Guess what? January is OVER!!

Here are some rules for the make-over:

1.  One room a month.  If I finish that room before the month is over, I can work on the extra list or start on another room.
2.  There is a trash box and a donate box  each room.  When the boxes are full, they are OUT the door.  If the room gets finished and the boxs are just half way full....they are GONE.   If they stay, I am tempted to take things back out and that is a no no.
3.  Once a room is done, things cannot find their way back in from other rooms. Completed rooms STAY completed.  They cannot be used to store things.
4.  Re-use, thrift, re-purpose.  Shop from other rooms in the house.  Keep up with the cost. 
5.  I reserve the right to switch rooms around on the month list.  I was not thinking when I chose February for the storage building.  HA!  It is going to be way too cold to work out there in February!

Here is the closet!  Looking more picked up and put together. 
The top of the closet looking all nice and neat!  The black and white box is my treasure box.  The house box holds my gun and ammo.  ~grins~  total southern girl...and yes it has a lock. My daddy taught me how to shoot when I was very young.
One of the uber cool things about my closet, Cade's closet and the front coat closet is that they all have refrigerator lights!!   For reals!  When they were constructed, they had it fixed so that the light comes on automatically when the closet door is open.
You saw this in the first set of pics but I wanted to explain it.  I have a whole bunch of little hooks on the inside of my closet and I use them to hang my bracelets and necklaces.  Hey Jules!  Can you see the bracelet that you made for me??!?!?!?!?!
A few months ago I mentioned on facebook that I was looking for a bedside table to re-do.  My Aunt contacted me and told me that there were 2 at my grandmothers that I could have if I wanted.  I got them in the early summer.  THIS is one of the tables!!  I painted it white and mod podged scrap booking paper on top of it.  More on this sweet table later.  The table was re-done with things that I already had on hand!  
Cost $-0-
I bought a new lampshade for the lamp I already had.  Cost $9.00  Bling was added to the bottom of the shade cause...well....I like pink and I like bling.  I just thought that it need a little bit of something.  I already had the rhinestones.
I bought this SWEET little 3 drawer box at a garage sale last summer.  It was just white.  I painted it and mod podged paper for the front of it.  Cost: $1.00  I wanted you to see it so that you can start looking at things in a little bit of a different way.  Think about what CAN be done to make it yours. 
One side of my bedroom.  Notice the light cotton shawl on the rocker.  It was really bright fuchsia pink.  I bought it for $2.00 at Goodwill.  I bleached it to make it a very light pink.
Another shot of my room.
My curtains were white.  I found them at World Market a few years ago and love the design and the sheerness of them.  I bought pink dye so that they went from white to....TA DA  pink!
I also got rid of my pillow shams and dyed a pair of pillow cases that I had with the same pink dye.  I love that the lace did not dye and stayed white.  2 boxes of dye Cost $4.00
The other side of the room! 
THIS is the FB infamous coffee filter wreath!  Actually, it is not the wreathe that I was working on.  I started that one WAY too big!  The more I worked on it, the more it resembled the neck piece that they put on the winning horse at the Kentucky Derby.  So this is wreath take 2!  I made the second wreath MUCH smaller!  I was please with how it turned out.  Cost $5.00  but that includes the trashed wreath and the wreath that I actually used.
But THIS is what I am most pleased with!  I have seem tons of chandelier remodels on the net and I so wanted to do one!!  However, it is hard to do if you do not HAVE a chandy!  The thrift store next to where I work got in this light fixture in and I snatched it up.  It was brassy and I painted it and added the beads and bead work.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  Fixture $5/Beads $8  Total Cost $13.00
Are you bored as heck yet???

Total cost for my bedroom make over......................................$ 39.97

And it makes me very happy.  ~grins~


  1. Yes! I see it!

    And you? Are awesome!

  2. I loves it!! Is your gun pink? :) One of the grad students at work accuses me of having a pink Glock hidden away in my desk!

  3. No but I TOTALLY would rock a pink gun Annie!

  4. I'm speechless!! I SO love it!!!! You need to come here and help me redo my room!!!

  5. ~grins~ Thank you so much Ayekah! I would love to help you with your room!

  6. Love how you used dye. I have used it on unfinished wood which is a little different than the effect paint gives, more like a stain.

    I find your green and pink a very restful combo and quite cute!!!

  7. Mindy, this is WONDERFUL! Everything you did was charming, but I particularly like the little green chest of drawers.

  8. Wow! Just wow - you inspire me. We're DRASTICALLY tightening our budget and this is truly inspiring. :)

  9. Oh Winny I never thought about using dye that way! You are going to have to tell me how!

    The room is very peaceful to me. Thanks!

  10. Thank you so much Di. I really like the little chest. I keep all my little necklace charms in it.

  11. Thank you so much Lori!

    I am trying to keep the cost low. I have some bigger projects that are going to cost some more money but I am still going to try to do them as cheap as possible!!

    LOL and it helps to work next door to a thrift store.

  12. I like, I like! XO, me.

  13. I'm having flashback to my sorority days (we were pink and green) ... it's all good though ;-) Your room looks so happy and welcoming (wink wink). Here's to some R&R!

  14. Adrienne is there something in your eye sweetie? ~grins~

  15. wow, your closet looks awesome!!! Good job!! I need to do something with mine soon - it is bursting at seams..
    Thanks for visiting my blog and 'tweetheart' card:)

  16. Oh, I adore it! Pink is so very cool...

    Now you have inspired me to work on my room. And I love how you dyed your curtains!

  17. Impressive! I may have to start the boxes in each room--or at least in one room!

  18. HaPpY ValenTIne's Day, Mindy!

    thank you so much for your sweet comments, thoughts and prayers and etc.! my hubby and i were very blessed to be able to hitch a ride with my brother sat. morn and we headed to dothan, ala. and my mom was kind enough to pay for the rooms for us to stay that night....and then we headed back home sunday morning and got back here around 6ish sunday evening...
    i think everyone did well under the circumstances and are doing ok as can be expected....everything(emotions and etc.) seems to come in cousins and my mom are hanging out there with my aunt for a little while and probably will take turns and such for a little bit...

    thanks again for your thoughts and prayers and really sweet comments and it is nice to know that i was actually missed too... aaawww... :)

    lots of hugs,


  19. Ooh, amazing work! I LOVE your chandelier, wreath... and the lights that come on in your closet! Coolest feature EVER!

  20. OK I am totally impressed. I'm not a "pink" person, but I love what you've done! And now I'm inspired to start on my study. The "before" picture is going to be VERY before... wait till you see it.

  21. I just found your blog from a post you left on my new food blog. You are a talented lady! I can tell your a kind person as well. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your ideas.

  22. How fun! Remodeling is the best! LOVE your bedroom!

  23. wonderful ::: what a lovely bedroom - and home ... you have a real talent for renovating and also showing stuff off beautifully


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