IT was THIS big I Swear ~grins~

I found these wonderfully weird crazy questions out there in blog land. Let me know if you play on your blog so I can come over and point and make fun of you. ~grins~

Do you have hairy legs?
eeerrrrmmm yes. And I have also been known to only shave from the knees down. Bet you wish you did not read this answer.

Do you smoke anything?
Nope. IF I had a smoker I would smoke brisket all the time. ~sings~  Brisket in the morning Brisket in the evening Brisket at supper time

Do you like monkeys?
Why?  What are the monkeys saying??? ~mutters snotty little gossips~ The question should be....*Do the monkeys like ME?*

How many fillings do you have?
2...I never got a cavity until I got pregnant. Both of my kids have BEAUTIFUL not so much

Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake?
~pouts~ I can't swim. I was even the keeper of the pool for 2 years at a motel in Clarendon. The guys took great pleasure in throwing me in the deep end and watching me dog paddle to the side.

Have you ever licked one of those square batteries?

Have you ever read the Bible?
Yes I have and do.

Did you ever go to Sunday School?
Yes but the Church I am going to now does not have a Sunday School. I think I have learned more in SS than in big Church.

Do you wear a lot of black?
Yes have you not been keeping up with me on facebook?

Did you ever bring a weapon to school?
No. We did not have to do that when I was growing up.

Have you ever hugged a tree?
Yes but I don't think that the tree got anything out of it.

Do you know what a sphincter actually is?
Err... Yes? Don't you?

Describe your hair?
Short, brownish red, dyed....long tail in the back.

Are you a wildbeast?
Oh yeah uh huh that's me ~snorts~

Do you like to have fun?
Well yes. But my idea of fun and your idea of fun might really be different.

Do you like drama?
Personal drama, no. Real Drama like movies, books and plays yes.

Have you ever taken a bong hit?
No never. Little Miss Goody Two Shoes here

Do you like mayonnaise?
Yes I do. And don't confuse it with Miracle Whip. I do like both.

Are you afraid to die?

Do you like playing in leaves?

Have you ever peed your pants as an adult?
No I have not!

Have you ever thrown up on somebody as an adult?
No I have not done that either. What in the world are the people writing these questions doing in their private lives?!?!?!?!

Are you an adult?
Well according to my drivers license yes. Inside, I still feel like a teenager.

Ever won a spelling bee?
No and spell check has ruined what spelling skills that I did have.

Do you ever eat because your depressed?
Yes yes I do you tacky question asker. I bet you are freakin' thin sitting there eating your rocky road ice cream judging me. ~gives you the squinty evil eye look~

Are you a television addict?
No but I do like it in in the background. It can be playing music but I like it on. I just have a few shows I watch and I DVR most of those.

Do you think OJ was guilty?
Totally. But karma has come around has it not. I also have a OJ football card. Yeah I am sure I can sell THAT on ebay and retire.

Have you ever had sex in a hot tub?
WHAT?!?!?!?! Us girls from the South are GOOD GIRLS. ~blink blink blink~ And the answer is NO

On a swing?
Where is your mind at Mr. Question Writer? How would one do that? NO NO NO never mind I don't want to know!

Do you like Elvis?
Who doesn't?

Do you enjoy watching animals do it? Like on the Discovery channel?
I have been traumatized for life after seeing Shamu the Killer Whales's *business* at Sea World. We were just standing there minding out own business when he swam around.  I just remember the look of horror on all of those little children's face pressed against the aquarium glass.

Do you enjoy the calming effects of turkeys?
WAIT! Turkeys have mystical calming powers? Maybe I should watch the Discovery Channel more often.

Does your mom think someone is hot?
If so it is totally her secret.

Are you a sugar freak?
No not at all. But give me something crunchy and salty and I am in heaven. I will also knock someone out of the way for good homemade bread with REAL butter.

Ever been arrested?
No Ma'am

Ever commit a crime and get away with it?
No I am a square

Do you like orange juice?
Yes I do but I want it to be really cold.

What sign are you?
Curves Ahead ~grins~ Libra

Ever do the party boy dance in front of the elderly?
I don't even know what that is. I guess I can say no because I do not even remember dancing in front of anyone elderly.

Where do you wish you were right now?
In my pj's.

Did you enjoy this?
Yes but some of these questions were bizarre.


  1. I have to laugh on a couple of these. First the question should have been not do you like Elvis, but do you think Elvis is still alive?

    There is nothing wrong with shaving from the knee down if that's all you are going to show.

    And I don't swim in water that I can't see what is in there with me.

  2. Totally fabulous mother. I am soooo going to play too!

  3. The party boy dance in front of the elderly?

    You may not smoke anything but brisket, but I suspect the author of these questions was smoking something quite different.

    There was a thing that went around on FB that asked REALLY REALLY personal questions. I was appalled and stopped after the first two or three. A few days later I saw that my 70-something-year-old cousin had more nerve than I did--she answered them all!!

  4. hi, mindy!
    i had fun reading your post! i have to admit that some of those questions were off the wall and way out there and i loved your answers...!! :)

    hope you have a great rest of a week... :)


  5. i can't swim either, unless the god paddle is considered an authentic stroke. don't like being underwater!

    what the heck is the party boy dance??? never heard of it!

  6. oops! that is supposed to be dog paddle. :)

  7. You really are a ~good~ girl. wink. wink.

  8. bahhha thanks for the morning smiles and giggles.

  9. Girl, you crack me up! Love your answers, even though there are some whack questions in there!

  10. who did write these questions? i'm betting it was man... just sayin'

  11. Shaving legs? I use a lawn mower!

    And smoking brisket...that was priceless!

  12. I rarely shave above my knees, but barely need to/it is never shown. ;)

    I loved your answers.


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