The Music In My Life

Rach brought up a question yesterday and we have been talking about it on and off for the last 24 hours. She had read a question on someone's site about what books or music have influenced your life. That really got me to thinking. At first I would have said that no music had influenced my life simply because I am not musically inclined. However, music can take me immediately back to places in my past. There is a comfort in the tunes and the words that surround us.

Amazing Grace and Bringing in the Sheeves my crazy grandmother rocked me to these two songs. She really was crazy but I loved her and did not realize her craziness until I was older. My mom knew that I was safe with my grandmother and so she allowed me to see the good side. My mom says that, with me, my grandmother was the sanest. I guess we were good for each other. I can still hear her sing those songs and smell her Jungle gardenia. She was also the one that allowed me to watch Rod Sterlings *Twilight Zone* Life was so sweet then. My mom wants this song sang at her funeral. I rocked baby gator to this song and she still loves it and loves for me to sing it even though I do not sing well.

Climb Climb Up Sunshine Mountain and Down In the Valley my grandfather who was married to my crazy grandmother sang these songs to me. I was there favorite and knew it. He would sing Climb Climb up Sunshine Mountain each time I would crawl up into his pickup on his side. I was little bitty and would have to hold onto the steering wheel in order to climb in. They saved pennies in a glass stored in the back of the wooden hutch in the kitchen for me. They did not do that for another grandchild. On Fridays, I would get to spend the night with them and they would take me to Jackson's Bar b Que in Post Texas to eat out. My earliest memories of eating out are with them.

Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg Senior Year Christmas 1980. Eddie Bright and my red turtle neck and plaid skirt. I had the world by the tail and did not know it.

Circus Music....I hate circus music. It makes me look over my shoulders to see if the clowns are coming. Wicked wicked clowns. The circus would be so much better if you did not have to dread knowing that the clowns are going to pop up somewhere....They always do.

The Wheels on the Bus This is Be Bo's song. Did you know that you can come up with about 57 different verses to this song?? Try rocking a sick 2 year old that cannot go to sleep. I promise you a lot of different people can climb on that bus to comfort that baby.


  1. Hello? Why did blogger eat my comment!?

  2. Ok. What I said was....hmmm....

    I know I said this was a great post - cuz it is! I love the stuff about your grandparents. You are like grandma's little prozac!

    I also have to agree that circus music is just too creepy - and I am not a-skeered of clowns!

  3. Excuse me, I am a-skeered a clowns and that will not be mentioned here. ~laffin~ I never thought about it that way but yes, I was my g/mom's little prozac. Either that, or now we know the reason that I am the way that I am.


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