FYI---Warning about Cheetos

There are some things that the big companies do not tell you. Cigarette companies must have warnings on all of their packaging. Cleaning supplies have to list warnings for dangerous contents and the poison control phone number. And yet, the Frito Lay Company does not have to list a warning label on the sides of their Flaming Hot Cheetos with Limon!! (Though let me interject at this point about how damned good those Cheetos are). These are very addicting. How unfair on them!! What a disservice to mankind. The warning label would read as such: Consuming an entire 99 cent bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos with Limon will...We repeat WILL cause you to poop flaming red. DO NOT BE ALARMED. You are not bleeding internally though it will appear as if you are. You are not in need of immediate medical attention.


  1. I love it! I laughed until I needed medical attention.

  2. That is just too funny!!!! Haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time!!!!

  3. ACK!!!! I had no idea! Thanks for the warning. I'm assuming if you were the head of Homeland Security, you'd use the word CHEETOS instead of the color RED!


  4. Wow... I'm glad I found this... I ate a huge bag... visited the bathroom... thought I was going to die...


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