1. Do you tend to day dream? OMG...yes all the time. My mind is always going in several different directions at all time and not all of those directions are based in the here and now reality. At lunch my mind drifted to being at home in my craft room with Molly, Diesel and Gingerbean all snoozing in the room with me.

2. Do you usually remember your night dreams? Do you find them symbolic and meaningful or just quirky? I always remember my dreams and I dream in color. I have only had a few symbolic dreams. Most of my dreams having me doing normal things. They may not be normal to ME but they are normal. A few quirky but my life is quirky so maybe my dreams are quirky but I see them as normal ~grins~ I dream good dreams and I love that part of me. Rarely are they scary or frightening.

3. Have you ever had a life changing dream which you'll never forget? I have 4 totally different dreams that I will never ever forget. Two were horribly scary and frightening to me. Both of the scary dreams went on for years. You never knew when they were going to pop up. One of the dreams started when I was little and it is very vivid to this day. The time, the colors, the smells....all are like it was yesterday.

I will tell y'all about one of my dreams but you have to promise to not make fun of me. It was about a tree sloth. Now tree sloths are VERY VERY slow and they rarely come out of trees. The one of my dream was not in a tree. I had gone to a drive in. While I was still in my car, I could see the inside windows all covered in blood. I started driving around town and there was blood everywhere. The radio said that there was a tree sloth on the loose and it was killing everyone in site. That was when I saw it...and it saw me. It began to chase the car. No matter how fast I went, I could always see it gaining on me in the rear view mirror. Once, I turned my head and could see it keeping up with me. It was even to the back window. The blood from it's mouth was splattering tiny drops onto the passenger side window. I would always wake up when it got that close. I HATED that dream! I told it to a friend once and told her how I would just wake up totally frightened from that dream. She suggested that I run the sloth over with the car.

Well hell...I never thought about that!

I turned that over and over in my mind. I was so afraid that I would forget the suggestion the next time the dream came around. Sure enough the sloth came back. This time, before it could get to the back passenger window, I turned that car around and

it was over. That was it. I never ran it over. I never saw the sloth again. And I have never had the dream again.

The other 2 were symbolic and came at a time in my life that I needed them. One dealt with snakes and the other dealt with a staircase and a bowl of stone that were very very bright.

4. Share a long term dream for one or more aspects of your life and work. I am not sure how to answer this without being shallow. I have dreamed of being famous. Famous in a good way. However, I cannot explain how I am going to be famous.

5. Share a dream for 2010....How can we support you in prayer on both the short and long term dreams?

I dream of my daddy being well enough to dance at babygator's wedding. I dream of being happy and content. I dream of my bathroom floors being tiled and a new backyard fence so no one can shoot at gingerbean.


  1. Praying for your dad. Of course you have vivid, color filled dreams - you are a vivid, color filled person whom we all love. I had a turn around on the thing chasing you dream once. It was very freeing.

  2. Well the sloth dream had to be about facing your fears. When you look at things head-on, they usually aren't nearly so scary!

  3. Thank you, Mindy! =)

  4. Your #5 made me cry, but in a good in way. I know Dad will get better, he has to. We have plans and I told him that.

    P.S. Tree Sloths are vegetarians.

  5. Praying for your Dad here too...

    My dream for this year would be to meet you for reals! That would be SO cool!!

  6. You already are famous. In a good way.

  7. Mindy! I dream in color, too! Gator World CRACKS ME UP...telling you that tree sloths are vegitarians.
    What? Not famous? You are already famous to all of us- your loyal fan base!
    Keeping your Dad and family in my prayers. I know it is hard.
    Cheryl in IN

  8. Well, welcome back and Happy New Year. I love the "run the car over the sloth" suggestion. Praying for your daddy.

  9. 90% of my dreams are so off the chart that while I'm OK with sharing you are being serious and mine are well a different tone.

    Next Panhandle Bloggers Meeting or something....

    I expect the dad dream to come true. I WANT IT SO BAD FOR YOU.

  10. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Prayers for your Daddy!!
    I always dream about tornados.
    You are famous!

  11. Truthfully, your sloth dream made me laugh. Your dream about your Daddy made me pray.

    So glad to see you back!

  12. Anonymous3:20 PM

    great play Mindy! I will join in the prayers for your daddy

  13. Scarry dreams scare me to much I am a fraddie cat. I had a dream that while I was pregnant that I gave birth to twin monkeys at Disney Land. Also am praying for your dad..


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