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I am not really sure why this speaks so much to me. This is Grace's poem that she wrote and threw away. Joan later found it and wanted to publish it in the year book but Grace would not let her. So, instead, Joan and Adam make copies of the poem and throw the copies off of the school roof to the students below. Joan knew that Grace's words were important and needed a voice. I think that the poem sums up lost people or relationships in our own lives. People that we no longer make contact with, either by choice or by barriers or because we are just too damned busy with things that are really not that damned important.

Sewer Walking

You and me,
we used to talk
Like a river underground,
the sewer where we used to walk.
The hole at the end empties out to the pier
Where paperboats disappear
Me, I try to send this note,
Float it like a paper boat,
But paper sinks
and words are weak.
I try but I don't speak
Join together in the silent snow
Turn our faces up to see
Not endless night,
but day
A pier
And you and me,


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