Y'all all know about my want to see the wienermobile. Actually, that is misleading. The wienermobile has taunted me SEVERAL times in its sightings as it whizzed by on the highway going about 1 bazillion miles an hour. They can do that ya know...they are aerodynamic. Anyway, I have always wanted to see and have my photo taken with the wienermobile. I found out last week that it would be in Amarillo....a measly 75 miles away from me. When your dream is within 75 miles...you MAKE it happen. The back story is all here at babygator's blog.

I got up at 4:45am that morning. I would like to say it was excitement but it was the sound that the cat was making. If you are a cat owner, you KNOW what sound I am talking about. The sound that wakes you from a deep deep sleep cause you thinking someone or something is barfing a mere 3 inches from your head. Could not go back to sleep. Got up and did some house work. Hit some fantastic garage sales and then went on to meet up with the babygator. We then met up with the parents in Amarillo and had lunch. We teased my mom about her really wanting to see the wienermobile but she assured us she was only there for the catfish.

So we get to the store it is supposed to be at a few minutes before its scheduled arrival time. No wienermobile. We wait......
I get out and look down the road to see if it is coming.

Babygator checks her watch. The wienermobile is LATE. It was supposed to be there at 1:00. At 1:40 it had still not arrived.
I look down the street in the other direction to see if it has had to re-route due to throngs of fans chasing it.

Babygator gets back on the phone with the radio station that assures her that their press release says that it will be there. We told the DJ she was our hero. She thought that we were nuts.

Still waiting. If this were a date, I would know I had been stood up.

Finally it was here!!! The first sighting of the weinermobile!

What a lovely sight.
See, it HAS to be aerodynamic!!

My picture!!! My dream come true!!!!
These last 2 are the pics on the wienermobile website.

Yep! We are officially dorks. This pic will be on my dork card. I know it seems silly but it really was something that I wanted to do and I got to do it. Thank goodness that babygator is a partner to all my silliness. My kids get me. THAT people is a blessing.

I had been keeping a list of the things that I have wanted to do. Life got in the way and the list got pushed to the back of things. I found my list after this weekend and have decided that I am going to print it out and keep it where I can see it all of the time. I took some things off of the list that did not matter anymore. Those things that I thought that I wanted at the time but now, I look back and see I don't. My life changed and so did my list. I also got to mark some things off of the list...things that I have gotten to do!!
Here is my list:
Make a T Shirt quilt
Go to Disney
Be famous for something good
Have my photo made with the wienermobile.
Get a passport.
Learn how to sew.
Go to Amy's Ice Cream
Be on a reality TV show.
Go to Trader Joe's
Go to a foreign country (not Mexico)
Be a voice over in a show or a commercial
Go to Ikea
Be a doula
Buy my own home.
Get breast reduction.
Go to Washington DC to see the White House
Own a Corgi
Find Love
Meet bloggers
Be a rockin mother in law
Learn how to belly dance
Go to Vegas
See an ocean
Stay in Austin for as long as I want
Have pretty white teeth
Go to Mardi Gras
Go to Ben and Jerry's
Learn how to blow glass beads
See my grandbabies
Get a tattoo

I think that, with my list in plain sight, I will be adding more too it, as well as, getting to cross some things off.
So tell me....what is on YOUR list?
is planning her next adventure.....


  1. OK
    so there are TWO TRADER JOE'S very near to my house. so when you come to DC, we will take you there. Hawaiian shirt optional!

    And I think your Weinermobile quest was fun! not dorky at all!!


  2. cscd_tara8:36 AM

    And i've got a ocean just outside my door, and a place for you to stay... although i don't know if the gulf really counts as an OCEAN, more a finicky child of the sea.

  3. I have an Ikea not too far from me and if you really really want to meet bloggers, I will coordinate some "photo" extravaganza in the panhandle one weekend and we can meet up.

    Because I would LOVE to be able to help you mark off something on your list.

  4. I can get to Ikea from my house in 20 minutes. And I have a guest room. So, when are you coming?

  5. That's awesome! I want to see the Weinermobile too, and learn how to blow glass ;)

  6. You come to visit me and we can do about 5 things on your list!!

    Yay wienermobile. I have my own story from childhood when I got to go into the wienermobile. Do they still give out those cute little wienermobile whistles?

  7. it is a blessing to have anyone in your life that gets you! woo-hoo!

    uhm... let me put this delicately... breast reduction is sooooo not gonna be on my list. there is a crystal foundry near boonieville (of all things!)could help with the blowing glass..

  8. OMG, totally love this list! You are going to be a rocking Mother In Law!!! And you can be my doula, when ever we have babies. See then that will be two birds with one stone!

    It was jsut the best weekend. Notice how neither of us put anything about trying on dresses or anything weddingy like that. Lol, we have our priorities. Lol, I love you so much, and I am so lucky that you are my Mom!

  9. I found my list the other day and had actually accomplished a couple of things on it. Now I need to get it up to date and keep it near, don't I?

    You are an inspiration, Mindy!

  10. Love Love LOVE the weinermobile!!! A freewheeling hot dog!! And you have immortalized the experience and have actually touched it. Wow! I'm full of envy...

  11. Congratulations on this achievement!!!

  12. Look at how cute you and the Babygator are!

    I have a tj's near my house and I have a practically empty house! Come see me!

  13. Awesome! What a fun and silly thing to do. I would drag my family to something like that too!

    How cool that you want to be a doula. Someday I would love to be an herbalist and work with my friend Susie who is an awesome midwife with a way-too-busy practice. We would be a great team!

    The only foreign country I have been to is Mexico--Tijuana. I don't think that really counts either!

  14. You managed to miss Trader Joe's here didn't you. I forgot that! And if it had been a date who stood you up you'd have tracked him down too. And we'd all have helped you stomp him into the ground.

  15. And next time we take a road trip, you're coming with us. Because we meet bloggers (ok just one the last time) and we go to the ocean. So I could help you knock at least two off that list, maybe 3 if we go see Dijea and do the Ikea while we're there.

  16. Great pics! And aren't you already famous for starting "Pantypalooza?"

    If you go to my place you can see pics of one of my parishioners' two corgis, Bonnie & Clyde.

  17. OOOhhhh... I forgot. We are near THREE Ikeas. See? You have to come to DC!

  18. I wish when I saw the weinermobile that I knew what a momentous occaision it was! You are crazy, girl...but that is why I loves you! And, might I add...very adorable. I have a beautiful guest room and there is a Trader Joe's in Indianapolis! ;-)
    Cheryl in IN

  19. Just sayin if you make your way to Minneapolis, I can help you cross a bunch off you list. For shiz.

  20. Dude...I live 2 hours from Disney! What's your problem...get over here!

  21. Hilarious! We'll be on the look out for the weinermobile - but maybe it is too large to come to RI the tiniest state. It could tip us off into the ocean!


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