW everything!!  LOL  

I found this over at someone's blog....I was blog hopping so I cannot tell you where I was.  Eurika!  I remember that it was over at Sweet November's!!   I thought that it would be fun.  Let me know if you do it (play the meme not actually DO IT) so that I can go over and poke fun at you.  ~laffin~

                                              A:  age  48

B. bed size:Queen 4 poster cherry wood

C. chore you hate: moping and cleaning the litter box.

D. dogs: Gingerbean and Chappy!

E. essential start to your day:#1 take my thyroid pill and I need caffeine in the morning.

F. favorite color: bright greens and pink

G. gold or silver: I used to be a total gold girl but that changed about 11 years ago.  Silver all the way now.

H. height: 5'4"

I. instruments you play: instruments.. Sheesh!  I don't even play air guitar!

J. job title: Probation Officer.  No, I do not wear a gun.  I do have a badge that I tend to misplace.

K. kids: 2

L. live: in the bestest State of all...TEXAS!
Trust me when I say do not vote for our governor for President.

M. maiden name: Morris  I wish I had enrolled in college with my maiden name so that it would now be on my diploma

N. nicknames: Mom, Momdy, Mindy Lu, Mindy Lou Who, Princess, Sis...I cannot write what my people have *lovingly* called me here.

O. overnight hospital stays: The births of my two children

P. pet peeve: people who do not put up their shopping carts!!  gggrrrrrrrrrr    Cart pigs.  *spits*

Q. quote: *She did not know she couldn't, so she did.*

R. righty or lefty:Right

S. siblings: a brother, Jerry, 4 years and 4 days younger than I am.

T. time you wake up: Monday thru Friday 5:30am.  Saturday and Sunday normally around 7.  I am a morning person and feel like I waste the day if I say in bed.  However, I am not opposed to a 2 hours nap!

U. university attended: Clarendon College and West Texas A & M University

V. vegetables you dislike: Raw onions, bell peppers, turnips, radishes and lima beans.  ~gags~ I once saw my brother throw up ham and lima beans.  IT.CAME.OUT.OF.HIS.NOSE!!  He told my mom he did not feel well and she did not listen to him and told him to eat. 
On a cheerier note,   I recently discovered that I LOVE Brussel Sprouts!  Who Knew!!

W. what makes you run late: I don't run late.  That is unacceptable.  Give me the keys and I will open up the damned place.

X. x-rays you’ve had: does a mammogram count?  sonograms,  teeth and one on my right foot.  Oh!  and my upper body and head when I went to the chiropractor. 

Y. yummy food: Meat!  I love meat.  I love Mexican food. 

Z. zoo animal favorite:It would prolly be the lions and tigers and bears oh my.
I do think it might be a panda bear.  

Anything else you wanna know???

 ~whispers~  well there is this one tiny little secret.....


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!

  2. I am totally with you on the NO to Perry thing. ~spits~ I like all the veggies you don't like. But meat is good too.

  3. What fun! I don't like raw onions either, and they dang sure don't like me. And radishes? What are they about? You can't cook them? icky....
    Out of his nose? That would do me for life....

  4. LOVE the new blog header! Hey, you have the book mark swap ready yet? HA, HA, HA, HA........HA, HA, HA....

  5. Rick Perry would by the type to leave his shopping cart out in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

  6. my brother once laughed cherrios out of his nose. I don't eat them either, lol

  7. I love your quote on the blog header!!

    I can't believe you don't wear a gun as a PO!

  8. This was a great way to get to know you, I love the idea!

  9. I laughed out loud at "W", I'm with you!

  10. very cool idea to get to know someone

  11. meant to say I take thyroid too. sucks

  12. Mindy, shopping cart pigs drive me nuts, too! And, I'm never late. Ever. Because it's rude. And I'm only rude in other ways, mostly involving not having an adequate mouth-brain filter.

  13. Well you might as well tell me the secret,,, anyway I love the thing about giving you the keys, I am totally like that too!

  14. Oh, I take my thyroid in the middle of the night, like one or two or 3. Depend when I stop snacking!

  15. Catching up after a long time away... Love this post. Really, really love the one about you becoming a Momdy. Want to come visit me in Little Rock?

  16. Teach me how not to run late oh wise one.
    xo, Cheryl

  17. brilliant Mindy, love it

    also the return of the cow -gal. You used to blog more about that

    and as for the secret, well we all have those ... and a few skeletons too that would keep spookey rach happy

    how are you doing dear friend? hugs

  18. You mop your litter box?? Lucky cats.

  19. I love learning about other bloggers! You get up at 5:30? Wow...I am barely sleeping at that time! ;)


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