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Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? Frida Kahlo
I think my feet are one of my better features.  I like my feet.  I am all about keeping them comfortable.  I hate having them cooped up in shoes so you will usually find me either barefooted or in my yellow box sandals.  I wear 2 actual rings on my toes.  The one on the right is over 10 years old.  The left one is 1 year old.   I used to love love love cute little flats until the bunion moved in.  ~shudders~  such an ugly word.  It is strategically hidden in the pic.  HA!

Random thought....remember running thread through the calloused part of your heel in the summer with a needle??

I splurged last week and went to get a pedicure.  I normally do my own toes but I like to be pampered and rubbed.  In the chair beside me was an older gentleman.  His grandson who appeared to be around 18 or 19 was with him sitting in a chair.  They were both wearing blue jeans and cowboy hats.  The older man told me that he had been getting pedicures for the last 10 years.  He said that he is on his feet *all.the.damned.time* and learned that he could do even more if he just took care of his feet.  He told me that getting his feet done always made him feel better and that made his whole outlook better.  He tried to get the grandson to give it a try...even offered to pay for it.  The grandson just blushed and told him that he was going to go outside and wait in the truck.

Wouldn't the world be a happier place if we took care of the little problems in our lives before they turn into big problems?

Years ago there was a sweet little family that lived across the street from my mom and dad.  The wife was pregnant with child number 3 and the was due any minute.  I went over one weekend and offered to give her a pedicure and she took me up on it.  The minute I touched her feet she began to cry.  I thought that I was hurting her.  I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she told me no.  She told me that what I was doing felt wonderful and the tears were not for that.  She told me that she did not where the tears were coming from and that she could not stop them.

I chalked it up to being extremely pregnant and tired.

The baby was born.  He died unexpectedly a few months later.  Within 2 weeks of the baby's death, it was revealed that her husband was addicted to porn and had propositioned several underage young women.  Their marriage crumbled.

Once, after I had an adjustment by my chiropractor, I cried.  He told me that was actually very normal because our cells store memories.

Do you think that her soul knew all along?   Do you think that something inside her knew things only looked bright and shiny...that that there was tarnish building?

Do we just keep polishing the tarnish?

 ....~laffin~  yes, I also believe that I have wings


  1. 'our cells store memories' - that is sort of amazing. Going to have to ponder that. Nice toes!

  2. Good golly miss Molly! Wisdom and profundity painted up with rings on. Wow!

  3. That is sad about that lady and her marriage falling apart and her child that died, it was so nice of you to give her that pedicure!

    Your feet look nice I like the polish...

  4. Hey Mindy! Love your new blog look...that photo of you on the cow is a riot! ;O)

    Well, I am NOT a foot person...I have a foot phobia, but I have to say that you do have nice looking feet! Just so long as I don't have to touch them everything is okay! LOL!

    So sad about that young mother, losing both her child and her marriage. Life is cruel, sometimes, but you certainly provided her with a bright spot, if only briefly. You're a good person, Mindy!



  5. I just adore you. And yes, I think she knew... something, anyway. And I think we hold an awful lot of our spirit in our bodies.

  6. I love that red, I've been wearing red too.... Essie, can't remember the color name... it's the darkest one... it looks great on.... I love my feet too, and my toes..... lol

  7. You DO have pretty feet! I like the red.

    That's a sad story about the mother. And yes, she probably knew something wasn't right. I hope she's in a much better place in life now and getting her feet pampered often.

  8. Several things:

    I love your redecorating on your blog, love, love, love the planking pic!

    You do have the cutest feets (love that color)! The story about the man makes me want to go get another pedicure!

    That poor woman. Maybe she did know something. I also think there is something powerful about touching. And you instinctively knew what to offer her!

    When I first started getting massages, the lady told me all sorts of things happened as a result, that some people who needed to get out of unhealthy marriages winded up doing so, or had other issues ended up doing what they needed to do to help themselves, that it kind of helped them get their thinking straight. I don't think that has been my experience thus far but I think it is possible for such a thing to happen.

  9. PS- Isn't it funny how touch can be both healing and harmful?

  10. Mindy - you are a good egg ... with gorgeous feet by the way ;-)

    I love pedi's too - nothing like having your feet rubbed, and rubbed, and rubbed ... I'm just relaxin' thinking about it - ha ha
    You've got the magic {virtual} touch ~giggle~

    I LOOOOVE your new header!

  11. I've done that cry when touched thing; I believe.

  12. What an amazing story never thought of that before.

  13. Wow, that is a powerful story about the woman who lost everything. Now I'm her except I was not pregnant.
    I gotta say I was suspicious but maybe I was just looking the other way. I still have not moved out because he's in Jail, and I have to pay the mortgage anyway til the house sells. (ha!)And I need a job, and I don't live in Texas or I would be at your back door with a cup of coffee and some nail polish.

  14. I think washing someone's feet (and massaging/pedicure) is something Jesus would do ... it ministers very deep!!

    sorry to hear about the bunion :(


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