Thursday Ramblings

I bought another black and white top yesterday.
I am a wee bit too old to be emo.
I do have the pale complexion for it.
I went to the doctor today and
I have lost 10 pounds!!
So I promptly went and ate a chicken fried steak
and of course...gravy.
Stop looking at me like that.
I was sick all afternoon.
And sleepy...oh so sleepy.
But we had a blast sending M2 pictures
of the cheese rolls.
She just came in and told me that she was revoking
my day off.
She did not think it was funny as we did.
I went next door to the thrift store on Wednesday.
The lady that works there was tearing pages 
out of a book.
One page at at time.
Then she was tearing each pages into
eight little pieces.
She said that the book was demonic.
I asked how she knew....
She said she saw a pic on the cover and it scared her
and so that was how she knew.
She said *How could anyone ANYONE
donate anything like that HERE?*
 I so wish I could remember the name of the book.
The author was Camile something or other.
I wanted to tell the lady
you really ought to be worrying about
what people are doing on those couches
before they get donated.
I think Rach donated the book.
For reals.
Even though I am really sick at my stomach
 I want a white cupcake 
with white icing.
But I know it would make me barf.
Emo barf.
I miss the rain
and how it smells.
I wonder if I will recognize it
when we finally get some.
I don't know if we ever will.
But I bet emo barf has colors to it
so mine would be more Goth barf.
We talked about poor decisions when
you drink
in class tonight.
We also talked about child support, one night stands, intimacy problems
and condoms in class tonight.
I think it is important to be able to talk about those things as an adult.
And then someone said 
social lubricant
and we all busted out laughing.
It was like we were 6 and someone said butt.
I love my job.
I get to go to lunch tomorrow with my mom and Camille.
Then I get to stay the night with the grands.
I may just draw little mustaches on them
while they sleep.
I have such a sweet life.
I am momdy hear me roar.
I have stopped getting my nails done
because I would rather have
gas in the CRV.
Now my hands look like
dirty troll hands.
They would have to have
chipped black polish
to complete the emo look.
I really miss blogging.
I have begun to really like
flying pigs.
I have several in my office.
Maybe that is saying a lot about me.
I hope Kate is happier than
Diana was.
Do you remember when
We used to pop popcorn on the stove?
And their used to be cabooses?
And the guy in the caboose would wave??
Wow that was a long time ago.
I wish I had been 
a better mom.
And now I am tired.
I need to pack to go see my boys.
And I packed markers.
I am going to kiss them all
and be a better momdy.
I promise.
Especially if there might be brisket involved.


  1. Had a little trouble leaving my other brilliant comment and now don't remember much of what I said except:

    I am sure you were the best mom you could be.

    You make me miss blogging!

    Is Thursday your normal rambling day??

  2. You are so not emo. You are a bright ray of sunshine trying to disguise yourself behind a black cloud. Kinda like your on a stake out and don't want to be seen.

    And I haven't even been drinking! What the hell is social lubricant? Seriously. I mean there is personal lubricant, but what is social lubricant. And does it come in flavors?

  3. I'll send some rain your way....

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm trying to lose weight too...I'm down 6 pounds. I'll join you for that cupcake. =) I bet you were a great Mom. Have fun with your grandkids!


  5. Anonymous9:32 PM

    better yet, teach the boys how to draw mustaches on the side of their fingers so they can always have one!
    *ducking their mom*

  6. congrats on the weight loss.

  7. Thank you Annie. Maybe I should look at it like that. I wish that young people could know what we know now.

  8. Dij alcohol. They call it the *social lubricant* cause it makes you more social and bolder.

    And it still makes me snicker.

  9. Yeah Deb!!! Let's keep working on it! After the cupcake of course.

  10. I really love your rambles.

    I hope Kate's happier than Diana, too. Sometimes I wonder if waiting so long to get married was an incredible kindness that Will did for her.

  11. 10 pounds is awesome! They only time I've dropped that much is right after giving birth. :)

  12. I ~heart~ you Mindy! I love your rambles. I wish you were my neighbor - you would always brighten my day.

  13. Listen, once a lady is close to 50 or over, she doesn't need to wear black to be emo. "Emo" just is.

  14. I love it, and agree with it all. Especially the couches. :)

  15. Have I told you that I am envious that you are a Momdy?


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