Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful words of wisdom. This is part of what I do to keep me sane. Well, or at least on this side of sane.

I went to a garage sale where everything was $1.00. What a wonderful concept! I snagged these 2 beauties!

The first chair is a white wooden chair. Bebo took the pics for this chair and went sort of all angular on me. There is not 1 before pic that shows the whole chair!! we go!

The chair is very dirty but well made and very sturdy!

Pic of the dirty seat covering....PLEASE KEEP IN MIND IT WAS ONLY $1.00. It has a dollars worth of potential!

I love the railing on the back.
This is what I turned it into. Black spray paint $Free because I already had it. Material $3.50. Total price for the flaming new chair for Bebo's room? $4.50.

I have been wanting a retro kitchen step stool for a while now. I just refuse to pay the price. I found one at a thrift store in Amarillo for $65.00. I refuse to pay that for my stool.

Same garage sale....same price. New old kitchen step stool for $1.00!
It still had the worn out vinyl on the top. It had several holes in it.

I love that it is a seat as well as a step ladder!! The little seat just lifts up!
I had 3 fat quarters in my stash so I pieced them together for the seat covering. If you look really close, you can tell I really did this all by myself cause the seams do not meet at the corners. ~laffin~
TA DA!! My new kitchen step stool! I am loving it! Fabric from stash $Free. Spray Paint $7.50 (I used the good RustOleum for it). Stool $1.00. Total cost $8.50! And I think it is worth every penny cause I am just loving it!

So what do we want to thrift or re-purpose next???
On another note:
A twitter friend of mine, is having a giveaway! She is making a blog badge for the lucky winner! You can read all about it here!
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2. What a great way to advertise Pantipalooza or a swap!
3. I need a badge cause I cannot make my own.
4. Because I say so.
5. I only want a badge because I am just advertising for Mel ~rolling my eyes~ Yes! Yes that is why!
6. I need a badge so I can be like the cool kids.
7. Or because I sit at the nerd table and that needs to be advertised (like y'all don't already know that!
8. Because I AM THE MOM!
9. I did not get one for Christmas
And the top 10 reason Mindy needs a blog badge made by Mel is....
10. Cause I want to WIN!! Y'all know how I love to win things!!
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  1. I LOVE these! You are so handy, and crafty. ::sigh:: WG should have had you for a mama. I am such a craft #fail.

  2. WG had the perfect mom!!

    You can do anything with spray paint and a staple gun.

    EVERYONE should own a staple gun.

  3. Love the Flame chair. LOVE IT! AWESOME. You are so so talented.

  4. i repurpose with paint all the time... flowerpots, chairs, frames, filing cabinets, old sewing machine tables... currently search for a chest of drawers to repaint for a baby's room (OMG no not mine... for my niece)... hee hee

  5. Okay you are super crafty AND a great deal finder you and I would make great friends! Thanks for adding to our Mr. Linky if you post a link letting others know about our Mr. Linky you will be entered to win the Sam the Fireman dvd! Thanks!

  6. Few things here.

    #1 It is not nice to call quarters fat.

    #2 I don't think the reason because I am the Mom, works unless you are that persons Mom.

    #3 You're a nut.

    #4 That is one reason that I love you!!

  7. MINDY,
    Everything is a $1. what a great concept! I'll have to keep that one in mind. I love your chair re-do and your stool is great! You rock! You should start your own D.I.Y. show on HGTV. I would totally watch you!
    Cheryl in IN

  8. I don't know how anybody is going to beat your Top Ten Reasons...excellent!!!

    Love the chairs, especially the retro. Come live with me!

  9. You've got talent!

  10. have a fun time creating again this weekend... i know you will. me too... MJ & I are gonna paint a painting for my home office, refurbish a wooden file drawer into a plant stand... and buy some new paints cuz somebody gave us a gift card... woohoo!

  11. Woman, I SOOooo want to go garage-saling with you! People around my neck of the woods seem to think that their cast-offs are such treasures... :rolls eyes: and I totally LOVE what you've done with your $100 finds!!

    Love you!

  12. And here's how tired I am. I read Its A Wonderful's comment as "come live (long I) with me"... guess I want to see you on the air, too.


  13. Wow! That stool looks great!
    What a wonderful idea.

  14. I don't own a staple gun. But I can see where they would certainly come in handy. Love your re-creations!!

  15. Wow - you are SO crafty and creative!!! Me? Not so much...

    You rock.

  16. I love what you've done with your $1 finds. They are GREAT!

    I also really love the previous post. Thanks for sharing your perspective on that element of your life.

  17. I love them both! I can't believe you only paid $1 for each of them!

    And the transformations are perfect!

  18. Anonymous8:08 PM

    You beat me on the kitchen stool - I found one for my sis for $3 & thought I had the steal of the century!! Love the flamin' chair also - anything looks better with a coat of black high gloss paint!

    Side note: Everytime I change templates out of blogger, I lose ALL of my sidebar info & have had to re-type it in three times in the past. Is it better somewhere now?

  19. You could do people's houses for lots o' money.


  20. Anonymous1:00 PM

    You are so awesomelly cool!!

  21. You always find the BEST DEALS~ I always just find somebody elses junk. LOL. Not that I don't already have enough of my own.

    Great job with the recovering/reconditioning.

    Also thanks for popping in to visit my blog. I don't get out much anymore. LOL. To darn busy, just being busy.

    Glad sanity prevailed. Boy, that was close :-)

  22. I need to do more re-purposing!
    I am now a follower!! Keep inpiring me!


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