There's a new game in town!! Well, or I am new to it.

I recently found a new blog that features a.....

wait for it.....

CORGI named Bailey @ Bailey's Adventures .

Bailey and her mom, Miriam, were playing Paws It Forward and Gingerbean and Chappy were the happy recipients!

Look at everything Bailey sent to them!

Okay, so now it is time for us to paws it forward. If you would like to receive a package from Gingerbean and Chappy, please leave a comment with your email address. You have to have a DOG. You have to have a blog because you are then going to also paws it forwardl Everyone needs to leave a comment and I will draw one lucky person/dog on Wednesday. Then, and I will contact you to get your address and you will get some Gingerbean/Chappy happy things!!

Thank you again Bailey and Miriam! The Beanie Baby and Chappy love it all! They have already tried out the treats!

I have also been playing around on picnik and their Halloween features. I turned Gingerbean and Chappy into Zombies in an old movie film.



~holds up a treat~

Come on....leave us a comment!


  1. love chappy and gbean spookyfied! (i dont wannt post email here if u need ask me please)

  2. Pick us!! Pick us!!

    Riley and Sugar
    (and their mom)
    (if you don't still have my email, pls send me a FB message)

  3. That is a cool idea and I like the zombie dogs. I only have a cat so I can't paws it forward but we can do a cat version next year.

  4. We have no dogs. Just an exotic long haired guinea pig named Curly. We could claws it forward here. But I don't think dried fruit treats would make it out of her cage. In any recognizable form.

  5. Aw, that is so sweet!!!!!

    No goggies here either, but I'm so happy about this nice way to Paw it Forward!

    ....I smile every time I look at that picture of GB on your sidebar.

  6. yay, so glad they loved their goodies...funny thing...Bailey actually got into their stuff before I was able to package it all up, and the one thing she tried to sneak away with is that pumpkin :-)

  7. My puppies are over spoiled so need no beautiful puppy goodies (we rotate toys amoung friends and family) but love how attentive your corgies are in their featured pics! Also luv the new look of your blog! Very princessy. Hoping your frog is a prince in disguise!

  8. Pick Chelsea! Wednesday is my birthday! :-)
    Paws it forward!
    love it!

  9. We have 4 Corgis and an Aussie - what a neat idea - Paws it Forward!!! Big FUN!!! WHEEEEEE!

  10. I don't have a dog right now, but I just want to say that what a great idea this thing is! I used to have a corgi, she passed away last year. Corgi will always be my favorite breed!

  11. How cute! My cat just opened one eye and then closed it again when I told him about all the loot chappy and the g-bean got. Cats. hmph.

  12. Mindy says commenting is dead.




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