Want to come into my studio with me???

I had a lamp in my bedroom whose lamp shade had seen better days.I forgot to get a pic of how it looked before I took off everything that was on it. It had same wallpaper flowers and some beads hot glued onto it. It also had a small home in it. This is what it looked like....yes I KNOW it needs to be dusted!!
I bought an book of etiquette at Goodwill for 50 cents. Manner are cheap these days. I thoroughly studied the book and committed it to memory before ripping out some of it's pages. Don't worry. The part I ripped out had to do with addressing things to Mrs. ~rolling my eyes~
I then tore my pages into quarter pages and made sure that there were words and not just blank spaces on my pages. I then went to work mod podging those puppies on. I LOVE Mod Podge.

After I got the pages on like I wanted them, I decided to age it a little bit more. I just used some brown paint that was a little watered down. I painted it on and then rub/dabbed it off.
Then I went to work cutting out these FABULOUS butterflies that I had found on the net eons ago that I found again on the bottom of my paper drawer. No telling how long I have had these butterflies. I really do wish I could remember which site I found them on.

Diesel helped. You really have to keep an eye on him. He is a paper shredding machine!!

I then Mod Podged the butterflies onto the lamp shade.

Okay tell me.....what do you think?? Is it still too sparse? Does it need more on it? I am really liking it but thinking that it needs more. I mean other than DUSTING! You would have thought that I would have dusted the bottom before posting pictures on the net for the entire WORLD to see.

Maybe it needs some beaded fringe? Be honest with me and tell me what you think.

...who is ready to make something else.


  1. Yes yes!! The blue bead fringe at the bottom there!! I put beaded fringe on the bedside lamps in my bedroom years ago... it sure added a lot to them! And of course you know I LOVE the butterflies! I wish I could find that site too... I think we both lost it some how. You sent me some print outs from it and then we couldn't find the site again.

  2. i've gotta be learning how to do mod podge! I never did it before. that is sooo cool!

  3. You are amazing. I would never think to do that. Never.

    Can I borrow your brain.

  4. I'm thinkin' no on the fringe, but that's just me. Excellent work there, dear-this is a wonderful craft and you are so creative and talented!

  5. beautiful as is... classic. no beads. i think they would overpower the butterflies whose bright hues make a good contrast with the b&w etiquette pages.

    now when you mentioned diesel helped... before you got to his pic... i had envisioned a hunky guy, buff, jeans, leather, looks like a biker but isn't. wall street guy, who left when the goin' got tough and now casually lives off his investments...

  6. I'm with Flutterby, I would go with the blue bead fringe too! But you already know that from the quilt sampler I put together from the squares contributed, that somehow never got posted on your blog (ahem). Not that I mind. Wait! what were we talking about?

    Oh, yes, your lamp. It is Gorgeous! I love those butterflies.

  7. Love the lamp, anti bead just because they are hard to clean...

  8. I love it!!! I say leave it as is - I'm not really a fringe gal ... I live to close to is as it ist ;-)

  9. Yes!! Everything needs beaded fringe (well, maybe not everything)...

  10. Everything is better with beaded fringe! Yes yes yes!

  11. Gotta have some o dat fringe ... it's sassy!!

  12. Very nice! And a beaded fringe will be perfect. :)

  13. Love it! Yes and no. I wouldn't put any extra butterflies on it, as it'll detract. But it does need some bead fringe. That's just me being honest.

    And dust the dang thing! What would your mother say?!

  14. This is so cool! I love the lamp base and the shade is perfect for it.

    I like fringe, so I sould say, "YES" and I would choose the one in the middle.

    Be sure to let us know what you decide!

  15. If you are going to add beaded fringe then it needs to be blue one at the bottom. I love the new lamp shade, its super awesome!

  16. I love it as it is!! I think there are just enough butterflies on it. I don't know about the fringe, I think it looks good without it and would look good with it. Do post a follow-up photo if you add the fringe!

  17. HEY MINDY, If it is fringe that you want, it is the blue one...I LOVE your shade. I am experimenting with medium gel which is similar o mod podge.

    YOU RAWK! xo, me.
    Cheryl in IN

  18. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I was thinking it needed beaded fringe even before you asked for it!

  19. love it :) no need for fringe IMHO


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