Women I would invite to Dinner

I have been playing around recently with a list of women that I would to invite for dinner or for a pj party. Interesting people that might not have a thing in the world in common but would be fun to get them together for whatever reason. Now these women are real women but not women that I know. I would not have a problem having real women that I really know come over for supper (well.....I do not think that I would have a problem with that I mean I am a good cook and I actually KNOW people that would come over but anyway I digress). I have been running around with this list in my head and so I forget who I would invite (and that would NOT be being a good hostess). I will add women to the list from time to time as I remember them and will revise the list. I would have to have more then one dinner cause I do not know that I would want all of these women over at the same time. I mean Ellen DeGeneres and Anita Bryant would not be at the same dinner (maybe they would be invited over for the pj party!!!). So here it goes:

Condoleezza Rice This is ONE SMART WOMAN!! I love the way that she handles herself and she is so intelligent!!

Ellen DeGeneres Just one funny lady and I like that she does not have a shove it in your face attitude

Paula Deen She and I could just eat ourselves to death!! I bet her ex husband has eatten his heart out several times over. ~whispers~ what goes around comes around

Marsha Sharp Small town local girl made very very good!!

Heloise Do NOT roll your eyes!!! I think that is very interesting and could teach us a thing or two!!

There are still lots more so I will just add to the least from time to time.


  1. Well, at least Heloise has good hair.


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