I loved being pregnant with Camille.  That first baby makes you look at your body in a whole new way.  She was so tiny and hardly moved at all.  Such an easy birth.  For reals...under 2 hours.   I was so young and not so bright but I relished that time.  

Then, years later, I got pregnant with Cade.  Such a different pregnancy!  Such a big boy who moved constantly.  He would move to get closer to his sister's voice.  I swear he loved her first.  That pregnancy was built on such a shaky false ground but I did not know that at the time.  I again marveled at how I felt and how I thought I was accomplishing something so grand.  My dark secret during that time was I thought I could not love Cade like I did Camille.  I just had this sinking feeling that there was no way.  I knew I would love him....I was already IN love with him.  But I felt like I could not love him as much.

Then he was born and, with that last push, my heart doubled.  It is like each child brings with them a piece of your heart that you did not even know you were missing.  And your heart immediately adds that missing piece and beats a little stronger and a little louder. 

Before Camille and Shawn got married, they started taking classes to be foster parents.  I have to say I was very uneasy thinking that they were going to start off their marriage fostering children.   I have sat through many a CPS hearing and have heard countless horror stories.  It scared me.  I wanted to get a brand new squeaky clean baby.  

Instead they got 3 already ripened boys.  THREE boys.  THREE BOYS!  

And my heart?  the uneasy heart?  The one that wanted a brand spanking new baby?

Well it got 3 new pieces added to it.   Three little pieces that I did not even know was missing.  Three little pieces that make it beat even stronger and louder.  

In the State of Texas, there is a process that one has to go through in order to foster and then adopt.  Before the adoption process, the other parties involved can appeal and try to take the children back.  That is NOT in the best interest of these children AT ALL.  It seems like every week there was a new appeal...and then another and another.   That is what happens when a person has a lot of time on their hands in the penal system.


AS of today, the files were transferred to the adoption unit.  There will be no new appeals heard.

And that makes Momdy very VERY happy.  

Especially since I have already bought Christmas stocking and had their names already put on them.  ~grins~

 also referred to as Momdy by the short IN crowd.


  1. HOORAY! I'm so, so glad to hear this. I've been holding my breath. love to your FAMBLY!

  2. Amazing post. They love you so much, and we finally had to put the button of Uncy Cade away, because we all wanted to fight over it. I would say these boys are do lucky, but in reality...we are the lucky ones.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news. I'm in tears reading this as everything you wrote is so true.

    When I was young - ten(ish) we fostered a toddler that had been abused and went through the process to adopt him. At the last moment the appeal went against our family and he was returned temporarily to his newly released parent. He died shortly thereafter. It was horrible.

    So very, very happy to hear such a positive ending to this story. Congratulations to all of you.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    AWESOME! And kudos to you for raising kids who care for other kids. I think this makes God smile. :)

  5. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this story! It certainly gave my heart a great big smile.

  6. Congratulations. You all are so lucky to have each other. What a wonderful fambly.

  7. An awesome result, I am so glad the worry is behind you!!

  8. This story just warmed my heart and made me smile. I was unaware of the situation at all.

    There are so many kids who need and deserve loving wonderful homes, I'm thrilled that these three are getting one. What a wonderful family they'll make!

  9. Oh Mindy, what fabulous and awesome news! I am so happy for Camille and Shawn, and of course, Momdy! And your post was so touching and full of love...ALL of your kids are lucky to have you as their mom and Momdy! :o)



  10. Mindy, this is a beautiful piece. I love how you write about how your heart expands and grows new parts. That is how I felt when I took my Natalie into my arms. I had no idea. Yet that love was there all the time, just waiting to bloom. I am so happy for all of you. xo, Cheryl

  11. what a great story and congrats!!!!!!!

  12. That is so beautiful and how exciting! God bless them for having hearts huge enough to take that on.... And I will keep them in my prayers that all proceeds well.
    Sometimes we have to trust that God knows what he's doing when it comes to things like this.
    And you, you are the perfect and best Momdy ever!

  13. Yay yay yay yay!!! Hooray Momdy! Hooray for all of you!!

  14. Love the Momdy, the kids, and the grandkids.

    Your family is just wonderful, Mindy, and I am so happy for all-o-y'all.

  15. wonderful! this is a great post and it has made my day. i needed to hear some that something great was happening in the world!

  16. wonderful :)
    bless you
    also for the authenticity with which you've grappled with this

    three grandsons :) wow!

  17. You are the best Momdy EVER! Boys are the very best creatures in the entire universe! Have fun with them, sweet friend. You are like a living, breathing security blanket for those little souls, and believe me, they know they can trust you with anything!

  18. Oh Mindy, this post makes my heart so happy. You know my story enough to know why. I'm so happy for your entire family. Yes, these boys are indeed lucky, but not nearly as lucky as the adults whose lives will be filled with joy and adventure because of them. Congratulations, Momdy!

  19. Wow. I'm praying for those little fellas! My what big hearts you all have. It's amazing how quickly those under 3 ft tall can fill our hearts with such joy. Momdy - you've done a great job in raising your kiddos and I know Camile and her hubbie are going to pass on all they know to those 3 (three!!! wow!) boys. HUGS!!


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