The tooth got pulled yesterday. OMG...I did not realize just how bad I have been feeling. It seems as though I have come out of a three week fog. The dentist told me that it might take up to 45 minutes to pull the tooth. SURPRISE! It just popped right out! He did not charge me as much because it was so easy. Did you know that your teeth are HUGE? I looked at that tooth and wondered how in the world if fit into my mouth! I wanted to take it home but he said something about OSHA regulations and I would need to sign some things and I declined. I wish I had taken my camera with me.

In the meantime, I have just not enjoyed doing things to the new house because of how I felt. I have been on antibiotics and painkillers and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, have been like "meh....~shrugs~"

But today, I feel so much better!!

So here I am with some quick bullets:

*They started prepping to paint the outside of the house this week. Oh what a pressure wash will do!!

*All of the inside of the house has been painted except for the small bathroom and my craft room. I will work on them once I move in.

*Carpet is being laid beginning tomorrow. not, me...I have not been laid in awhile *snickers* told you I felt better

*Closing on the 27th.


*Bebo has wanted to eat all my soft food and my juice. What is up with that?? He can have anything he wants in the house and wants to eat my stuff.

*Rach cracked me up today with "Jesus is the only self employed carpenter that I know that does not smoke pot." She is such a funny girl.

*I am a bit freaked out with this house thing. I tend to go really passive when I get scared of things. Passive is not something I need to be right now. No siree bob.

*I went to the Sonic yesterday. This is how it went:

Them: Welcome to the Sonic. May I take your order?
Me: Yes, I would like a large peach iced tea please.
Them: ~total silence and then~ What was that?
Me: A large peach tea please.
Them: But that is not what you always order.
Me: ~blinking at the speaker and not knowing what to say~
Them: And, you are not on your usual side of the Sonic. How do we know someone has not stolen your CRV and is placing a fake order?!!?!?
Me: ~finally getting it and laffin my butt off~ I swear it is me!!
Them: ~snickering~ Okay, your peach tea will be right out.

*I go to the Sonic way too much.

*Does anyone know how to scoonch my right margin over just a tad? This is looking way too bunched up. Or is it still the drugs messing with my head??

So what is going on in your part of the world?

....who is jonesing for a large Sonic iced tea with 2 sweeteners but cannot use a straw for at least 2 days.


  1. LOL
    "I go to the Sonic way too much."
    Uh, apparently.
    Glad you're better!

  2. Too funny! I knew I was going through the Starbucks drive-through too much when I pulled up to the speaker and they said, "Good morning, Kim. What can we get started for you?"

    So glad you're feeling better!

  3. Hi Mindy! So glad you're back, feeling better, and keeping us all laughing! (You, too, Rach, with the carpenter comment. My dad falls in the same category as Jesus there, but he may be the only one.)

  4. I am emerging from an antibiotic fog, too. I know what you mean...

    Glad you feel better!

  5. I miss sonic..... really really miss sonic. there is nowhere here to get a cherry limeade slush.

    So glad you are feeling better!

  6. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Here is a link for some blogging tips: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-do-fancy-things-to-your-blogger.html

  7. Girl, you crack me up! Nothing's been laid around here in ages either - carpet or otherwise! LOL!

    So glad you are feeling better!

  8. Bless your heart. And Kim, they know me at Starbucks, and my order, too.

  9. I have managed to get myself hooked on those mocha Java chillers (with an extra espresso shot)!! I don't even drink coffee, but man, those are good!!

    Glad you are doing better and that the tooth came out so easily.

    Can't wait to see and hear more about the house!

  10. glad to have you back. can't wait to see pics of the house. patricia put pics of the twins up on her blog

  11. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Glad you're better!!
    Missed you!

  12. peach tea for a peachy gal! glad your feelin' much better...

  13. LMAO!! Sounds like me and the Whataburger. One of the girls gets pissy when I don't have the grandson with me (because he flirts with her and she thinks he's so cute she gives him free food. I haven't paid for that kid to eat there in ages, lol) And I get a funny look if I don't order my *usual*.

  14. Oh, dental woes...I had a chronic problem with a tooth the dentist kept trying to save. It was mildly infected all the time and he tried so hard. Finally, I said if he was so attached to this tooth, he could pull it out and keep it in a jar in his office, but I had had it and wanted it out!

    So much better out.

    You can go to the "LAYOUT" and click on the "edit HTML" tab and do all kinds of nifty things. If you know html a little you can change it pretty easily, but if you don't, you can whack it up pretty badly. You can prevent this by saving your current template to your hard drive and then, if you hammer it up, you can go to your hard drive and copy and paste it back in like it was. If you want to take a peeky, you can look for something like this in your html:

    #main-wrapper {
    width: 460px;
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    The main wrapper is where you can tell the thingy to make the pixel width larger than my current 460. Your main wrapper and sidebar wrapper can't total more than your outer wrapper. (all those are listed in the html, too.)

    It occurs to me that you may have a better shot at this if you are not on any really good drugs....

  15. Yep, you're spendin' waaay to much time at the drive in. But while you're there, would you mind getting me a Route 44 diet cranberry limeade?

    dogblogger: I need to meet your dad. That way I'll know two!

  16. Lol, you and DM, I swear y'all keep that Sonic in business.

  17. p.s. - guess who gets to have a big sonic now??? whoooooo hooooo! can I get an amen?

  18. lauffin at the sonic :)

    glad you are feeling better. 27th is - erm tomorrow- hope it all goes well with you. I am so excited.

    Can you email me your NEW address and date it will be effective. You know - mail will have to find you where you are :)

  19. I am so SOOOOO sorry to hear about your toofers. I think there is a special place of indeterminate torture for dentists. Right next to the people who write word problems for math class... just sayin...



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