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Monday Monday Monday !!!!! Have I got some deals for you! It is a give away and it is all FREE! (one of my favorite words!) No limits! First Come First Served!! I will provide postage and all lurkers are welcome!! You do NOT have to live in the US to play! If you want an item , you MUST leave a comment. I will keep the tally updated at what all is still available. You may choose more than 1 item. You are responsible for telling me the number of items that you want. If you want 2 of the coupons then SAY you want 2! Everything will be mailed out no later than tomorrow.

The following is up for grabs

1. 5 $1.00 off coupons for any Pledge Multi Surface products. Coupons expire 1/3/08

2. 1 coupon for a FREE SoyJoy bar!! Coupon expires 12/31/07

Sorry! Claimed by Deb! 3. iTunes/Starbucks Free download Keith Urban's *I Told You So* Expires 12/31/07

Sorry! Claimed by PG!!! 4. Homemade Christmas headband (made by yours truly) One side is green and the other is pinks and reds

5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Schick Intuition razors. I am sure that they are not considered *green* but that is something that I will not give up. The blades come in sweet little containers and I use them for everything. I cannot BEAR to throw those containers away.

Aren't they so sweet?!?!?!

ALL CLAIMED!! WELL! I have 40 of the empty little containers to give away!!! (PG claims 10, Cheese claims 10, Bec claim 10, Patti claims 10 so there are 0 left!!)

If you want all 40 then tell me! Otherwise I will happily break them down into groups of 10.

6. 5 (Deb and PG both claimed one so there are 2 left) $10.00 off Coupons for Philips Sonicare Flexcare, Elite or Essence Toothbrushes. Just got one through Buzz Agent and I am TOTALLY smitten with it. Coupons expire 5/31/08

7. Bath and Bodyworks FREE Signature Collection (up to an $11 value) product of your choice with a purchase of ANY product. Coupon expires 12/16/07

edited to add: All the coupons are going up for grabs on slickdeals now so they will no longer be available here!


  1. I don't want/need anything...but I thought I should leave you a note to tell you that I love the randomness of your latest bit of, erm, 'inspired' craziness? *grin*

  2. Yippppeeeee!!! I get to be first.

    OK now, I need a Christmas Headband to keep my hair out of my eyes and hug my brain in good Christmas spirit, please.

    And I also LOVE Intuition razors. I think 10 will last me two years. Splitting would only be the holiday thing to do. So I'll take 10 please.

    So that's my list.

    And thank you Princess Santa MIndy!!

  3. Thank you loves! Can you tell I am trying to give away things I cannot bear to throw away? Throwing away coupons is like throwing away money!

  4. Girl, you are TOO MUCH! You are so funny and so much fun.

  5. Are you saying you do not want 30 itty bitty containers YT???

  6. Santa Mindy your acts are lovely :) I don't need anything but love your generosity!

  7. LOL...generosity or junkerosity Lorna??

  8. You keep those little things? I pop my used blades back into them and use them to throw them out so no one gets cut on them while messing with throwing out trash. But I am just weird that way... lol

  9. OMG-you write like I think!I think I love you!

    I found you thru my Apronista site - I saw your profile pic and knew you were someone I had to check out...I was right!

    PS - I got that sonicare too...don't you love it???

  10. Oh Chickey! That means that there are more out there like me?? YEA!!!!

    I love that toothbrush!

  11. i already have a head band, and i love it. i actually wear my hair down just so i can wear it. it matches my "olive" the other reindeer shirt.

  12. Oh I love that book Miss Martha!

    Things are not just flying off my shelves now are they?!?!?!

  13. A sonicare coupon? Oh yes PLEASE

    And a Keith Urban itunes download? Yeah boy howdy. One please.

    I GUESS this counts as a post (grin) so I will keep my promise on a cows post. Will let you know when it's up.


  14. I'll take another 10 of those sweet little boxes!

  15. Mindy
    Meet a lovely lady of divine bovine French acquaintance HERE


    P.S. PG - I miss your blog. Just sayin.

  16. How about 10 of those razor refill thingies? To fit the razor you gave me last June. Then I"ll be all set when I start shaving my legs again in the spring.

  17. Patti...they are empty but they are wonderful to put salt or ketchup or things in for your lunch!

    I am sending you 10 whether you like it or not! *snickers*

  18. I love you so much Mom Gator!!!

  19. Am I too late to ask for one of the Soni Care coupons? I forgot last time around......

    *she said picking the broccoli out of her teeth*

  20. IF you run out of the Sonicare coupons, I have some too, so let me know. Just an FYI to everyone, those things are $180 and worth every penny.. But it's not like I had to buy one.. I got mine free too, lol.

  21. Anonymous2:05 PM

    HA - I found you afterall !!!
    Love your blog - love your cows !!
    Wondered if you have any of the rasor boxes left?? I would find a good use for them.

  22. AHH-HA..........I finally found my way in here. TERRIFIC - thank you for your help.
    I love your blog and love your cows.
    I enjoyed the crazy give away and would love to have a couple of the rasor containers if you have any left over.
    Thanks Again


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