We Are All On This Crazy Roller Coaster Together

Go read THIS....go ahead I will wait. Be forewarned...you WILL cry but it will be good tears!

Jenny the Bloggess opened up her heart and wallet and offered gift cards to the first 20 people to comment on her blog who needed help for Christmas. They went like lightening and then there were more than 20 who needed help. Then the elves stepped in. Go read it for yourself and remember that there ARE good people out there!

Then Camille called and told me that my oldest grandson asked Santa for socks.


When asked why he asked for socks, he told her "For in case we don't have anymore. What happens if someday we don't have any?" My grandbaby STILL worries about doing without.

Last Christmas, we shaved my daddy's head because of chemo.

This year, we CELEBRATE and want others to be able to celebrate too.

So...if you’re struggling for money right now and don’t know how you are going to do Christmas then leave me a comment. You don’t have to use your real name or leave a url or prove anything. Just leave me a comment. I will need your email address but you can email it to me if you are not comfortable with leaving it with your comment. I am posting my email at the bottom of this post. I’ll email a $25 Amazon or Target gift card or put $25 in your paypal account to the first four (4)people who leave a comment explaining why it would make a difference in their lives right now.

....anyone else want to jump in there with me?

And yes...Camille went out and bought J1 a whole bag on socks!


  1. I'll do the same. If you get more than 4 then I will put cover the next 4. I am sitting here crying, this time last year sucked ass, and I am so glad to be where we are now. My dad is doing great, my babies found their way to me, and I can't imagine how I could have a sweeter life.

  2. P.S. I told J1 that I would go buy a while case of socks at Sam's if we needed too, we will never have to do without here.

  3. And if for some reason y'all are ever without socks....Momdy will buy them!

  4. I told him 'baby we have a whole drawer full of your socks'. Him-'what if when we get home they aren't there anymore'. Me-'they will be, I promise, but Mommy will always buy you socks if we need them'. Santa #2 today that he asked for socks.

  5. Julie BD (your niece in FL)6:29 PM

    So, a really close friend of mine lost her battle with lung cancer this past September. I think about her every day....when I feel like crap, I think, "Now, Patty would have felt awesome, if she felt the way I do right now." So I move, I get going and I suck it up. Her husband of 35 years is having a hard time...so maybe you could send my buddy Steve some cheer....just him knowing that people out there care about him and are thinking of him would be awesome.

  6. Dear beautiful niece Julie. I would be honored! I need an email address so that I can send it to him please.

  7. Princess OEATS: You and your family are fantastic! So glad this is a better year for you all.

    Everyone I know is set for socks. What children worry about! Such a sweetie!

    In my family we don't have much, but we share what we have with others, sounds like your family too!

  8. Yes we are Winny...but I am not wearing Cade's socks. ~shaking my head no~

  9. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Hi, Mindy. I'm a very good, longtime friend of Bu~ons. I'm a single Mom pushing hard everyday. My mother does sooooo much to help my daughter and me. I would like to get her something for Christmas, but I put my daughter's list first, and there's not much leftover. Would you help me show my Mom how much I appreciate her? Bu~ons can probably figure out who this is. Thank you!

  10. I can totally help you with that sweetie. No problem at all. I will see Camille tomorrow and she will get with you next week.


  11. Oh cheese and crackers who ever might this be, I am just at a loss, who calls me Bu~ons anymore...lol. You know I am always here to help you Razz. I love you, we go back...WAAAAAAAAYYYYY back!

  12. Aw Mindy, this just melts my heart! If you get more needy than you can handle, please let me know and I'll gladly step in and help, too!

    Love ya, chickie!



  13. From Ree:

    Hey, I dont know why its not letting me comment but I know someone very much in need of your generosity. My aunt is in the middle of a nasty divorce. Due to some domestic violence issues, the electricity only works in half the house now. After she pays all her bills each check she has 9 dollars to her name. first husband is my uncle. A simple act of kindness would be great for her!

  14. Oh Cyndi thank you!

    I wish that I lived next door to you!

  15. I hope your generosity puts a smile in the heart of those you help!

  16. knittinpreacher10:57 AM

    Mindy --

    If (and only IF) you don't get your 4 by Tuesday, I know a family that could use the help. A military chaplain got in touch with me and I am trying to put together Christmas for an Army family with 6 kids. The big request...2 dressers and a chest of drawers. I have some leads and some church funds, so please help others first.

  17. Send me an email KP. We can do something!

  18. U R AWESOME - wait ... I already knew that. Merry Christmas Ms. Mindy. xoxo


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