Last year around this time, we were not in the mood to decorate. In fact, I did not even put up a Christmas tree. This year we have so much to be thankful for. So very much to be thankful for. So I have done a few things at work and at home.

These are really old plastic pumpkins that I gave a face lift. I mod podged wild tissue paper all over them. Very inexpensive but a totally new look.
This is one of the shelves at my office.

I spent very little money on my decorations. Most of the stuff I already had. Recycle...reuse...re purpose. The candle holder was made with 2 items that I bought from Dollar Tree and glued together.
The fur of were wolf is actually Chappy's fur!!
I made the toadstools out of clay that you bake.

Can you tell that I can never throw away a glass jar? Most of the jars held food items. I down loaded the REALLY cool labels from Love Manor. You have got to check out all the labels!!! The stuff is just awesome! I plan to add to my jars each year. I used ink and aged them after I printed them out. I used mod podge to stick them to the jars but you could use white glue or a glue stick. I also burned some of them to add a more aged look.
These are my petrified butterflies. I used a butterfly punch and old paper. I then attached some of the butterflies to a stick.

My snakes are just $1 plastic snakes and I added food coloring to the water. I really wanted some grow a snakes but could not find them. I thought that would have added a nice bloated touch but no luck.

The crow is from the Dollar Tree. I also bought the spider there. I added the red to make it into a black widow.

More of the baking clay to make earth worms!
A new M for my office in fall colors.
And a recycled candle holder with a bat mod podged onto it. The bat is from Graphics Fairy.

Are you as ready for cold weather as I am??

Would you like to see how I made the pumpkins?


  1. Super Uber cool!!!! Wow!!! and never would have thought of animal prints on pumpkins but they look really sophisticated.

  2. Yup. Want to see the how to on the pumpkins!!!! Please

  3. OMG!!! I love all of it! You and I would be a dangerous duo girl!

  4. That is so fun! I love those pumkins ~ I'm not a big decorator (too lazy) but with so many art projects coming home from my kiddos my mantel and fridge is filling up nicely ;-)

  5. You are toooo funny!! Love your blog and your wit!! Got your email and laughed out loud!!
    Its so good to have humor and laugh, especially as one gets on in years. (not that I am mind you) ha.


  6. Wow...this is so awesome!! I love the pumpkins and now they are on my to-do list! The butterflies and the toadstools are so cool too.

  7. You have so many different items in this post. I love the butterflies on a stick. And, you pumpkins...and your bottle labels...Great ideas!

  8. WOW. Everyone of these is great. I am impressed. I love them all.

  9. I spotlighted this post today. Thanks for linking up! :-) Sandra

  10. LOVE the animal print pumpkins! visiting from Sawdust and Paperscraps


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