Thursday, April 30, 2009


H1N1....I refuse to call it the you know what flu. I just like piggies too much.

I think that it is very important that we be aware of the N1H1 flu and to take some precautions. However, I think some may have gone way too far. My great state, Texas, has stopped all UIL activities until sometime in May. There might be some validity in not bringing in bus loads of kids from all over the state to one central place at this time. I get that and I do believe that is being cautious since there are some cases of H1N1 in this state already.

Now Forth Worth has closed all schools and there IS NO FLU AT ALL THERE?!?!!? What is up with that? What did all of those parents do this morning when they had no place at all for little Dick and Jane to go? All of us who have had kids know how hard it is to find a good sitter. How in the world do you think there are going to be enough people to watch these children? Let's face it...I have a good job and sick leave. I could get by with it. There are 11 of us here. Five of us have children. That would cut my work force in half almost. That would cause a handship. What about the poor parents that cannot take off? Do you think that McDonald's and Kroger are going to understanding when half of their work force cannot come in? What is that going to do for the economy??

And what in the heck is Egypt thinking ordering all pigs killed???

I am a firm believe in being prepared for things. Plus, I am a stock piler. That, I believe, comes from one of my grandmothers and from some of my life experiences. I also keep certain foods bought up. I even have a 72 hour pack for me and one for Bebo. If you want to know more about that, just let me know. I am about to re-pack them and do some updating. If anyone is interested, I will do a blog post about that.

oooooohhhhh....NOW I see you are all excited for Mindy's Henny Pennyness!

So how am I prepared for this? I always have a flu stash in my house. There are just some things that I am prepared for because I would not want to be caught unprepared. I rebuild my stash each year. When the flu season has passed, we use up out of the stash so that the items do not get old.

My stash includes: Flu meds, anti-diarrhea meds, Puffs, toilet tissue, wet wipes, Lysol, water, Advil, Motrin, Tang, Gatorade, hand sanitizer, soap, fruit roll ups and energy bars (for their carbs and sugar). I also have plenty of soups and bullions stocked up in the kitchen for easy fixing.
And I keep my stash in the top of the bathroom cabinet so that it is not in the way.

I do think it is important to have some things on hand on the itty bitty chance that you do catch this flu. You would not want to be going out and picking these things up if you were sick. Plus, you would not want to run the risk of infecting others. I also have dog and cat food plus cat liter bought up.

At work, we are using Lysol and I have hand sanitizer on my desk. I am not going to see anyone that might be sick. We deal with a lot of people that do cross the border or are in contact with people who cross.

I think that the best plan is to: be aware, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and keep plenty of craft supplies, net flix movies and popcorn handy in your home just in case they shut down the city. *grins*

Plus keep plenty of cheese for the rockin' fondue pot from Sue! Isn't this pot just so sweet! I will be happy in my house eating fondue and crafting and being PREPARED!

Edited to add: I posed the question about what people have bought up to be prepared on Twitter and Facebook a few days ago. It quickly went into a discussion about Zombies. And if Zombies can use their thumbs. Feel free to discuss that in comments also.

I wonder who it did not get a cool name like the Zombie flu or something?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prom 2009

The baby went to prom.

He is so going to hate that sentence when he reads it. Let me start over. Bebo went to Prom last Saturday. My oh my...isn't that man/boy handsome?!?!?! And corsages? MAN why did no one tell me?!?!?! They have changed A LOT since I went to Prom!! Ours were always colored carnations with some baby's breath thrown in. The one that was purchased for Bebo's date was nothing at all like old school! Isn't this so pretty??

Here he is looking handsome.
You will notice that date pictures are absent from the blog. Bebo took a friend. She is a girl but still just a friend I am told. So there was no posing for boy/girls pictures.
Bebo's best bud, Bud, met up with him at our house so that they could leave to go and get their dates at the same time. They love haming it up for the camera.

This is them throwing their gangs signs. Actually, I think that are singing their special rendition of Deep and Wide complete with hand signs.
You may call me BOND...Bebo Bond.....
So much was spent on renting the tuxes that we decided to get our moneys worth. The next day we went downtown to get in some more shots of the boys even though they were so tired. They were good sports and had fun with me bossing them around.
Have you ever hear the song *Up Against The Wall Redneck Mothers*?
They always work in the Captain Morgan pose.

Biker was gracious enough to let us use his bike. It made for some really cool shots.

I LOVE this picture. They boys will hate it. They will think it looks like they went to Prom together. LOL, we did try to get Bud to put his hand on Bebo's shoulders but that was met with a big NO!
Years from now, when they are still best buds, they are going to love this picture too.

I am so glad I have another year to get ready for the next Prom.
......whose first Prom dress was a Gunne Sax

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


.... but I totally want to post something. I am just now getting back into the garage sale swing of things. I went *shopping* when I was there with babygator and that helped get me back into the mood. Last Saturday I was up early so I headed out in search of treasures. The pickins were not terribly wonderful but they were not bad either. I purchased the following:

1) 1 Brighten tin 10 all know I love any sort of containers!!

2) 2 brand new spatulas for 10 cents apiece

3) Iron on letters for 25 cents. I am thinking about making me a sports shirt to wear to all of Bebo's sporting events next year. I will write BEBO'S MOM across the front. Won't that just PLEASE him?!?!? *snorts*
4) 2 paisley queen sized pillow cases for 25 cents for the pair. I just love that print. Not sure what I am going to do with that yet.

5) 4 baby receiving blankets for $1. Took them to work for the new baby.

6) 3 hardback children's book for 25 cents a piece that are in perfect condition. Those went to Ester for reading time for her and her grand babies.

7) A Mickey Mouse frame for Rose for 50 cents. Her niece collects all things Mickey Mouse. I will make her buy me a coke or something for that.

8) 2 sets of embroidery transfer for my mom for 20 cents .

9) a sunflower head band for 50 cents. It is all glittery and I felt the NNNNEEEEDDDD to buy it.

10) a cool little bottle for 10 cents. Loving its shape.

11) 1 Goose Berry Patch cookbook for 50 cents. It has never even been opened! My mom loves Gooseberry and that will be one of her birthday gifts. This book is normally around $14.

12) 1 Susan Branch book for 75 cents. It has also never been opened and will be my mom's gift. This book is currently on the website for $23.95!!!!! Just so y'all do not think I am being totally cheap about my mom's birthday, she asked that we NOT give her gifts. Instead she requested that we make donations to the foodbank where she lives. I really like that but think that everyone should have a gift to unwrap.

Well....I guess I am cheap but...that is how I roll! I am trying hard to be thriftier this year and my family totally understands.

This was my BESTEST find! A coffee/tea press! The girl told me that she had used it once or twice and I got it for $1!! I have wanted one and the cheapest I could find was around $20.

I have already used it more than it's first owner did!

Last but not least...see these 3 little old jars? I got them for 25 cents a piece. I was really happy with this find!!! Why? is a SECRET!
I promise you are going to see them again real soon!

And yes I totally understand...this is an incredibly boring post. You just need to bear with me for a bit. I am going to totally make over some of the cheap things that I find and you will be clamoring for more!!
THEN Martha is going to be calling me and begging me to be on her show.
After some persuasion...I will happily go on. If she gives me lots of her glitter.
Her glitter ROCKS!
Who wants to be the president of my crafty fan club?!?!?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I can now say that I have! A few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of activity on my site meter concerning this post here. I also noticed that there was a lot of looking at the pictures of the Lemon Pull Aparts on google images. Have you tried them yet? You haven't?!?!?! Lawsy you do not know what you are missing! Go copy down the recipe and make them tonight! Your family will love you for it! The recipe IS.THAT.GOOD. I thought that someone was just looking at the recipe that I had posted and was making them.

Boy was I ever wrong.

Two days after that, I get this email:

Hello Mindy,

My name is Carrie , I work for Rhodes Bake-N-Serv. I have been asked by the President of Rhodes to surf the web in search of talented bakers who sing the praises of Rhodes products. We would like to say “thank you” for your post and recipe using Rhodes frozen products, we have received a number of our most requested recipes from our wonderful consumers.

In our appreciation of your dedication to Rhodes we would like to send you a case of free samples. We are currently introducing our new line of Warm-N-Serv products. A year in product development, the new frozen partially baked rolls come in their own convenient disposable pan. These delicious rolls are packaged nine rolls to a pan and they are ready to serve in minutes.

Now wasn't that nice of them?!?!?!?!

A few days later, this box was left on my front porch....

We opened it up and it was COLD! bbbbrrrrrrrrrr Cause it was packed with dry ice and....

HOT ROLLS!! Included were 4 packages of Rhodes new dinner rolls! We got Garlic Butter, Multi-Grain, Dinner Rolls and Sticky Buns!

This is how they look when you get ready to pop them into the oven. They are cooked at 350 and took just about 13 minutes in my oven.

And this is what they looked like when they came out. These are the Garlic Butter Rolls and OMG...did they ever smell wonderful!

They tasted even better!!

I have not seen these at grocery stores yet but they will definitely be something that I will buy and keep in the freezer. Not only did they taste GREAT but they were just so simple to prepare!


Now I think I need to write a blog entry about my wonderful Honda CRV and maybe the Honda people will read it and send me a *sample*. ~grins~

What would you like to sample or try out if given the opportunity??
......would totally love being a sample guinea pig

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Concert

OMG! We had so much fun! My rockband boyfriend was AWESOME! Jacoby actually came out into the audience and I touched him! For reals!! The electricity sparked in the air around us. Our eyes met.

Jacoby: "Hello. Where have you been all my life? All that I am is incomplete without you. away with me and I will show you the world. "

Me: "Hi. I would love to travel the world with you but I did not pack a toothbrush or clean undies. Plus, you and your career belong to your fans. "

Jacoby: Then I will look for you everywhere. I will find you again.

And then he was gone.

No, those are not my hands. I swear! If they were, he would not be standing upright I'm just saying. The pic was really red due to the lighting in the arena so I had to make him black and white. Isn't Jacoby yummy?

Buckcherry was also out of this world. I have never seen so many ultra skinny tattooed men then at this concert. Honestly, they either all have alepocia or a full time body waxer travels with the band.
That is a spider on his belly button. ~shivers~ That must have hurt.

And these are my two favorite people in the world.
Oh what a night!
......has come a long way since Donny Osmond....

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Life is hectic right now. Busy crazy mostly great hectic. Miss you all bunches and I promise I will make it back to the blog world. Here is a peek in to some things.

SWEET new shoes found at Goodwill for $3.00.

Bebo won a medal in district golf and is going to State in Houston!

My new stove hood finally came in!! Isn't she sweet. Isn't it odd to get all goofy over a hood?!!?
As of this week, I have lost 15lbs on good ole WW! I am doing it online.

Papa Roach.........


AND I GET TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT TONIGHT!!!!! And I am going to let them sign.......*blink blink* my shirt or something....yeah that's right....~grins~ or something. Oh come on...let's face it, I have LOTS of space! ~snickers~

If you do not hear back from me in the next few days, please check the tour schedule. Who knows, I might end up in a town near you!

The only way this week could get any better is if I got to ride on the Weinermobile.

Oh stop that! You KNOW I mean the Oscar Myer Weinermobile!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


~sighs~ Gingerbean here. I lost the contest. The votes were counted and I lost. The people decided that I was not the cutest pup around these parts. I was not even the SECOND cutest pup!! This is how I looked when my mom told me. I had to take to the bed cause I was so distraught. My mom said *NO NO NO Gingerbean! You will NOT feel sorry for yourself!* I get really tired hearing no no no all the time. Sometimes I think my mom just wants to hear herself talk and has nothing to say so she says NO NO NO!
Mom told me that I needed to put on my big girl panties and get a better attitude. I told me mom that I do not WEAR PANTIES! That is when my mom gave me her LOOK. You can ask my sister about THE LOOK. It SCARES me! Then my mom said *Gingerbean, pretty is as pretty does and you need to learn something from all of this.* Now tell me what in the HECK does that mean? She told me that to be really pretty it has to be on the INSIDE. And if you are pretty on the INSIDE then people will see that on the OUTSIDE. She told me that she knows lots of people who are just BEAUTIFUL but that she has never ever seen them. Now how does my mom know that?!?!?! Mom says its cause their hearts are pretty. And when our hearts are pretty...that comes out of us and the whole world can see it. hhhhmmmmmm

Mom told me that a good way to start being pretty on the inside is to think about the things that I am thankful for. Then she made me tell her what I was thankful for.

1) Scritches on the top on my head between my ears and on my whiskers

2) Food....I love food!

3) Ice

4) My baby blanket

5) Seeing my brother come in the door

6) Peanut butter dog treats

7) That wonderful space under my mom's bed that I run and hide in when my brother is chasing me....or when I am chewing up something I should not have. No one can reach me there *grins*

8) Midnight my buddy next door. He is a black lab. He tells me that I am a short dog but that is not true! I am as tall as he is! I think he just stands on his tip toes when I am around. He likes to pee on me but that is not part of my thankfulness list.

9) And each and every person that took the time to vote for me. I do not have a list of people. The contest does not let me see who voted. So I just want to say.......................