~gives a sweet princess wave and proclaims~

I am having a royal giveaway!

I know how much you all want some trash crap treasure BITS AND PIECES OF THE KINGDOM!!

In packing, I have placed several things aside. Stuff I did not want to get rid of but really do not need. Y'all need to remember at this point that, even though I am a Princess...I am a hoarder! Please know that I am not talking about diamond rings or Shetland ponies. I am talking about stuff. MYSTERY STUFF! And this mystery stuff can be YOURSYOURSYOURS!!!

I will draw the winning name on Friday just after lunch.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and ***tell me why you want my stuff*** even though you do not have a clue as to what it might be. But hurry! The ROYAL CARGO will be put into the mail TOMORROW! The giveaway is open to ANYONE that reads this...be ye lurker or commenter. You just have to follow the rules.

Disclaimer: You are barred from selling my things on ebay, buying a small island and retiring to paradise at my expense.


  1. I don't have enough of my own stuff to hoard-- I want yours too!

    Unless it's belly button lint or moldy food-- no thank you to that!

  2. I don't want your crap. If it was good crap then you would have already sent it home with me. But thank you for offering.

  3. I love surprises!!

  4. i was just looking around my house and thinking, 'I need some bits and pieces!"

  5. Anonymous4:39 PM

    A girl can never have too much stuff !!!!


  6. I was at Joanne's today thinking "I need more random stuff for my place, but only have $25 to spend here and it is spoken for. Maybe Mindy has some cool random stuff she could send. It would be tacky to ask, but you never know." You have very cool stuff, and you are offering :)

    Perhaps a "random stuff" swap is in order.

  7. I just cleared out a lot of my stuff, and surprises are almost always fun.

  8. I'm giving away some of my stuff, maybe I need some of your stuff to replace it.

  9. Send it to me and I will put it up for you and send it back to you in two or three years and you will think I have sent you the greatest treasure!

  10. who doesn't love a mystery? Surprise me!

  11. Bits and Pieces of the Kingdom sounds like the title of the next Joel Osteen best seller.

    I want your crap just because I'm curious and wanna know what it is. And so I can find out if my husband was serious about that threat of bodily injury if any more crap comes into the house.

  12. What is one Queen's trash is a paupers treasure ... or something like that!

  13. Wow, am I too late?

    If not, sign me up!


  14. I want your stuff because the quintessential coolness and hipness that is everything Mindy might rub off on me just a little.

    And I just went on a shopping spree and I'm done getting new stuff for awhile. This will help me get my fix.

  15. SpookyRach made me spew my diet lemonade.... Bwaaaa hahahahahaha JOEL OSTEEN bwaaaa hahahahahahaha!!!

    Sorry I was late for the give-away. Aw. It's OK...



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