Oh 2010, I Will Certainly Miss You.....

Normally, when we get to New Year's Eve, I am so ready to have the year over. I am not so over 2010 just yet. It has been a sweet year. A year like no other. I am not sure that 2011 can top you. I think Liz said it best with a comment she left on facebook "just like now you say this was the year your heart was enlarged when two became one and three made joy."

My daddy survived cancer, Cade graduated from high school, Camille married Shawn and the boys came along, I got to do my first major blogger meet up.

Yes 2010...you have been a year among years.
Today I spent some time getting my living room back into some sort of order. Christmas has been put away so that we can welcome the new year. Of course, I will welcome the new year when I get up in the morning. ~grins~ I won't be seeing it at 12:00.

What do I want for this year? I am not sure just yet. The thoughts have been running around in my head today.

There are things I want to do...to accomplish in 2011. I would not really call them resolutions. I think I will stick with the term Goals.

**I started back today on my no flour no sugar. I stopped it around September and it shows on the scales. It started with a cupcake here and a cheesecake there and then the addiction took over. I FEEL so much better without the flour and sugar. So...here we go again.

**I am going to work on conquering the STUFF in this house. I am in the mood to organize so watch out! My room is going to be first and then the craft room. I am ready to move things and clean.

**I am going to do more crafts and post them. Right now I am thinking of doing at least one major project a month and posting about it. Just wait until you see the one for my room! I want to get back to creating and to doing real things here on the blog.

Am I the only one that does whole blog post in her head but never post them?

**I also want to work on my bucket list.

In short, 2011 is the year that I will have to learn to be alone. Cade will be moving out in the late summer to go off to college. I have never ever been alone in my life. There has always been someone that I have lived with no matter where I was. That will be an adjustment for me. I will miss him terribly. In fact, if I dwell on it too much, I can almost get a little panicky. I am trying to look forward to the time. It will be such a change but it will all be good.

I don't think I can call it *empty nest* since there are 4 animals that live in the house with me. Oh how happy I would be if one of them learned to unload the dishwasher and take out the trash.

So what about you? What do you want to see in 2011?


  1. Happy New Year!!!! It *has* been a good year, hasn't it? I was so delighted to be part of your first blogger meet up! Definitely a highlight of my year.

    We must be living in parallel universes because I am also in the mood for organizing AND I'm working on my bucket list.

    Have a great New Year's Eve....

  2. Happy New Year to you, sweet Mindy!!

    I'm thinking about 2011 and the things I'd like to do/work on. I don't quite have it together but I am getting there!

  3. Ah Mindy! I love your ideas and enthusiasm! And I love you! Have a wonderful WONDERFUL 2011.


  4. Happy New Year. I too never make it to 12:00. I am just as good in the moring wecoming the new year on a new day. I think organization is a thought in everyone's head I know everyone I have talked to has told me. I hope a pray we all accomplish it this year.

  5. Happy New year! Absolutely love the picture with the antlers. I will enjoy any crafts/projects you post - I was I was a 10th as talented.

    I am ready for new adventures and am hoping the new year will bring some for all!

    Take care Mindy! and give the puppies and kitties a hug from Winny.

  6. PS a bit medicated this PM/AM - correction: I WISH I WAS a 10th as talented. whew!!

    PS trying to finish eliminating sugar from my diet, may work on flour after I have sugar whipped!

  7. Happy New Year! You're off to a wonderful start! I wish for healing and restoration in 2011.

  8. Happy new year! Loved meeting up with you and all the others. Let me know if you get a wild hair for an Arky road trip in 2011...

  9. AH Happiness! I am so happy for you! Big year for us, too. Doug's son got married in February, Bradley moved to North Carolina in July and Laura and Kim got married in October. 2011 will bring a new delight though...I will be a GRANDMA in March...Kim is pregnant with Laura's egg...CA sperm bank sperm donor. My little grandbaby was concieved in a petri dish. Modern technology is amazing! I am so happy that blogs made our lives to intertwine, crazy girl! Love, XOXO, Cheryl and...it will be a happy year when YOU & I get to meet IN PERSON!

  10. That blogger meet-up sure was sweet! Wishing you an awesome 2011!


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