I hate it when I don't have anything at all to say
but I still want to write on my blog.
My blog reader is way too big.
I read a lot of mommy blogs
not cause of the kids stuff but because they
have a lot of time on their hands and get to craft alot.
I especially love Mormon and LDS blogs
those girls sure know how to cook.
I am worried about losing my job because
of the economy and budget cuts.
I have been here 14 years.
I should not have to worry about stuff like that.
Damned economy.
But I also know that worrying is not going to get 
anything fixed.
I got my hair cut.
My mom has decided that I am depressed and was hiding behind my hair.
I am depressed and having a hard time but don't know about the hair part.
I did get it cut and can say that I am digging it only taking
5 minutes to do in the morning.
Maybe there was something to her theory.
SSShhhhh don't tell her.
I am right now sitting here with corn on my back.
Frozen corn is THE BEST THING 
for an achy back.
I got all ready to do my income taxes and realized
I shredded my info about how much I had paid on interest
on my home loan.
Cause that's how I roll.
I kept the 2 littlest boys last weekend.
I adore being called Momdy
but damn they make me tired.
I am kinda panicking about Cade going off to college.
But not in the way you would think.
I am uber excited for him.
But I have never ever been alone before.
So this will be a whole new experience.
Y'all are going to have to really have to help me with that.
The corn seems to be melting.
I am almost done with the second bedroom.
I had totally let it get junky and it is looking good.
Going to sand down and refinish the bedside table
on Saturday and paint it with the Valspar sample
I got.
You totally need to get one.  Go to 
each morning at 9am(Cental).
It is totally free.  I got a good sized sample and
the CUTEST little paint roller and holder!
I told you at the first that I really had nothing to say.
It's beginning to smell like a corn dog in here.
I am not happy with GoodWill right now.
They should not expect me to want to pay $5 for Dollar Store frames.
Or at least take the $1 tags off before they write $5 on them.
Especially when they are dirty.
All the blogs talk about how they get wonderful things at GoodWill for a quarter 
and then those things were half price.
My GoodWill does not have sales.
I think they are allergic.
I think that the powers that be should let me conduct cooking classes
for people on food stamps.
And also teach people how to use coupons.
Maybe I can do that if I lose my job.
Or proof pics that men submit to online dating sites.
Leave your shirt ON and we don't want to see a pic of your flaired nostrils.  
Also, no photos taken at K-Mart with the disco lazer line backgrounds.
I painted my toenails all by myself.
I sent my brother a Valentine but told him I wanted the card back.
It had a flying pig on it.  I did not want to spend
another $3 for one for myself.
He totally understood.
I also sent him $1.
He told me that, if that was a bribe,
I was not doing it right.
If people really want to do stupid stuff
they really ought to make their facebook page
I wonder if anyone is still reading.
Anything anyone wants to know?
Just ask....
But you don't have to ask about the book swap.
It is still planned but I am not through being depressed and hiding behind my bangs.
You will eventually get an email from me.
And you will be so excited.
As soon as I stop slacking.
I have to go put my corn back in the freezer now.


  1. ((Mindy))
    Girl, you are the best. No need to hide.

  2. I just called it "February" and left it at that.
    Wish we could splurge on some Ben and Jerry's together.

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Hey, Seinfeld did a whole series about "nothing." I enjoyed your Thursday ramblings.
    P.S. I don't have a Google account yet (that is why I'm Anonymous).

  4. Hugs to you, Momdy. Don't be depressed. You have those wonderful little boyzzzzzzzz.

    I heart you.

  5. You make me smile ~real~big~

    You are like sunshine on a cloudy day ... ok - now I'm breaking into song.


  6. Oh Mind, I so get you! Your post just made me smile, AND laugh out loud! I think Theresa Coleman summed it up just about right..."It's February"! Things will look better when Spring gets here. And know what? I love you just the way you are! :o)



  7. I kind of wish I could see a picture of your haircut.

    I hope the darn economy woes do not get your job.

    Hang in there, Sweety-cakes.

  8. Now I understand why Cade wears shorts--it's his age! My sons (in their 20's) are the same. Ramble and get rid of the blues.

  9. And thanks for coming visiting.

  10. so, can we see the new hairdo? :)

    it sucks how the economy makes us all nervous. my hubs and i are both self employed, so i know what you mean about not feeling confident that money will come in tomorrow. we just need to remember who takes care of us. He will always be faithful!

  11. MINDY, DAHLING, we need a PHOTO of the new do!
    Depression reigns this time of year. I'm just sayin', you aren't alone...and there are other issues you aren't alone in, either. When are you coming to Indiana to help me throw stuff away? LOVE YA GIRL, Cheryl

  12. I loved reading all the things you had to say!

    And yes I read all of it!

  13. Mindy, we can only pray and hope that we don't lose our job. Prayer helps in moments of happiness and sadness.

  14. I'll be praying about that scary alone-ness, that it becomes freedom instead of burden.

  15. Sweetie, I don't know how it's gonna do you, but I love being alone. It may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. When I don't do alone time in sufficient quantities, I get buggy. And I read the whole thing. And you just be depressed if you need to. I don't know where you'll find the time with your schedule, but go ahead. Then pull up your panties, and come on out and play. (My word verificationwas "gritiner" because Mindy has grit in her. Just like Rooster Cogburn.)

  16. I LIKE this post. Is that room almost ready for me to come visit? Because I could SO use an extra hiding place. And grandkids are the best even if they do wear you out because you know, even if they never tell you, that your own kids finally *get it*. The Goodwill here used to do half price markdowns, a certain color tag would be half price every week but they don't anymore. The Savers does though and it's so much cleaner than the GW store. I got a Liz Claiborne dark brown leather bag yesterday half price... it cost me $2.50 and not a scuff on it anywhere. I SO would have paid full price for it, lol. Someone wasn't paying attention because usually that stuff doesn't make it to the floor.

  17. KnittinPreacher6:13 PM

    Hang in there Momdy. You rock.

  18. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Just don't EAT the corn after you have thawed it. LOL... Love you Mindy and you always look gorgeous to me. <3

  19. Okay, if you loose your job and I get a job, I will hire you to help me to revamp my blog. I don't like the one I have now.
    I am also going more public and thus taking off stuff that is too personal.
    I got my hair cut too. My mom told me I looked bad. Did not think it had anything to do with depression. I was preaching today and she wanted me to look good.
    Have you already got everyone lined up for the book swap? I missed out on that one.
    I read your whole post and I totally get it all. I don't like the alone thing either. That is part of why I do not want a call as pastor too far away from "home." My friends are here and they can't be replaced. My family is here too.
    I do have my furry family and they go with me wherever I end up.
    I am working part-time now, but it is a lot of part-time hours.
    Hopefully, if nothing else, I can get a good reference from them for another job.
    I need to go to bed, but am not ready yet. Oh, and I have not tried corn before, I have used a pack of frozen peas. They smell funny too though

  20. Okay, yeah, so you have not sent out the stuff yet?
    So, could I please be in the swap, even though I freakin' missed the deadline by like a month?
    I have cool stuff.I even make bookmarks.Homemade type. Very cool
    I will FB ya too

  21. i get it...
    i so totally do.

  22. I have this LDS mom blog I'm addicted to: you'll see what I mean. it's like my guilty crazy pleasure.


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